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  1. Thanks everybody (all 5 of you LOL). I'm going ot Virginia for the weekend. Be safe and don't drink too much eggnog.
  2. Maybe the flight girls will do an extra cheesy half time thing.
  3. I've pretty much resigned myself to the reality that it's never going to happen, and at this point I really could care less.
  4. Well they really went all out gangbusters for Winston Hill day.
  5. So... It's ok to go 1-6 over the next 8 weeks? I'm not sure I'm following you, JOJO.
  6. Somebody should have told Jets management that.
  7. The Jets can run the ball all day just like they did against the Bills, but you still have to outscore the Colts. The Colts will have a two score lead the whole game, running the ball is just gonna do them a favor by killing time. Sanchez will have to throw it sooner or later, and you know what happens---- PICK 6! Colts have 16 picks this year.
  8. If the Jets D holds them to 17 that means Manning sat out the second half, the Colts win 17-6.
  9. The Jets couldn't beat the Falcons at home, they aint beating the Colts in the dome. Colts will be up 21 nothing by the half.
  10. Whatever. Enjoy Sanchez's 4 INT's against the Colts.
  11. Bag of donuts or not, Clemens doesn't throw 5 picks against the Bills week 6 (a game where the Jets ran for like 200 yards) and Jets are going to the playoffs.
  12. I'm not writing him off as a bust! I'm just saying the Jets could have made the playoffs this year with a QB not throwing 3 picks a game. I'm also saying that benching him would have done more good for him and his development going into next season. Every game he plays this season it's going to take that much longer next year to un**** himself.
  13. The fact of the matter is, Woody wants to sell tickets and his entire marketing strategy is Mark Sanchez. Right now he's not selling too many tickets.
  14. So Sanchez gets a W against Carolina, Clemens could have done the same thing. Look, the point is there is nothing we know about Sanchez that we didn't know 6 weeks ago. if you think it's good for him going into next year setting a rookie QB record for INT's and singlehandedly losing games for his team, then we are just polar opposites when it comes to philosophy.
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