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  1. Nappy, Nappy bo Bappy bonana fanna fo Fappy fee fy mo Mappy ... Nappy!
  2. Shouldn't this be in the biggest loser thread?
  3. Rocky IV finally played out? Tuning in to Nick and Night these days, are we?
  4. Yeah right? Like they would have used the money to fix the toilets. What were doing with all the "international aid" before the "suspension"? That was funny when Celine Dion was crying about the looters in New Orleans "let them touch those things!" Friggin' moonbat.
  5. Did you guys see the WSJ today? Here's the timeline: 6:14 AM Wednesday morning, Imus made the "nappy headed Ho" comment. Ryan Chiachiere, a "researcher" for a left wing watchdog organization, Media Matters for Amerika (my 'k';)), was assigned to monitor Imus that morning. The goon alerted his bosses, who put it on their website's blog, which inevitably was fed to the Jesse Jackson's and Al Sharpton's of the world. They in turn, put the muscle on the liberal geldings who run the Networks, to create a stink. Imus is an idiot, and he shouldn't have said what he said, but this is a high tech lynching. Nobody would have even heard about this without the efforts to to artificially blow it up out of proportion. The left is after the right wing talk show hosts, and has been for a while. I guess they had to settle for Imus, who's actually left of center. And of course, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton get themselves back in the limelight to remind us how racist America is. This is a disturbing article about censorship groups aligning themselves with politicians: http://www.frontpagemag.com/articles/readarticle.asp?ID=15409&p=1
  6. 67% of all black children born on this day will grow up without a father. But Shaun Powell's primary concern is wagging a finger of indignation at white people for not grabbing pitchforks and joining the mob to lynch Imus.
  7. The Bob Dylan CD is going in the mail right now. Track listing: Sundown on the Union New Pony Neighborhood bully Tangled up in blue Idiot Wind Simple twist of Fate Changing of the guard Man of peace Baby please stop crying Jokerman Don't fall apart on me tonight Shelter from the storm ...Cuts taken from Street Legal, Blood on the tracks, and Infidels. Crank this when you get it, and listen to it start to finish.
  8. What was the last playoff game? What was the last playoff win?
  9. Wow. I'm very impressed with your memory. I could have swore it was Browning Nagle who was the QB during the 4-12 season the Jets beat the Bills twice. I stand corrected.
  10. Whitlock nailed it. I admire his courage, honesty and decency. In a chillingly related story, this article reveals the dangerous pathology of political correctness, the hijacking of our universities by left wing maniacs indocrinating minds with disturbing screeds of "gender" "class" and "race" and it's toxic impact on us all: http://weeklystandard.com/Content/Public/Articles/000/000/013/190uejex.asp?pg=1
  11. Not really keeping with the general theme, but as an added twist: The 4-12 Jets with Browning Nagle at QB actually beat the SB bound Bills twice that season. And I've always felt that Bills team was one of the greatest NFL teams ever.
  12. Yeah, the '99 season opener with Vinny getting hurt for the season was devestating. Also one nobody mentioned yet was the Monday night game against the Bears where Blair Thomas fumbled the ball- set the ball rolling right into the Kotite era.
  13. Jet Moses


    I'm feeling alot of love in the Lounge, right about now. Would now be a good time to start another Imus thread?
  14. This probably would have been a good cue to cut and paste a Morgan Freeman quote from Bruce Almighty, however, this one is more appropriate: I'll tell you what justice is not. Justice is not the will of the few and it's not the will of the many. Justice is not politics. Justice is the law. And the law is man's feeble attempt to set down the principles of decency. Decency! And decency is not a deal. Or an angle, or a contract, or a hustle or a campaign or a trick or a bid for sympathy. Decency is not the beast that bays for money, power, dominion, position, votes and blood! Decency is what your mother taught you! Decency is in your bones! Do I make myself clear! Now go home. Go home now. Be decent people. Be decent. The Judge, Bonfire of the Vanities
  15. Sonjia made it through another cut. All is right with the world.
  16. Consider yourself lucky you're not in the Eastern Time Zone.
  17. Matt, I didn't mean to blow you off. I'm still laughing my *ss off at Smizzy 'THIS THREAD IS A F***IN JOKE' It's funny because I did post a response to that post and when I hit the submit button, I saw 'THIS THREAD IS A F***IN JOKE' It was like God throwing a pie in my face and telling me "Tom, it's just not that important".
  18. Yeah I saw it, but lets just let this go. PS I wasn't impressed with it. It read like so much Afro-Marxist BS, and blaming "society" for one's own self-destructive behavior. Peace.
  19. I appreciate the response, NJ. But I have to point out what I feel are flaws in your thinking. "Level the playing field"is misleading, because it is arbitrary and ill defined. Where is the end game to that? How does one go about "leveling a playing field" when the government cannot guarantee that each child born in America will be raised in a caring, nurturing home, by educated, working parents? How is a child who is born to a teenage mother who is uneducated, unmarried, with no marketable skills- expected to compete? The government solution? The child doesn't have to compete. The government will remove competition for that child. It will also remove accountability and self determination. It will tell that child he or she CAN'T compete. Because of "racism". But government will "level the playing field". Thats a sick ideology, and yet it runs rampant in our society today. As for Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. It is an absolute charade to go on pretending that either one of these guys has any integrity. Put them out to pasture. Please, if you want to start working towards solutions, these two crooks have to go.
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