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  1. Yes, it is very disturbing. Notice there is nobody playing the drums?
  2. Everybody needs a shutdown corner. But when you take the high risk/high reward ratio into consideration, these guys tend to have bust factor all over them.
  3. OK, I'm breaking out the heavy artillery -YOU ASKED FOR IT- MyRiNZDb5EY Absolute peurile drivel. Wow, after all these years... I always thought that was the Hollies. Thats actually a good song.
  4. Towns like Hoboken NJ, who won't issue a charity group a permit for a pig roast so they can do something nice for terminally ill children. Yet Hoboken holds onto its "Abbot school district" status to shakedown NJ taxpayers when everybody knows its an elitist, yuppie enclave where the average income is 200,000/yr.
  5. T, it got canceled. I spoke with Marcus. Hoboken wouldn't issue them a permit to do a Pig Roast. Instead, they switched locations and time- Patterson NJ Wednesday night.
  6. The dream was not a vision Or some premonition like we were told It was no figment of the imagination To prove that we could be bought or sold The doctor of the diamond run Could be revealed to the intelligent But this is what I resent Who cares for the ignorant, the intelligent The cynics approach was mean Who cares for anything in this whole wide world except me And this opinion must not confuse the issue My appearance, my condition, or state of delivery I am stating the obvious This is a protest There must be a collusion This is no Shakespearean speech This is a statement Made by one who can not practice what he preaches The statue of liberty Has engraved on it's wall Give me your poor, give me your needy Give me them all We need something like this For this world to coexist It would be so easy To act so pretensious To act as if it was hypocricy To act condescending When in fact it's the world we're mending And thats why I cant relax Cause inside my coat it's a pisto that I pack We must beware of a surprise nuclear attack We must be ready to strike back I'm not pretending Our defense needs clearly mending We must leave those standing Forget the third world is ending Is starving Is crying Is desolate Is oh so late I would dearly love to return Through a mirror in twenty years And learn What the future has in store for us And if I learned that we lost And there was no hope For those that fight I would turn to drink And drink is drugs And drugs would help me sink And like a boat, I float I sail out to the sky To the universe and back Maybe to give it another try I don't know why, why Jack Just to confirm our Father Just to learn, just to heal us
  7. Lets all go and roast a PIG! It's on a Saturday; I think it will be a great opportunity for Jet Nation to mix and mingle, and we get to support a good cause, terminally ill kids. What d'ya say? April 28 , 2007 Pig-Roast Proceeds to benefit the Metro Chapter Hoboken, NJ Contact: Marcus Guerriero Tel: 973 943 1117 Email: marcus.guerriero@siemens.com http://www.martylyonsfoundation.org/events/index.htm
  8. We drafted alot of offense in the draft last year. Also just picked up a 1,300 yards RB in free agency. What did you see in the Jets defense last season that impressed you in such a way that you don't think drafting a LBer is a good idea?
  9. Jet Moses


    Sometimes my piss is bright yellow.
  10. Exactly! And speaking of elitist fags, whats up with these fellas around here who call themselves "mods" and have pink usernames?
  11. No way! He's an elitist fag!
  12. Damn, I didn't realize when I started this thread I'd get so many hits. Looking at everybody elses "elitist pricks" I've just realized I HATE ALL THOSE PEOPLE, TOO!!! What an epiphany. Oh well, back to the Elton John concert.
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