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  1. look, I'm not going to get into the minutia here, the point I'm making is SOMETIMES IT DOES A QB GOOD TO BE BENCHED.
  2. Clemens got one start. They still won the game.
  3. OK, Aikman was benched for Walsh. Simms was benched for Bruner.
  4. Favre was benched when he was with the Falcons. And Eli didn't start his rookie season, Warner did.
  5. And Favre and Eli were also benched when they did poorly.
  6. But why did we have to forfeit this season? We knew all that in the first 6 weeks of the season. The 3rd Quarter of the Bills game, that was the time to bench him, he had his baptism of fire, it would have done him more good to watch and learn, instead of sending him out there week after week to single handedly lose games for his team.
  7. Yadda yadda yadda wait until next year I've been listening to this crap for 35 years "someday" never comes. Your description of Sanchez sounds exactly the the description of Browning Nagle. You're a broken record. Hurry up and get in the pumpkin patch, Linus. Pack a lunch.
  8. Riiiiiiight. I see... so if Sanchez got a job driving a cab, and he shows up drunk his first night on the job, and his boss says "thats ok, you can drive anyway!" And the next night he shows up even more drunk and smashes the cab into a parked car and his boss says "No problem! come back tomorrow!" and he drives the cab into an oncoming vehicle and has a head on collision and his boss says "Here's a raise!" so he gets even more ****faced the following night, shows up for work, his boss hands him the keys, and he plows into a bunch of pedestrians waiting at a bus stop and kills a few people and his boss says "Gee, I think that guy has a drinking problem"
  9. 4th quarter against the Bills (first game) and the Jax game. Those are your two wins right there.
  10. That's all well and good, but what about this year? The Jets could have made the playoffs if they benched him 7 weeks ago. The Jets lost at least 2 games that they would have won if not for his stupid INT's. Sanchez singlehandedly lost 4 games--- Clemens would have at the very least gone 2-2 in those games. Just saying. It's a moot point, it's another season flushed down the toilet, but Just sayin.
  11. Boozer, you know better than any of us that the Jets are a team that the stars have to align just right for them to make it all the way. I thought we had were there in '98 in Denver up 10-0 but then the SOJ's reared their ugly heads. For example, instead of Favre last season, we have Favre this season. Or back in '01 instead of hiring Herm the Jets hire John Fox. We are always a day late and a dollar short. Always. This season the AFC was up for grabs. I think any team could be beaten in there own home, in the playoffs; Even the Colts. The 2009 Jets can run the ball, they are top five I think in run defense,and playmakers like Cotchery and Edwards (and Washington until he got hurt) on offense., and they have a shut down corner in Revis. What more do you need? Well, you need a QB that doesn't throw 3-5 INT's a game. Do I think the he will carry that into next season? NO, I have no reason to believe that, but then again, do I think the Jets defense is gonna be in the top 5 next year? I have no reason to believe that neither. YOu gotta catch lightning in a bottle, and it was clear that Sanchez was in over his head 7 weeks ago. Should have benched him and let him go into next season with a clean slate.
  12. Not expecting that, Frank, I'm just saying that maybe riding the bench and watching and learning would have done him more good going into next season than letting him continue to embarrass himself by setting some kind of rookie QB record for INT's. All management is doing right now is maybe creating such a volitile situation that his team mates give up on him. And that's the worst thing that can happen to any QB, rookie or veteran.
  13. The Jets braintrust handed the starting job to Sanchez with no competition. That's negative reinforcement. They then told him throw all the iNT's you want, we won't pull you. That's more negative reinforcement. He hurts himself, sit's out one game, and although Clemens was rusty, the team wins. The following week, Sanchez is back behind center, throws 3 picks, but he'll be starting a gain next week. That's negative reinforcement. I'm not sure what is the message they are trying to send this kid? We love you unconditionally?
  14. I think he'd have his **** together now if they had benched him week 6 he would be starting next season with a clean slate and I wouldn't be surprised if the Jets had at least two more wins this year as well. I think they have done alot of damage to him but hey, this is the Jets.
  15. I'm just curious (and have absolutely **** all else to talk about).... Is Dearth the longest tenured Jet after Leahy? The tiebraker of course would be who lasted through more regime changes.
  16. Everything is static. But if it changes, pretend it didn't.
  17. Once upon a time and then we get our ass kicked by the Oilers. The end.
  18. Yeah because we can always count on our defense ranking in the top 5 every year. Trust me, if Sanchize turns out to be aces, the rest of the team will fall apart. Remember, this is the Jets we are talking about. The stars NEVER ALIGN FOR US. NEVER.
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