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  1. This excerpt is priceless: :lol:

    Dick bag: The fact is, since the industrial revolution is only a hundred or so years old, for the first time in earths history the atmosphere is being flooded with emmissions that never existed before. Im not saying global warming is fact, but any reasonable , fair person would have to think about this possibility.

    Jet Moses Or reasonable people can look at the big picture. The Pleistocene Epoch (The Ice Age) lasted over a million years. That’s 7 million years in dog years, but I digress. Well Dickie, you seem to fancy yourself some sort of scientist, some sort of “reasonable person”, so let me ask you a few simple questions… How long did it take for the Earth to actually freeze? Did it happen in a few days, and then stay frozen for 1 million years? Or was there a more involved, dynamic process that stretched out over hundreds of thousands of years? And if so, then that leads to the next question…

    Actually, that leads to the next rhetorical question (that means I already know the answer for those out there who have difficulty with four syllable words) when did the Ice Age end?

    It ended approximately 8,000 years ago. Maybe I’m moving to fast here but, is it too much to stop a moment and think about it (and I really don’t want you to hurt yourself, that’s why we are slowing down).

    Ready? OK, if the freezing of the planet was a process that took about 100,000 years to complete, and the planet stayed frozen for another 900,000 years, and then the end of that process occurred 8,000 years ago and the planet began to warm, and the ice started to melt, and flowers started to grow, could it be that this process of warming is still occurring?

    And will continue to occur for another 92,000 years?

    And one million years from now the earth will be a scorched cinder?

    OK, final question Dickie (and this one is not rhetorical, I don’t know the answer):

    In the great scheme of things, what role did we really play in it?

    Dick bag : The industrial revolution has a down side and that is pollution. It makes NO sense to just assume that the pollution is not a problem. It makes more common sense to assume that the by products might indeed have a negative effect on the world. If i fart in a cup, I can assume that my gasses will be trapped in that cup. Maybe it means nothing, maybe it does mean something, i am no expert, I am just using common sense and rational thinking as opposed to just making believe that a potential problem doesnt exist because you dont like the messenger.

    Jet Moses The Industrial Revolution is about 150 years old. Global warming started 8,000 years ago. And why are you talking about “pollution”? I thought we were talking about Carbon emissions (the stuff we exhale?)

    Dick bag You want conspiracy? Ok heres some more common sense. It is not unfair to assume that the people who run this world are RICH and powerful. It is not a stretch to also assume that these very same people are involved in manufacturing/production/oil and gas sales/plants and factories etc etc etc. Who are the people then, who have the most to lose should the public be educated on the consequences of excess and unregulated corporate shenanagins? THE RICH.

    Jet Moses This is the psychobabble of somebody who considers himself a “reasonable person”? Rich people rule the world?

    Dick bag I will never understand the common man, making chump money, struggling to pay his electric bill, totally brainwashed, aligned and supporting the richest political party that is comprised of aristocrats who in the end wind up poisoning the soil that his poor, toothless kids play softball on and get away with it.

    Jet Moses More verbal ejaculation, that has nothing to do with science.

    Dick bag But aside from that, admitting that we are all part of the problem, why be so admant about dissmissing something that is logical and something that you can see? Its because rush limaugh told you to say it. I hate to say that JM, but this is true. If not RL specifically, any of them guys like him

    Jet Moses I see. Al Gore, a career politician, one day just wakes up and out of his sincere and genuine concern for the planet, takes up the banner of Global Warming, and everybody should just get in lockstep with his movement. Anybody who challenges the orthodoxy and dogma is the one who has the political agenda. I lied before when I said ‘last question’ because I’m going to ask another one: Are you that f’n stupid?

    Dick bag Why are you so easily manipulated?

    Jet Moses I’m so serial. It’s ok Dickie, I expect nothing less from you. After all, they'll let anybody who is able to fog a mirror become a public school teacher in the state of Florida.

  2. :face:

    global warming leads to climate change

    if it keeps going unchecked, europe will be plunged into an ice-age


    as in not hot, or warm

    what happens is as the polar ice caps melt, the fresh water makes it's way.....oh forget it nobody ever listens to the facts anyway

    "if it keeps going unchecked"


    What do you propose we do?



  3. If this turns into another useless Global Warming debate so help me God I will go out and spray aresole cans into the air.

    Do you remember the beating I handed dick kotite? God that thread was great. Some of my best work, ever.



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