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  1. Good for you, Johnny. Stand up guy.
  2. This excerpt is priceless: Dick bag: The fact is, since the industrial revolution is only a hundred or so years old, for the first time in earths history the atmosphere is being flooded with emmissions that never existed before. Im not saying global warming is fact, but any reasonable , fair person would have to think about this possibility. Jet Moses Or reasonable people can look at the big picture. The Pleistocene Epoch (The Ice Age) lasted over a million years. That’s 7 million years in dog years, but I digress. Well Dickie, you seem to fancy yourself some sort of scientist, so
  3. Here it is! http://www.jetnation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=47107&highlight=global+warming+dick+kotite I was so proud of myself after this one. I love kickin' moonbat ass.
  4. "if it keeps going unchecked" ? What do you propose we do? SUN! STOP! OR ELSE I'LL SHOOT!
  5. Last night, the Jets rushed for 257 yards.
  6. Do you remember the beating I handed dick kotite? God that thread was great. Some of my best work, ever.
  7. OK, well better luck next week because the Bengals will be ready for all the Brad Smith hijinx. Hey, I'm glad this one is already over, I'm tired and I'm going to bed. Jets are in the playoffs!
  8. Not playing well??? They have one first down on a BS call and like 8 dropped passes. C'mon this aint the team the Jets will be playing next week in Cincy. It's obvious they did not gameplan to win this game. This is like watching an exhibition game.
  9. I think they can see the Bengals are throwing the game, I think they figured they would force them to play.
  10. Cincy doesn't have a first down. Whoops, there's another dropped pass by the Bungles. They ain't even trying.
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