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  1. POTW nom. And just for the record, Brady - Vinateieri = also ran As for Manning, the year he scored 49 TD's, the Colts got bounced by the Chiefs. Looking a the Colts last year, the sum of their parts won it all, and Manning was just a part. It's ironic that, compared to his overall career, Manning finally won a ring during one his average years.
  2. Oh please, stop with the drama already. You want to act like Tex, and poison every thread with Chad has a noodle arm BS, then from now on I'll call you Tex Jr. Its me. We get it. You hate Pennington. You wish he would just go away. But, if Mangini does give him the nod as the starter again, what are you going to do?
  3. yup, it's really starting to get on my nerves. But what can you do? It's going to just get worse.
  4. After that 2002 season, alot of people were drinking the Kool-Aid. Chad saved Herm's bacon, which saved Bradway's bacon. In one 4 or 5 game stretch, Chad singlehandedly covered up the incompetence of both men. I'm sure Chad's agent was fully aware of the atmosphere at that time, knew which way the wind blew, and *ssraped Bradway as did many other player agents 2001-2005.
  5. Alrighty then! Time to take the gloves off, because I'm through toying with your petulant, silly little #ss. First things first- IF Mangini starts Clemens, and benches Pennington, I know that it will be an educated decision. Does that mean Clemens will succeed? No, but I will have had no reason to second guess Mangini's decision. YOU on the other hand, have gone on record TRASHING Pennington and talking up Clemens because he "has a strong arm" or some such praddle. Barty, you've long since reached puberty, just be a man, and stand behind what you said. Don't keep rationalizing it with "I never said this" and "I never said that". Just own up to it, and make yourself clear: YOU think that the Jets have a better shot of getting to the next level with Clemens than wih Pennington. Terrific, end of story except for the the fact that all season long you trashed Pennington and got sassy about it with people who didn't. I don't second guess the coaches. I never second guessed Herm, and I'm not second guessing Mangini. If they do something I like, I go on record and agree with it. If they do something I don't like, I go on record stating I dont agree with it. What I DON'T DO, Barty, is play Monday morning QB, or try to drag other people into my BS. Notice I'm not having this conversation with anybody else, I'm having it specifically with you. Why is that? Can anybody raise their hand and tell me? No? I'll tell you why, because even though their are many Jet fans and posters on this board who want a new QB, they state it with DIGNITY AND DIPLOMACY, NOT ARROGANCE AND BELIGERENCE. All season long, all we heard from you is how Pennington sucks and Clemens should be starting (or was it Ramsey there for a while). You're already starting your BS campaign for this season. I'm gonna suport whatever QB the coaching staff chooses, and I have confidence that they will make the right decision. I don't second guess them like you do. I don't play monday morning QB, like you do. Coaches have to make decisions, and when they do, it's their responsibility to make an informed decision. Does it always work out? No. So if he goes with Clemens, and Clemens flops, why should I attack him? What does that have to do with you being an annoying and belligerent know it all, talking sht about "Clemens is better than Pennington" in every f*cking post since the guy got drafted? You're the only one who will be accountable for it. In the end, Barty, you're just not that important. I know that Chad has limitations, and I really hope that if a better QB is on the roster that gives us a better shot to win, I'm all for that happening. Believe me, I don't want to see Clemens get a shot and then fail, just so I can rip you a new one.
  6. This is gonna be too easy. Don't even try that. Mangini isn't on record saying any of the trash that you are, so why would I attack him if he went with Clemens and Clemens flopped? You're the expert Barton, you're the one who's on record with your assertions that Clemens "has the skills". Now you want to turn around and drag other people into your BS. YOU are the one who is convinced that Chad cannot "get it done" based on nothing but "he has a weak arm" and Clemens "has a strong arm". When you can provide a link quoting Mangini saying these things, hollar at your boy. You need to read into Kellen Clemens. He has all of Chads intangibles + a strong arm. Many head coaches had Clemens rated as the smartest QB in the draft last year, also he scored a much higher wonderlic than Chad. Fair enough. We'll see what Mangini thinks. I think mostly you are underestimating the importance of arm strength - WE PLAY IN THE MEADOWLANDS. We dont play out west or in a dome, where Chads arm perhaps could get by with. No, we play in the meadowlands, and in the northeast, and Chad has simply not gotten it done. Bart, I'm tossing out the Herm error. That was a debacle. Fair is fair, lets wipe the slate clean, and even carrying over Chad's two shoulder surgeries from that era, based on last year, the team went 10-6 with a non-existent pass rush, run defense or run offense for better than 50% of the season. Let's see what Chad can do this year, when all of that is fixed, or at least upgraded significantly. Or maybe we won't, maybe Mangini will see all those "Chad intangibles + the arm strength" in Clemens. You can write a f'n book about Chad Penningtons guts and determination to come back from 2 shoulder surgerys but the FACT is he is a shell of his former self as he has thrown 26TDs - 25 INTs since he tore his rotator cuff. Hey Bart, go look up Joe Namaths career TD/INT ratio. He's clearly not good enough to get us to where we want to go. Clemens might be able to get us to the next level. I'll take my chances with the QB who has the ability to get us there than the QB who does not. It's all coming clear now, Bart. Since Clemens might be able to get us to the next level, you assume carte blanche to trash Chad Pennington. And the cow jumped over the moon. Its not all about arm strength either. Chad goes into a shell once he throws an INT in a game, getting the dear in the headlights look about him, and we never come back from down 2 scores as evidenced by the Jets only coming back once in the last 3 years to win a game when down by 8 or more points - and that one come back was aganst the 2-14 49ers. Once again, using the Hackett/Edwards yardstick to measure Chads "intangibles". Just curious, you want to go on record stating Clemens won't get a "deer in the headlights" look about him when he throws his firs NFL INT? Also, aside from 2005, Chad has behind a top Oline his entire career + a HOF running back. Dont give me this sh#t like he hasnt been surrounded by talent and he's overcome the personnel around him. Please. The record is clear, the offensive line chronologically got worse in each successive season that Chad was the QB. Don't give you sh#t? OK, what talent has he been surrounded (protected) by? Doug Jolley? BJ Askew?
  7. No, you're wrong. Sept. 9 2001, Colts vs. Jets, I was one of the throng booing Herman Edwards at halftime. Pathetic and disgraceful performance. The Jets stumbled to a 10-6 finish and made the playoffs, ok, fair enough. So I listened to all the apologists who said "Herm will have the team ready to go in 2002, have faith in Herm blah blah and rah rah". Opening day, this time against the Patriots, same thing. Embarrassed. Humiliated. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice... Of course we know what happened in 2002. In a last ditch effort to save his *ss, Herm calculated that if he put Chad in there (who he had zero confidence in), once of two things would happen, and both would save his *ss: 1. The Jets would rebound 2. The Jets would continue to flounder, but at least he'd have an excuse- I started an inexperienced QB. I'm the one who started all the "Kool Aid" talk. Everybody was riding Herm's jock like he did something special, but even the Kool Aid drinkers called the 2002 AFCE title "Sht happens". 2003 Herm's Kool Aid drinkers gave him a pass for one of the worst coaching efforts ever in the history of the NFL. Even good ol' Woody gave him a contract extension. 2004- The Kool Aid kids were in their glory with the 5-0 start. The Jets finished 2-4 and once again, backdoored into the playoffs. Thats when Herm said "Enjoy the Kool Aid fellas". The smarmy prck. We all saw the marvelous job Hermpes did in 2005. What more need be said? The guy was a phoney and a fraud. At best, their were moments where I tolerated him. I never "loved" him.
  8. Whats not to get? You think you are smarter than Eric Mangini. I'm not saying Clemens is a sure bet - far from it. But I know for certain Chad isnt good enough and Clemens has the skills to be a superior QB. Whether he does succeed or not is anybodys guess. You know for certain how? Based on what? First of all, throw the Herm error out the window. That team was so mismanaged that you can't use it as a yardstick to accurately measure the players abilities, specifically the QB. All you need to understand that in the end, Chad Pennington was able to start 17 games after two shoulder surgeries. Based on last year, we know this: Chad has a weak arm. Will it grow stronger as he gets further away from his last surgery? I doubt it. But what the coaching staff, the medical staff, and Chad himself can do to compensate for that, they are in the process of doing right now. Chad needs to improve his throwing motion, he doesn't capitalize on his lower body strength, do create more throwing power. Chad has played behind POROUS offensive lines. The coaching staff drafted a tackle and a center in rounds one and two, they brought in a FB Darian Barnes this year, they are trying to find TE's who can block, because they know they need to give Chad another second or two to plant his feet properly. The coaching staff has also improved the running game, killing two birds with one stone signing Barnes. They also picked up a 1300 yards per season work horse in Thomas Jones. The only thing left to do now is improve the run defense, and I have no doubt that the draft and TC is going to address that, as well. This will give Chad at least a series or two more a game to score points. You keep saying the obvious "Chad has a weak arm". The difference between me and you, is you assume that a weak armed QB cannot win in the NFL, whereas I see in Chad Pennington a number of skills that overcompensate for his throwing power. The guy must be doing something right- He's overcome two shoulder surgeries, HC coaching changes, 4 or 5 OC's, and they all seem to think he's the guy. I don't think we've seen all their is to see from Chad Pennington. You do. You want to write him off. And thats fine, you're entitled to your opinion. But please accept the fact that if Eric Mangini disagrees with you, you will have to wear an *sshat. But he will get his shot regardless. He was a high draft pick, he will see the field. Once again, pure speculation. I can't make an argument for or against, because there isn't a body of work to base anything on. I'm just curious, other than the fact that Clemens was a "high draft pick" what else is it about him that you think he should start and Pennington should ride the bench? I'll always take my chances with a guy who has the skills to take us to the next level than a guy who simply does not. Again, you assert one guy "has the skills" and one guy doesn't. Is it safe for me to assume that what you really mean is one guy has a "strong arm" and one guy doesn't? Because if all you have is a redundant, perpetual "arm strength" argument, then it's baseless. There are countless guys who had rocket launchers for throwing arms who came into the NFL who s*cked snoballs.
  9. Wait a second, is that a joke, or is Dick Curl actually the Chiefs OC?
  10. Here's the thing, Bart. If Mangini goes with Clemens this year, I have zero problem with that. Because I have complete faith in Mangini's talent evaluation and decision making. I'll root as hard for Clemens as I do for Chad, as I did for Vinny, and as I did for Boomer, Browning, Neil, and yes, even Bubby. But if he goes with Chad- All I'm gonna hear from you is micro-analysis every time Chad throws a pass that you deem unacceptable, and pissing and moaning and what not. If thats your trip, have at it. You've been a Jet fan for all of 5 minutes, you think you know all there is to know, and I know it's not in you to take the high road, to show the same respect for Chad Pennington or Eric Mangini if Pennington is named the starter. But lets be clear on this, if and when Clemens does get his shot, and he bombs out like Bollinger or Browning Nagle? Your *ss is grass, and I'm the lawn mower. I am going to ride you harder than anybody I ever did on the JI political board. For every time I have had to endure one of your annoying, aggravating, more often than not PETTY Chad bashing posts, you're gonna get it back in spades.
  11. No, but I intend to. If I hadn't of gotten married, and had a daughter, I would have wound up like him. I was trying to kill myself with liquor. I remember watching the movie Barfly with my friends, I couldn't believe it, that was the life I was living after getting out of the Navy, I was even working at the post office too, and drinking in old man bars at 6 AM. I was writing crazy poetry and all that, so when I starting researching Bukowski more and more, the personality resemblence was uncanny. I remember my brother would always knock on my door, and when I opened it he would say "Are you Henry Chinanski?" And I would say, "NO, Im Leon Spinks!" and slam the door. We'd laugh. The funny thing is, I was the one who was supposed to go, not him. But I knocked up my girlfriend, and I guess that good Catholic upbringing kicked in and I got saved. He kept going, and I stopped. I remember one of the first guys I met in AA was a huge Bukowski fan. One day we got drunk together and put an AA "Big Book" in his oven. We laughed our *sses off.
  12. No, his name was Johnny Voigt (no relation to the actor lol). He was a great pitcher, too. Liked to smoke pot and drink 5ths of whiskey. He's shot to hell these days, I'm actually surprised he's even still alive.
  13. Yeah but, you have to be sure- Can Kellen Clemens throw the ball harder than the guys you played with in HS?
  14. In fact, I'm gonna send Woody my resume as well. I knew a kid in HS who could throw a football 75 yards, flat-footed. Dam*nit, he should be starting for the Jets right now!
  15. YOu don't understand. Kellen Clemens is the next Dan Fouts. Only Eric Mangini and Brian Schottenheimer are too stupid to see that. I'm mailing Woody Johnson a letter first thing Monday morning. I want him to take another look at Bartons resume. There has to be something he missed.
  16. Well don't be surprised if Darian Barnes doesn't blast open a few holes.
  17. Not for nothing, but I'll bet dollars to donuts Brian Leonard is still on the board when the Jets use that 2nd rounder they got from the Bears.
  18. And to think, the birth of this board was consumated in part by people being banned for stating that on another website back in 2001, 2002, and 2003.
  19. You're right. Parcells, who drafted him, is an idiot. Mangini, who started him, with the Patrick Ramsey on the roster, is also an idiot. Tannenbaum, who passed on Jay Cutler and Vince Young, is also an idiot. By golly, we need Jeff George or Ryan Leaf. Somebody who can break fingers when he throws it.
  20. He was no James Darling, thats for sure.
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