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  1. Going to the gym and then coming home and getting drunk by myself while I wallow in my own self-pity.
  2. Funny because the Yankee fans I know in real life said Lowell did it purposely.
  3. And it's the Mets fans obsessed with the Yankees...
  4. Hey guys, don't argue with nyjunc. Didn't you hear? He wins 98% of his arguments. At least, according to him. No, I'm not being sarcastic.
  5. Yeah, especially the parody I had made 5 minutes before posting it here.
  6. Uh, what? If by "averaged 300 yds a game," you meant, "didn't average anywhere near 300 yds a game," then yeah, you're right.
  7. jFLWQgSgzbk and a parody of it: 5oYqEOI90fo
  8. It's like the for every team of every sport. (I'm looking at you, madmike).
  9. I'm going go out and go as far as saying he had it coming and deserved it.
  10. **** American League "baseball." 26 runs in 7 and a half innings is asinine.
  11. Sorry to hear about the accident. Good luck with the healing. Be happy that it's only an ankle and not a knee, or something even worse obviously. I got knee surgery in September, and I'm still far from 100%.
  12. Colin Cowherd is the biggest ****-sucking ****ing douche bag there is in sports radio. **** him up the ass. He's a flaming piece of ****.
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