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  1. You know, there wasn't alot of love for Moore and Clement during the season. But after the smoke cleared, and we looked back to reflect, they didn't do a bad job. Pennington made it through his 17 games, so that is definitely one thing all the linemen can put on their resume. The Jets had a rebound last year from the 2005 disaster, for several reasons: 1. New coaching staff 2. New O-line/healthy O-line 3. Contributions of the rookie draft class 4. Pennington, obviously 5. Cotchery, Rhodes and Bryan Thomas emerge (point number 1 again, as well) I can't help but think that the Jets are going to draft 3 or 4 players this year that will contribute right away. Linemen, both offense and defense, are the usual suspects. I'll be shocked if the Jets dont take one of each with the first 3 picks, and a CB for the trifecta.
  2. No way. James Darling was the straw stirring the drink during the Herm error.
  3. This was a great pickup. We moved down in the 2nd round, so what? We got a 1,300 yard back. Whats the bithc?
  4. I'd take a 29 year old Curtis Martin on this team without blinking.
  5. Jones and Washington- We got the tandem. Throw in an occassional Ced, and the Jets have a bonafide 24/7 but twice on Sunday rushing attack.
  6. I bet half the guys on this board badmouthin' Chad couldn't even catch one of his passes.
  7. Exercise! Exercise! C'mon everybody do your exercise! Hands on hips! Hands on hips! Touch your toes with your fingertips... And swing!
  8. Buttle is a brown nose, but I still think the Jets are gonna have good year.
  9. Holy sh#t, beat the clock! I forgot all about that cheezy show!
  10. Woody's a loser. He did one thing right, since he bought the team- hire Mangini and Tannenbaum. But hey, even a broken clock gets the time right once a day. The guy looks for any angle to squeeze a nickel out of somebody else.
  11. Doug Jolley. I'm all about RETRO, baby.
  12. Lent is a tough run, my man. If God hasn't gotten mad at me yet, I doubt this one will push him to his breaking point. Thanks for the new AVATAR and sig pic!
  13. I'm listening to 92 car train, right now. Good song, Jim! Reminds me of Stuck in Mobile with the Memphis blues again, by Dylan. Once I rebuild my ol' 1982 Kramer I'm gonna do something on u-boat, I mean you tube. I think you'll get a kick out of it.
  14. No, it's really me, Jetophile. I wanted to just... begin again. Ha! Like Micky Roarke in Angel Heart!
  15. ...Shedding off one more layer of skin, Keeping one step ahead of the persecutor within.
  16. I can hardly wait for April fools day. How is Max gonna top Soothnation?
  17. http://www.drunkard.com/issues/01_07/01_07_broadway_joe.html
  18. The "supply and demand" argument is only valid if Woody's only source of income is from ticket sales. Not the case. CBS, DirectTV, ESPN et al are all sources of revenue. He also gets money from merchandise and and all the other crap they sell at the games. Add on top of all that, NFL revenue sharing. Thats number one. Second of all, this guy has no problem shelling out the big bucks for lawyers and accountants to get creative with off-shore tax shelters, but his accountants cant figure out a way to negate the 10% increases every year in ticket prices? Fine, he doesn't have to justify it. But finally, lets stop the philanthropist BS with this joker. Philanthropy is NOT: The federal government says instead of taking 15% of your income up to this dollar amount, and 20% between X dollar amounts, and everything above that at 30%, we'll allow you to donate X amount to charity. Philanthropy IS: The government telling you instead of paying us your taxes, just keep it. And you giving it to charity anyway. I'm sick and tired of sanctimonious *sswipes like Woody Johnson and Bruce Springsteen rolling themselves out a red carpet and putting out a press release because they "donated" thousands of dollars to Lupus or handicapped children. You didnt donate crap, you got yourself a below line 7 tax write-off. Oh, and one other thing. Woody paid 635 million for the team. What do you think he could get for it if he sells it today?
  19. In the long run, we are all dead. -Keynes
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