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  1. If it's any consolation, I don't like you either.
  2. Why are Koreans killing themselves in such great numbers?
  3. I think the purpose of the video was to show that--- People actually survived the unfathomably horrible circumstances of Auswitz, or a Soviet Gulag. C'mon now, your friend lives in America, it's the 21st century, and he wants to kill himself? C'mon now. P.S. Why is a Catholic priest in a Concentration camp? I thought those were only for Jews The N a *** killed ten million people in the death camps. 6 million were Jews, 4 million weren't.
  4. Give all my old pants to the Salvation Army and resign myself to the fact that I will never be 180 lbs ever again.
  5. I think this can put "hopelessness" in perspective, that some men, even in the most "hopeless" situations, never give up hope. It is the story of a Polish Catholic priest in Auswitz, who volunteered to take the place of another prisoner condemned to the starvation cell block HKokL592sGo&feature=related
  6. Suicide is giving up hope. So the sin of suicide is the sin of hopelessness--- which is a rejection of God. Of course, I'm sure God makes exceptions for the mentally ill, who don't have the capacity to discern all of this.
  7. It'd be a nice turn of the screw for Giants fans if the Jets can make the playoffs and the Giants don't.
  8. tvpmWf_2-bA&feature=related
  9. Now, I heard that even if the Jets beat the Bengals, if Denver beats the Chiefs, the Jets still don't make it. This true?
  10. There's no shame in beating a team that lays down, it's when the other team pulls it's starters and you still lose that is pathetic. Remember the Bills losing to the Steelers a few years ago even though the Steelers had the second and third string playing? If I'm not mistaken, it put the Jets in the playoffs that year.
  11. Thanks, Max. I make sure my initials and dates are on everything.
  12. She should f'n retire. She doesn't need the money and she is a liability in this office.
  13. Graveyards are full of important people who thought the world would stop spinning without them.
  14. They have been trying to dump this old lady for years. She's 68 f'n years old. She's not leaving. I'm not doing two peoples jobs. You want me to do her f'n job? Give me her f'n paycheck.
  15. Anybody know how serious it is to make somebody do both AR and AP in the same accounting office? Because I am AR and I wind up getting loads of AP all day because their is a senile old bitch who won't retire who owns two f'n houses but she should be in a nursing home so my boss can't give her anything to do because she f's it all up and we spend two hours every night trying to fix it. But I'm getting a major resentment and I want to see if I can parlay a little blackmail to get the frig out of this office. So talk to me. Do I have a beef that can flag my boss? Or is it some petty B
  16. The Colts threw a bag over the Jets heads and gave them a pity ****.
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