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  1. Matt, thanks to DD I can talk about players I never actually saw in college and still sound like I know what I'm talking about. You guys do a great job. Thanx! Oh wait, I do have an editor. MAX, YOU'RE FIRED! And... ....take... .......all...... your (you know the drill )
  2. Which begs the question, how come Tag's successor wasn't black? "What the white liberal wants, is to effect change that doesn't compromise his own station in life." -Stokely Carmichael
  3. Two words: GOOGLE HYPOTANUSE!
  4. It was pointed out to me in my story "Inflation" that I was wrong about several things- The Jets didn't receive 2 draft picks from the Pats; the other one came from the Bucs for Keyshawn. Also, Bellichik was gone before Woody was "officially" the owner, and I guess legally, he wasn't allowed to speak with Belli or anyone else on the staff at that time. I just want to make it clear that I don't have a press pass, and I don't have a staff of editors. I don't have access to a Lexus Nexus database. The analogy I like to use, is I'm on the outside of the department store, after closing hours, looking into a dark room through a plate glass window, trying to make out the prices on the merchandise way in the back. Sometimes I'm gonna be off. I know that there are "reporters" and "beat writers" and what not who have press passes, and a staff and financial backing and a database and what not, and they still get stuff wrong, too. So cut me a break. My stories have a primary purpose, start conversation. Second to that, I learn something from the conversation I didn't know before. I don't want to come across as a know-it-all, and as far as I'm concerned, it's worth it to me to lose face if in the end, I get something out of it, and it makes me a better person, or at the very least, a less ignorant person. I try to maintain journalistic integrity as best I can, and it is never my intent to deceive anybody. I do however, reserve the right to engage in conjecture and hyperbole, early and often.
  5. Sperm requested it in another thread. TJ Mitch = 124
  6. Gibbon, why can't you be weird like Fred Jetstone?
  7. Nice try, but no way in hell do the Bills or Phins finish in first.
  8. The Clemenade stand isn't getting any customers?
  9. Chad P. once threw a pass that went 130 yards. You jack*sses need to break open a trigonometry book and learn something.
  10. Great article. Darian Barnes sounds like a good guy, and he's a bruiser- a much needed addition to the Jets backfield.
  11. Shawn306 coined it! So I need some of you creative photoshop people to come up with some cool funnies. Sort of like Herm BBQing, only this time Kellen Clemens selling lemonade.
  12. No doubt, it takes a team to win it all. A QB can't carry the load. Jim Kelly couldn't do it, Dan Marino couldn't do it, Fran Tarkenton couldn't do it, Dan Fouts couldn't do it...
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