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  1. I'm sort of in the same boat as you, 124. I'm a junior in high school looking for a journalism and/or communications school. I want to be in sports radio, or write sports for a newspaper, etc. That sort of thing. I just haven't done any visits yet to Rutgers or anything, just the University of Tampa. They're not focused primarily on communications and journalism, but they have a good program.

  2. ok insted of sucking tom brady's D*&K here at jet nation why don't all of you that want to praise tommy boy go buy his jersey and start rooting for that patsy's? u might as well. you've giving the real jet fans a bad name.

    I'm not saying chad is better than brady, but I will be loyal to whoever our quaterback is. weather it's chad, or clemmons.

    I'm not sucking Brady's dick. I hate the guy. I hate him as a quarterback. I hate him as an athlete. I hate him as a person. I can't even bring myself to respect his play on the field. But I can at least be realistic and acknowledge that he is one of, if not the best, quarterbacks in the NFL today. I can't respect him for that, but I can admit it.

    Chad Pennington is not on that level. And don't say that I'm not a "real" Jet fan because I don't support Chad Pennington. I want him to do well if it means the Jets do well. But, more often than not, he holds the Jets back rather than propel him forward. I like to support a struggling player and hope that they'll get better. I do. I really do. But, you can only do it so long before you just have to admit that they're not what you thought they were, and your expectations are unrealistic. I realized that after Chad's latest injury. He's a shell of his 2002 form, or even his 2004 form where we had the playoffs run. He's just not the same.

    And as hard as it may be to believe, I hate saying that. He's broken my heart, though.

  3. and that is what is gonna make it so great when they sweep the patriots this season.

    I just don't understand other Jets fans. Where does this confidence come from? Where do we have the right to predict things such as this?

  4. Pretty weak having to discount his production for the sake of your argument. Keep thinking that, btw.

    "The longer Charlie Weis stays away from the Pats, I know the Pats will never again be great." The Pats have won the same amount of rings as the Jets have since Weis left. 0. Hey, it's your own logic.

    It must hurt you that the NYJ are capable of being great.

    It's going to hurt you when Chad Pennington costs of another season that is capable of being great.

  5. He has to earn that chance by showing up in mini camp and tc and playing his ass off. I dont want to stick someone in there who loos like a deer caught in the headlights, just because some people think 10-6 stinks.

    Maybe he'll look good this summer, but you havent seen a thing so far to say you believe Clemens is a championship QB. Until he shows he can run the team and be a leader and make plays, it's a pipedream.

    Nobody is saying that Clemens is a championship QB. We're saying that Chad is not.

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