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  1. I wasn't comparing Hitler to Joey Porter.
  2. Remember the thread a while back about scumbags who own Pit Bulls? Shoe fits.
  3. Some people say the same thing about Hitler. "You weren't there... so how do you know..." "You can't believe what you read in history books..."
  4. Let me guess... You also live in a gated community in Long Island, you have sword fish for dinner at least once a week, you "do" weekends skiing in Vermont, and you have a team of lawyers on retainer.
  5. Change is good. Spring cleaning, all that.
  6. She was sold to Greece- Another one of Clinton's firesales.
  7. USN/USNR 1984-1992 Boot camp/Naval School Health Sciences, San Diego CA Naval Hosp Beaufort SC/Parris Island MCRD Branch Clinic, 3rd Battallion aid station, also did sick call at the Brig. USS Connole FF 1056 (Anchors aweigh!) Camp Johnson NC, 4th Marines
  8. In other news: http://www.knoxnews.com/kns/local_news/article/0,1406,KNS_347_5366164,00.html
  9. You should seriously consider seeing a surgeon to have that stick up your *ss removed.
  10. That's alot to digest. I'll do this piecemeal: HERM EDWARDS:
  11. We didn't do bong hits for Jesus when I was there age. We were... Kids in service to....SATAN!!! LCF6dbXwMKI&mode=related&search=
  12. The Chiefs vs Browns game this past season was vintage Herm.
  13. Haven't seen the movie yet, but I read 3 or 4 books about the Zodiac. I think he was a Navy Seal, who lost it in 'Nam. Probably died of natural causes, eventually.
  14. Jet Moses


    Had a bit part An endless reel It always played in slo-mo But now it's fast A spinning wheel I know the dynamo My heart Is cast Speedy marie Ahead of the now She's better built that's how She's built for speed Speedy marie Speedy marie Oh, yes indeed I said to me And so i sing this romaunt It's not enough My liberty There is a thing i want I need I love Speedy marie Ahead of the now She's better built that's how She's built for speed Speedy marie Speedy marie Juxtaposed in each moment's sight Everything that i ever saw And my one delight Nothing can strike me in such awe Mouth intricate shapes the voice that speaks Always it will soothe Rarer none are the precious cheeks Is the size of each sculpted tooth Each lip and each eye Wise is the tongue, wet of perfect thought And softest neck where always do i Lay my clumsy thoughts She is that most lovely art Happy are my mind and my soul and my heart
  15. Not upsetting, just pointing out that even a HOF QB with a proverbial "strong arm" did just enough every year to get his team in the playoffs, only to get the doors blown off in the first round. It's not a unique phenomanon that only applies to Chad Pennington.
  16. So you resolved to begin a new one?
  17. It's simply amazing that after all this time, and all this damning evidence, people still continue to play emporer's new clothes with him.
  18. Excellent! Let The Garv know we have alot of comedy writing talent here, I'd love for us to write a Jets skit with him.
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