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  1. So maybe you should have just shut up and not say anything to begin with if you weren't ready to back up your stupid comments. My personal view on drugs, illegal or otherwise, is this: Drugs don't take good people and make them bad, drugs take bad people and make them worse. Example: Sid vicious didn't wind up a scumbag because he did heroin, he wasn't going to amount to anything any way.
  2. Sorry for laughing, let me explain--- No drug is inherently "violent" or non-violent. So your statement was ridiculous.
  3. Do you acknowledge that sociopaths smoke marijuana? Do you think that when a member of the bloods or crips smokes so much pot that it's like his "heart is in his ear canal" that it could lead to a potentially volatile situation?
  4. Why make a law saying you have to wear a seatbelt? Or a helmet while operating a motorcycle? I think laws are made that deny the individual the pursuit of happiness, when that behavior adversely affects society as a whole. I'm not saying that is right or wrong, just stating the rationale for keeping marijuana illegal. Legalizaing it is not going to put an end to the criminal gangs that control the traffic and supply now.
  5. I bought jack**** in that place. F Woody, and F the NJSA! A bunch of criminals, the whole lot of them!
  6. Yeah the state troopers were very uptight today. The Winston Hill half time ceremony was good.
  7. You are what your record says you are. 9FlaY1P7mkc&feature=fvw
  8. The play calling was an absolute joke.
  9. The stadium was packed; Jets fans deserve better. Just a horrible, horrible gameplan by the coaching staff. Very frustrating, but I had two good laughs thanks to Ginn. I'm sucking beers down and listening to the Stones, Dwight Yoakam and surfing tunes. Thanks again.
  10. I dunno it's 10:45, it would take me about a half hour to drive to Parsipany---- Let me PM you my phone number.
  11. Firing Joe Torre and hiring Joe Girardi.
  12. You're making it sound like this thing is over. Sabbathia has a history with the Phillies, and it's all bad. 2-2 after tonight.
  13. Do you have a link to a legit scientific study? I word searched myself and everything links to sites that one could make a valid argument they are biased in favor of marijuana legalization. Did you ever smoke so much pot that you started hearing voices in your head?
  14. I can't figure it out, either. Originally Posted by villain_the_foe There are parts of the brain that are shut off and plants like weed that produce THC which JUST SO HAPPENS to have the right construction to reestablish connection with particular parts that alters consciousness, thinking etc.
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