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  1. Chad Pennington averaged 300 yds a game, Jets team offense ranked 4th overall in the entire NFL, team defense ranked 8th overall, 8th against the run, and 6th against the pass. Finished 10-6, lost a playoff game.

    Let's see what happens in 2007.

    Uh, what? If by "averaged 300 yds a game," you meant, "didn't average anywhere near 300 yds a game," then yeah, you're right.

  2. Sorry to hear about the accident. Good luck with the healing. Be happy that it's only an ankle and not a knee, or something even worse obviously. I got knee surgery in September, and I'm still far from 100%.

  3. Omar Minaya. Now lets see Sosa pitch. 5 ip 3 er take it everytime. I had tickets to tonights game refused to go cause I wouldn't have been entertained by Pelfrey. Friend I gave tickets to called me at dinner with my fiance annoyed he went. Point is he is a true Mets fan exactly the way I am with the Rangers. He got free tickets and is livid cause he wants to win.

    Paying costomers deserve to be entertained it's kind of hard when a little league pitcher is out there.

    Well, you sir, are a ****ing idiot. That's all.

  4. buddy, not that you remember me but i think what those ****eaters did to you at TGG was bushleague. you don't take a cyber feud into real life. i'm still laughing those bastards made it sound like you were destined for an insane asylum and if they didn't rat you out to your school you would destroy their site some home-- typical TGG overreaction.

    Don't try to be too objective.

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