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  1. You think it smells bad, try drinking it.
  2. My intention was never to diss Hostetler.
  3. Dan Marino was better than all of them, but without that running game or defense, couldn't win a championship. The Dolphins always made the playoffs, only to get blown out.
  4. Can anybody slow it down for me?
  5. Oh, I get it. You're dissing PDM's work.
  6. True. Giants running game and defense were also better than any Jets defense/running game since Chad P has bee the QB.
  7. Are you having a Jets128 moment?
  8. It didn't matter whether the QB was Hostetler or Simms, they won the game on defense and running the ball.
  9. Exactly. Have you ever seen so much arbitrary BS in all your life? "Well, see, uh... we have to get Clemens in their now, so that when the team is actually ready to "make a run", he'll be ready too..." They all have a crystal ball; they know Chad can't get it done, they know the Jets aren't gonna win "more than 8 games" in 2007 with or without Chad, they know the Jets won't be "ready to compete" for a SB until 2009 or 2010 (or maybe it's 2011?)...
  10. He should have spent the money on Deion Branch, he'd have another ring.
  11. We gotta get this guy over here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8clGw8U1cM
  12. TWO WORDS: GOOGLE HYPOTANUSE! :cheergal::cheergal:
  13. Sowell Train. You Tube "chad hater". His other video is even more annoying.
  14. Tell me: when was the last time a QB with a ladyarm won a Super Bowl? Going back to Super Bowl XXVII (the first Super Bowl in modern free agency) the answer is an astonishing two. Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer, and both of those guys had to have historically great defenses to do it. Name all the teams that won a SB that didn't have an "historically great defense". Not to mention that Brad Johnson in his prime was MUCH better than Chad Pennington. Also not to mention that both of them had stronger arms than Chad, although comparatively weak to the rest of the league. Anyway, that's two guys in the past 15 Super Bowls. So, no, when I think of strong armed QBs, I don't think of Browning Nagle, Vinny Testeverde, or Ryan Leaf. I think of John Elway, Troy Aikman, Brett Favre, or Tom Brady. Elway, Aikman et al were complimented with top rushing attacks. How convenient no mention of Dan Marino or Jim Kelly, two "strong armed" HOF QB's who never won a SB. Kelly had Thurmon "I can't find my helmet" Thomas and Marino never had a decent back on his team. Great defense, the ability to run the ball, have just as much, if not more to do with winning a championship than whether or not your QB can break fingers with his throws. It doesn't hurt to have great coaching, and game planning as well. It takes a team, Troll. BTW, Chad was a PERFECT fit for Herman Edwards' pussified offense. Witness the 16 interceptions that he threw this season whenever actually being asked to make NFL passes. Also witness career third-stringer and fellow ladyarm Damon Huard's 11 touchdowns and 1 interception this season while running the same rotting vagina that Chad ran so well the previous four years. Chad was always the perfect Herm QB. He's the guy that plays not to lose. Forgive me for wanting someone that plays to WIN. More convenient thinking. Throw the Herm error out. It's not valid. Chad was so PERFECT, Herm had to realize that by accident. The whole episode was Chinese fire drill on angel dust. Lets just look at last season. CP gets the nod as the starter after two shoulder surgeries. Unprecedented. I'll tell you what happened with you and the other members of the cadre on this board that want to poison every single thread with your "Chad sucks" agenda- You guys were so c*ck sure that Chad was finished, that there was no way he was ever gonna play again, and you buried him. You guys were all saying Patrick Ramsey would be the starter, and all sorts of crap. But he's still here, and you just can't deal with it. The Jets won ten games last year without a running game or the ability to stop the run. Name all the teams in the history of the NFL that have even finished over 500 that lacked those two basic abilities? Obviously, we got the coaching. The O-line is younger, stronger, and it's only going to get better. The backfied has been upgraded- Thomas Jones & Darian Barnes. The only thing the Jets have to do now is improve the run defense and get a pass rush going, and they will be on there way. I'll make a deal with you- If the Jets finish top ten rushing and top ten run defense, and Chad performs poorly, then ok. We move in another direction. I just can't see bailing on a guy after only one season when he had two shoulder surgeries in two years, had no complimentary running game and the defense couldn't stop the run. Lets wait and get a better yardstick to measure the results. And no, I'm not "blaming" every other unit on the team to rationalize for Chad, so don't play that like Tex Jr. always does. Anybody who doesn't have their head in the sand can clearly see the Jets greatest need is DT and a pass rusher. Pointing that out, is not making up excuses for Chad. Chad had some horrible moments last season. All I'm saying is, if he has no moments when the rest of the team is getting the job done, then yeah, he's the weak link, and has to be replaced. In any event, Mangini will make the final decision on who the starter will be. I can say right now that I will support that decision 100%, no matter who it is. Can you?
  15. Please... please... Baby lemonade
  16. Let me repeat my last post in a nicer way: The Clemenade Thread is on page one. TJ Mitch and Tex Jr. are waiting there, for you. You can take turns blowing smoke up each other's *ss about how many SB's the Jets would have won, if only they had a "strong armed" QB, like Browning Neagle. Oh wait, we did have a strong armed QB- Vinny. And Herm and Hackett put him in a WCO. Lets also suspend reason when it comes to Vinny always getting hurt. Isn't that how Chad got his shot in 2002? Tex Jr. will tell you the 1998 offensive line was frozen in suspended animation during the 2001-2005 dark ages. I got news for you, the Jets could have had Dan Marino during the Herm error and Herm, Bradway and Hackett would have found a way to get him killed.
  17. Not that I need another reason to give two shts about the NBA, but...
  18. Herm is a total POS. He brought that moron waste of space Damian Robinson from TB and gutted the entire secondary in two seasons. That, in and of itself, demonstrated gross incompetence right from the get go. But the Hermaphrodites kept right on with the "He's learning, he'll get better, you'll see..."
  19. Come on, admit it. You use Old Spice after shave.
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