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  1. That's a lie. As a student at Hofstra, it's been posted that the Summer of 2009 the Jets will be leaving Hofstra, coming from Tannenbaum himself.
  2. I would not go out and say they've had a poor offseason by any means. Is it as great as their fans say? Well no. But I would clearly rather have Adalius Thomas over McGinest (at his current age) and Banta Cain. Dillion is getting slower, and slower and Maroney is getting better and better. So what they're doing is relying more and more on Maroney - while putting Morris in as an adequate back up. In result, I think they've gained a little. I don't know about the rest of you, but Wes Welker scares me in the slot. He reminds me a bit of Wayne Chrebet - with more speed. Although not ne
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