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  1. Homeowners insurance is becoming an issue is many parts of the US. Many people who thought they were escaping the property taxes of the Northeast by moving the Florida have gone from a frying pan into a fire. My daughter is fine with moving after finishing HS. She was upset at the notion of moving now. Raleigh sounds like a slam dunk. I'm not off to see the Wizard any time soon, Alk. Charlotte sounds like Atlanta. I'm leaning hard east towards Raleigh.
  2. On a side note- On the JI political forum you spelled Parris Island wrong, and Jetdawgg didn't even correct it. Some Marine. The company I currently work for doesn't have an operation there, otherwise I would. I'm not high on Florida, but you never know. I know their corrections officers get a sweet retirement package. I got a twenty year time horizon to play catch up.
  3. Yeah, another desert. I'm just not convinced I will adapt. I don't want to commit to a place like that, and then have to bail. It's like being on Mars out in the desert. And where does the water supply come from?
  4. True. Not just Greenville SC, but most of my target areas. It's not just transplants from NY and Chicago, it's also Florida people now. Lots of people that went to Florida are fed up with the hurricanes and increasing home owners insurance.
  5. That's not far from the sounds on the coast. New Bern and Eden are two beautiful areas.
  6. I had a chance to go when I was in Knoxville, but didn't. Regret it. The Smokys are more beautiful than the Rockies. Just my opinion. I love Texas, but... it's a desert. Not sure If I can adapt to that. What are the water bills like?
  7. I spent a week in Asheville NC and a week in Knoxville TN. Both areas are in the vicinity. Fell in love with the region as well. I've never been but I've been to Winston Salem, Asheville, and of course the swamps on the Atlantic seaboard. Raleigh has some great colleges in the area for my daughter. NJ just disgusts me. It really does. Taxes, insurance, traffic, the pigs. Is Lyndhurst Gestapo land or what?
  8. I don't think I could go wrong with any of these locations. I see Charlotte as "ground zero", with Greenville NC and Greenville SC, Chattanooga TN and Raleigh within its circumference. The chips are really falling into place, it's just a matter of which location hires me. NJ sucks. I see zero future here. I just figure, let my daughter graduate HS, let me get a few years at my current job (and I'll be able to write my own ticket after this one), save a few bucks, and then make the move.
  9. I'm relocating in 2009. Here's my target areas: Charlotte NC Raleigh NC Greenville NC Greenville SC Chattanooga TN Nashville TN Memphis TN Texas is in the running, but a long shot: Dallas Austin I know we have a large contingent of North Carolina people on the board. Talk to me.
  10. Next time get a sheet of Air Jordan LSD tabs. Pass 'em out!
  11. Wow, the big 18! Enjoy it while it lasts!
  12. Throw Michael Jackson into the mix, and Britney and Anna (posthumously) get mother of the year.
  13. That is easily the coolest thing I have ever seen on a Jets message board. Good job!
  14. As if there needed to be a seperate section.
  15. Same here. The last time I saw Stuart Scott was on VH1 I love the 70's.
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