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    I've been a Mets/Jets fan since 69 when I was 5 years old. Its been a rough year :)
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    Convenience store/Check cashing business/ Laundromat Owner.

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    Jets final home game at Shea against the Steelers. Left with 5 minutes to go, as I was getting in the car I couldn't understand what all the cheering was about. Then I see people leaving the stadium with chairs, turf and parts of the scoreboard.
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    1987 Jets/Brown playoff game. Jets up 20 to 10 with 4 minutes to play. 3 and 24 on their own 18 and Gastineau gets called for roughing the passer!!! I felt sick for years after that game.
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  1. Tim Tebow Passes On Wildcat

    How about Rex start being a real coach and saying it like it is? Certainly not defending Tebow because he should have never been here to begin with, but Ryan should try his hand at politics because he's not head coach material. At least he gets avoiding questions like a politician right.
  2. Mark Sanchez: The Final Countdown

    Max, I actually think Rex should be fired. I remember the first 2 years with Sanchez, the kid would be amazing on roll outs, basically just letting him play to his strengths. The entire Jet brass should be let go for hiring guys and making Sanchez fit into their system instead of producing a system built around his strengths. If I remember correctly they once tried to do that with Farve with Schotty until Farve had enough. If they put this kid in a system built around his stregnths he will flourish, I just hope it's with this team because he's a class act. I don't understand the heat he gets at all. Last year we all blamed Shotty, then this year we get an offensive coordinator worse than Shotty if that's even possible and we blame Sanchez. Tanny and Rex are to blame for this Sporano debacle because he wasn't supposed to call the plays, Haley was until they couldn't land him because he wanted full control of the offense. I say keep Sanchez and rid ourselves of Tanny and Rex and get a legitimate head coach not a defensive coordinator and accountant and the kid will be what he was supposed to be, otherwise Sanchez will be great on another team. Sanchez isn't done, this is Tanny and Rex trying to save their jobs by throwing him and Tebow under the bus. The Jets need a no nonsense coach not a locker room buddy that can't give a straight answer on anything because he won't offend his locker room buddies. Gruden or Cower wouldn't put up with half the sh*t that goes on with this team. It's like high school drama. Been a fan since 69, haven't seen a Jet QB with the tools and potential like Sanchez my entire life, but the coaching the last 4 years hasn't been this bad since Kotite or that year of Carrol, who by the way was a locker room buddy coach. Sorry for the rant, I'm just disgusted. This team is loaded with distractions, starting with Rex's feet videos to Tebow, to that idiot Holmes, to Plaxico last year, to LT's comments, to Revis's holdout. Something is not right and it starts at the head coach, and people wonder how Sanchez hasn't progressed!? This team is a circus and its time Rex goes as does Tanny. I have a 7 year old son who is infested with this team, and I consider it child abuse for making him a Jet Fan
  3. Mark Sanchez: The Final Countdown

    I really want to see Sanchez succeed. Everyone will probably disagree, but I don't think this kid got a fair shot. We all complained that Shotty sucked as an offensive coordinator, and I wouldn't even call Sporano one. The kid is as tough as they come, never seen him lay down to not take a hit. As far as his accuracy, he didn't have this much of a problem the first 3 years so I'm thinking its more of a receiver thing than anything else. We don't know what routes they were supposed to run and to add to the fact that the receivers suck. The Jets downfall began when they gave Holmes that huge contract instead of signing Edwards who really wanted to be here. That and the fact that as much as I like Rex, he has no clue of offensive football whatsoever. They need to get someone to fix Sanchez's problem because they can't draft a qb that high and still fill the needs of this team. They allowed this team to get very old at key positions, while at the same time have no debt at all. Besides all that, I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday.
  4. My 7 year old would have caught that pass that Hill dropped. With a catch the game was over! To blame Sanchez is insane! The way you people sound it's as if Tebow throws that pass Hill catches it? The play calling in overtime was pathetic to say the least, as was that 3rd and 1 call! Ground and pound my ass!
  5. I'd actually feel more comfortable with McKnight then Wilson. Wilson reminds me of a dog chasing a fire truck, runs full speed without looking back.
  6. I'd be happy escaping with an ugly win!
  7. Sanchez is a frustrating guy to root for

    So your saying he should throw the ball then catch it himself?
  8. Sanchez is a frustrating guy to root for

    No way you can blame Sanchez in this game. Receivers couldn't catch, Kerly running wrong routes, and the tight ends not knowing the play book. Keller was deeply missed in this game.
  9. Home opener in Pittsburg is a tough assignment, especially when they came off a loss. I believe they've won 9 home openers in a row. Regroup and beat the snot out of Miami next week.
  10. Rex needs to get Landry one of those electric fence dog collars so he knows when to stop!
  11. What's even more scary than that is everyone here seemed to know that, but the front office didn't?
  12. Thank you baby Jesus!! Anyone with a Bronco Tebow Jersery should not be allowed in the stadium.
  13. The entire season is on the line with 2 seconds left
  14. Collinsworth hates the Jets so much he wants this to happen!