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  1. Thank you, now I don't feel like kicking myself in the ass any more.
  2. It was .89 cents a share--- It's trading at $29 dollars a share, now. Too bad I didn't buy any.
  3. One night I was listening to Art Bell and he had this guest on explaining the difference between aerodynamics and electromagnetism in terms of flight propulsion. The guy beleived that UFO's are actually the product of the Luftwaffe who, after the war, escaped to Brazil. But my brother said that it's impossible because of the size and weight of the magnet you would need to put on the flying saucer--- it could never get off the ground.
  4. This stuff is cool: http://sites.google.com/site/earthsmagneticfield/
  5. I hope this goes to game 7, that way that 3 man rotation will be good and gassed.
  6. I'm sorry... that you are too stupid to understand the nuance of my post.
  7. You should have been here for the aec4 thread. Ask BP to bump it, he probably has it bookmarked.
  8. I can't stand "if I offended anyone, I'm sorry" apologies. They're not very sincere.
  9. I would imagine there could wind up being a Class-action sexual harrassment lawsuit against Dave and his employer.
  10. Uh... No, there was no misunderstanding. You were being an arrogant, judgemental prick and you were called out on it. Why don't you just say "I'm sorry for being a prick" and be done with it?
  11. Jet Moses


    Phillies will win back to back titles.
  12. Do Steelers fans go into each season not believing the team can win it all? Giants fans? Cowboys fans? Why is it Jets fans are not allowed to "get too excited" about the team, or feel betrayed when the team chokes or underperforms? Riddle me this.
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