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  1. At the office Christmas party they had a bagel slicer. Bagels were hard as a rock, too. I pulled a muscle in my mandible.
  2. My wife and daughter went to Brazil. I'm home.... alone.
  3. I agree 100%. I'm a Roman Catholic, and I wouldn't want to show up for Mass on Sunday with a church full of people who were forced to be there because the court said so. Thats demented and deranged beyond description. Yet, thats what happens in AA. Worse, there is no authority.
  4. Where are your statistics, then? Do you have any? Treating the compulsions of modern life as "disease events" is actually a way of avoiding dealing with reality. But facing lifes challenges is too hard-- its easier to dismiss excessive drinking as a "disease", and become indoctrinated with the idea that we are not active agents in our addiction, but passive victims of a disease. What kind of psychology is that? This ideology has led to our entire society decaying to the point where nobody is ever accountable for egregious behavior--- Tiger Woods didn't do anything wrong, he's simply addicted to sex. He has a disease. I'd venture to guess that roughly 100% of the people who walk thru AA's doors for the first time tried to quit drinking on their own first. Probably a number of times. The fact that AA manages to help 85-93% (based on the studies Mr. A. Orange sites) of problem drinkers who were unable to quit on their own would seem to suggest some sort of success rate I'd venture to guess that 25% of people in AA shouldn't even be there in the first place ie mental patients, teenagers, family members. It's not enough for AA to pathologize non-alcohol related behavior, but family members of problem drinkers are "sick" too? Are you kidding me? And teenagers should not be any where near an AA meeting. There are too many predators and they are very vulnerable and the vast majority of them are not "alcoholics" they just did some experimenting and had a bad experience. Making them wear a scarlet letter in perpetuity is child abuse, pure and simple. I've been to numerous AA meetings with mental patients who didn't drink in excess or have any dependency whatsoever, they were just mentally ill and needed a free cup of coffee. How are people who admittedly need help going to get help in an environment like that? Another 50% are court ordered, that's why they are there. Some are sincerely trying to stop drinking, but alot of them are just nuisances who don't want to be there and are filled with resentment. Again, how does this help the person that wants to be there to have to listen to somebody share and talk all sorts of jibberish when they are just laying some con down? Another 20% are the hang arounds-- These are the people that keep "slipping" and then come back and tell all their "war stories". It makes them feel like celebrities for the first time in their life, and they get all sorts of negative attention. The remaining 5% are the people who have actually "made it" they are the ones who put 5, 10, twenty years in AA "once day at a time" "through the grace of God" who tell the same stupid corny stories ad nauseum and lay their BS guilt trips on all the hang arounds "slippers". These people have joined the cult and have totally x'ed out there own ego and what keeps them coming back each and every night is they get to brow beat some vulnerable kid. Alcoholism is a myth perpetuated by A.A. that lies to vulnerable people and brainwashes them to believe that that: Alcoholism is waiting to prey on anyone who has a few drinks Total BS because Alcoholism is BS. But even if we are talking about medical diagnosis like Alcohol dependence or Alcohol abuse, not everybody who drinks either acutely or chronically is susceptible to become dependent. Some people get bombed only at weddings. Does that make them an "alcoholic"? According to AA it does. Some people make the mistake of driving after having one too many ****tails. Does that automatically make them an alcoholic? According to AA it does, because they brow beat every DWI court ordered pleeb in the room. And on and on. Alcoholism is an an inherited, incurable disease to which we are all equally susceptible I'll go this far as to agree there is an alcohol gene (our medieval ancestors lived to breed because they drank alcohol, not water, which was full of bacteria), so imbibing can be a nature thing as well as a nurture thing. I totally reject the "disease" concept. It's total balderdash. Once diagnosed as alcoholic, you remain alcoholic forever More self defeating BS that is propogated in AA meetings. It's not enough to stigmatize people and call them an alcoholic (again, whatever that is) but now you have to tell them that there's a monster living inside of them and if they don't keep coming to AA, they will start drinking again, and die. God forbid somebody tells the problem drinker, "You know what? You drink too much, and when you do, you make bad choices. Why don't you just stop, or slow down?" Well what AA does it tells the problem drinker they can't stop or slow down because they are "powerless" and unless you attend meetings FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE and flagelate yourself before mother group, the monster will get you! You must abstain from alcohol - the only effective treatment - or lose everything. More self defeating BS. The lifers in mother group will brow beat you "If you stop going to meetings YOU WILL START DRINKING AGAIN!" Which is just more self fulfilling prophecy. In essence they are telling you to start drinking again, just so you can inevitably come crawling back to mother group and grovel while they say "See, I told you!" Do I think AA is good for a very select group of people? Yes, people who are physically dependent on alcohol or who have abused alcohol to the point that they can't hold a job, a family, etc. who wind up on skid row--- THEN AA IS IDEAL FOR THEM. But putting a bunch of kids who got a DWI in an unhealthy environment like an AA meeting is not ideal. I've seen people lie, just to fit in, about there drinking. You see, you have to qualify your alcoholism by always saying "I was bad, I was really out there" and then go on about having "blackouts" and other things WHEN NONE OF THAT EVER ACTUALLY HAPPENED TO YOU. I think the statistics show alot of things--- once, the vast majority of people who attend AA meetings shouldn't be there in the first place, and another far more unfortuanate group, who went their looking sincerely for help with their drinking problem, wind up with a headful of self defeating BS that actually makes them prisoners of alcohol, makes them less self-sufficient, and far less likely to outgrow the problem, and more likely to relapse. But I guess that is what AA lifers want-- A perpetual revolving door of "relapsers" to brow beat because in the end that is what keeps the lifer sober, at the expense of another human being. I do not believe abstinence should be enforced, either at the end of a gun or through fairy tales and lies, I believe we are morally responsible for our own actions. AA indoctrinates the new comer with the self defeating mantra that once you have a single drink you are unable to control your drinking, and you will go berserk. That is total nonsense. I don't care how drunk I am, that next drink, that very well may be the one to kill me--- whas a choice being made. Period.
  5. Are you ****tin' me? AA is a corporate enterprise. They rake in billions, and there isn't an honest accounting of all the cash. Also, statistically, more people get sober and stay abstinent from drugs and alcohol without 12 step, rehab and all the other psychobabble. They simply quit, cold turkey, and never drink again. http://www.orange-papers.org/orange-secrets.html
  6. So he came into this world thinking that he would never fail? And now that he has, he's giving up? That's sad. I'm glad my parents instilled in me such low expectations. Kidding aside--- I know Asians have alot of pressure put on them by family to succeed, I think in China or Japan the suicide rate at universities is off the charts. Can't say anything to that but at this point all I can do is recommend he reads this book: http://www.amazon.com/When-Things-Happen-Good-People/dp/0380603926
  7. AA is the epitomy of group think. It attracts predators and predatory behavior. Here you have a room full of vulnerable people, some of whom are baring there souls bare, and you can just see the vultures circling. It's sad. I own The Small Book. Another great book is The Diseasing of America by Stanton Peele. You should read it.
  8. First of all, I'm not an alcoholic. Indeed, alcoholism is a folk term--- it is not a medical term. A doctor can diagnose you as alcohol dependent, or alcohol abuser, but never an alcoholic. A doctor who diagnosed you as an alcoholic would lose his license. When I was 25, my daughter was born and I knew my drinking behavior was not compatible with being a father. So I went to A.A. off and on from 1990-1997, with my longest period of sobriety 4 years. I know that without A.A. I would not have been able to accomplish that. There was a numbe of reasons why I started drinking again--- I went to Brazil (party central), loved ones died, etc. But the thing is, all that crap they told me in A.A. about being out of control and all that, it was just balderdash. I matured during that decade of abstinence. They made up all these fairytales about "your disease is doing pushups" like if I drank again, it would be at the point I would have been at if I had never stopped. First of all, I couldn't drink the way I drank when I was in my twenties. No f'n way. So that turned out to be a big lie. In the beginning, I had "sponsors" telling me not eat rum cake because I'll have an "allergic reaction". Say what? LIsten, I don't have a disease, and I don't have an allergy. I drank in excess because I wanted to. It was always a choice. Always. Powerless? God would restore me to "sanity"? I'm insane, now? It was just one can of worms after another. My life is unmanageable? So I should turn it over to my sponsor? The guy who came to A.A. after hitting a child drunk driving? Now he's sober, and he's got all the answers? Like I said, I got what I wanted from it, but from what I could see, I think it does more damage than it helps people. For the 4% who make a career out of it, it's not worth the irreperable damage it does to the 96% others who alot of the times were forced into A.A. and of course there are alot of young people who are not alcohol dependenat or abusers but they have been brainwashed to believe that they are.
  9. I can respect that. But Alice Cooper captures my point of view perfectly in his song, Brutal Planet: WyaT9IjnwKo
  10. Well the point I was making was that people have survived hopeless situations, where suicide would actually be an understandable option. Have you asked your friend why he is suicidal? I think that should be ground zero for administering help.
  11. It's the epitomy of an irrational act.
  12. Well you can do both. Bob, you know I am a practicing Catholic, yet the whole faith healing religiousity of A.A. is a huge turnoff for me. Professional help is definitely essential. I would begin here: http://www.rebtinstitute.org/store/ A sample of Ellis: 7yFxIjhdSlE
  13. Pot meet kettle. I don't think anybody here was passing judgement on anyone who commits suicide. Dark Lady asked a sincere question and I gave a sincere answer. Of course sometimes people are in terrible emotional and physical pain. Thanks for stating the obvious.
  14. Waiting for us to get our crap together? Pretty patient.
  15. Why? http://www.ajc.com/news/dekalb/4-year-old-killed-264602.html That's one more kid that will never go to school never get to fall in love never get to be cool
  16. Bands like the Who when I'm drunk is the only thing thats kept me sane. Because this is a ****ed up world and it's ruled by Satan. You better get that through your head. And the only thing that gets your through this world is by staying connected to God, who's OUT THERE! And you keep that connection through prayer. You can find out now or wait until your in a ditch flies buzzing around your eyes.
  18. I'll accept that. You are off my s h i t list---- FOR NOW.
  19. He can't read and write English and you expect him to know Spanish?
  20. You can redeem yourself if you can name every drummer for Black Sabbath.
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