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  1. Why bother? The NFL is the friggin' joke.
  2. You're right, Judy Garland and Joan Crawford had their **** together.
  3. The season didn't end today. It ended in October (doesn't it always?) when Sanchize threw his 4th pick against the Bills who had a Harvard grad as the starting QB (oh the jets lore just gets better and better!) and Ryan puts him back out there to throw yet another INT on the next possession so the Bills could tie it up 16-16, and then of course we knew what was next. Woody was nervous about selling tickets and his great theory (keep in mind, this is a guy who never earned a penny in his life, it was handed to his dumb ass) was his superstar QB was going to sell tickets. No woody, superstars don't sell tickets, WINNING DOES. But your dumb ass is too friggin' stupid to figure that out. Enjoy your empty stadium next year you big dope.
  4. This is crazy http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/venezuela/091102/colombia-tensions-soccer-team-murdered
  5. I know, it's nice when Yankee fans can be jerkoffs to me but I can't be a jerkoff back.
  6. You're pretty slow on the uptake, Chuckey. Do another bong it.
  7. We're not thupposed to tawk politics here.
  8. Do you know what has caused every single plane crash? Gravity.
  9. I should have known better than to try and have a discussion with the kids who ride the short bus.
  10. Right, like psychotic episodes. http://www.cbc.ca/health/story/2007/05/01/marijuana-psychotic.html
  11. PM you? Why would I want to do that? Actually I didn't even want to have a conversation with you in the first place. But anyway, you believe that marijuana has inherent qualities and I don't. Oh well. No biggie.
  12. I mean, be honest, that's a pretty stupid comment. As opposed to what?
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