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  1. Big Ben had 18 TD's and 25, that's right 25 turnovers last season .

    Big Ben is also a low yardage per game QB having thrown for 300 yds 3 times in the last two seasons and only 4 times in his career.

    Ben has had a few "freak" injuries and may possibly be approaching being labeled "injury prone".

    In fact, Ben has never played a full 16 game season in his career to date.

    Sounds a lot like what was written about Pennington. Are the Steelers calling for his replacement?

    Oh yeah. Roethlisberger also won a ring despite all these Pennington like shortcomings yet we are positive that Chad who unlike Ben, never misses the play-offs when healthy cannot.

    I think Roethlisberger is extremely overrated. He's not as good as media outlets such as ESPN portray him as. He was terrible last year, yes, and thats why his team was terrible. I would take him over Chad, though, purely because of age. If they were the same age, it's a toss up. Neither is a good QB. And yeah, Roethlisberger won a ring... with an insane running game and defense. Thomas Jones and Leon Washington probably won't be as good as Jerome Bettis and Willie Parker. We can, hope but it's doubtful.

    And as far as his injuries, the motorcycle one was his own fault. It's different when you have a freak injury on the field, and have three of them, compared to Roethlisberger, who puts himself in position to get hurt. Roethlisberger is an idiot.

  2. Judging from who nominated you for post of the week I take it you're a little, um, maybe, anti-chad possibly?

    Now I don't mean to come in here and ruin everyone's little piss on chad party, but here's what I think: Chad has a full offseason where he's not under the knife or coming back from major injury the previous year for the first time in a while. Athletes, even the pros, don't just walk back into the game as if nothing happened after a career threatening injury (not to mention 2). It takes time, specifically live game time, to get your your head back to where it was prior to said injury. It takes time to get yourself to mentally and physically be able to do the things you once did unconsciously.

    If you have ever suffered such an event then you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, then lucky you.

    All I'm saying is give Chad some time. I think he will make a lot you very happy in the coming year.

    I don't want him to not start the season. I'd like to see Clemens get a shot, but it is highly doubtful that he beats out Chad in training camp, especially because the CS's apparent committment to Chad. He DID just quarterback a team that won 10 games and won the wild card. I don't think he was as significant as a factor as he is made out to be, but that's up to everyone's own discretion, including the coaching staff's.

    I'd like to believe that the full offseason will help him, but I seriously doubt it. A lot of what he is doing incorrectly seems to be mechanically and mentally; poor decisions, weak throws, bad throws, etc.

  3. when i see definitive evidence on why clemens is a superior qb to chad, then i maybelieve in him, but i dont see much in him at all. im not even a chad lover, but how can so many of you be so convinced he will lead the jets to a championship? tell me! the jets got pretty damn close to the afc championship game with ****ty coaching, the star defensive player being a bitch and sitting out, and an aging rb. obviously, it wasnt hackett's fault! it wasnt! if it wasnt for herm's "clutch" decisions, the jets may have been what the steelers became a year later. obviously chad isnt that bad! he really isnt. i wouldnt be angry if clemens beat him out, because then i would know for sure that he is a better player than chad. right now, chad IS STILL THE QB.

    That's the thing, though. Nobody is saying Clemens is a superior QB to Chad. Nobody is saying that he will lead us to a championship. What we are saying, though, is that we WON'T know until he gets a chance. There is no definitive evidence, and he won't be able to prove it UNTIL he starts.

    We call for him not because we think he will lead us to a championship, but because we know Chad CANNOT lead us to one. Yes, Chad came within a game of the AFC Championship. That was a different Chad Pennington. Despite his omnipresent weak arm, he used to be able to zip the ball, even in the 2004 season. That second arm surgery weakened his arm terribly.

    There were so, so many occasions this past season where Chad floated the ball terribly, even on 5-and-outs and swing passes to the backs. Everything, it seemed, floated it. His accuracy is still there, yes, but the arm strength is not. I was completely, 100% content with his "weak" arm before the two surgeries, but he is so, so weak now in the arm. Maybe that full offseason of conditioning without surgery will help, but I doubt it.

    It's not that I think Pennington is not a great guy or a great emotional leader, but physically, he doesn't have the tools required to win a championship. Clemens needs the chance to prove that he can (or cannot) lead the Jets to a championship.

  4. This will sound awful, but I think the chances of Pennington playing completely injury free all season are free. This shoiuld give Clemmons a chance to show how he's progressing and maybe win the starters job before the season is over. I dont think the Jets need a veteran QB to push Clemmons (I think he is a self starter and already motivated), but they do need one for depth. If Penny goes down and Kellen falters they have to have somebody who can step in a steady things.

    I think the QB issue alone might prevent the Jets from returning to the playoffs, but if they are out of it we should see Clemmons get a chance to start which should put the Jets in a much stronger position going into the 08 season.

    Yeah, I agree with you. I hate to say it, too, but I seriously doubt Chad is able to stay healthy again for an entire season. I also, however, doubt that he is capable of losing the job to Clemens in training camp. I'm just worried that he is so unready to start when Chad goes down that it does more harm for his future than good.

    where's that from, exactly?

    I thought of and typed it myself.

  5. Over the next few weeks, I intend to analyze the Jets, position-by-position. I'm going to start with one of the most important positions, quarterback.


    This is a difficult position for me to analyze. After 2002, I was enamored with Chad Pennington. Absolutely and completely in love with him to the fullest heterosexual sports fanatic extent. 2003 was a bad year for the Jets, and it was because he wasn't there. I was upset about his broken wrist, especially because it was the fourth preseason game, but hey, what can you do, freak accidents happen... right?

    2004 rolls around. We give him 7 years, $64.2 million before the season starts. Wow. Insanity. Not too happy about that one, but not upset either. I mean, he did break his wrist just a year ago, but that was a freak injury on his opposite throwing arm. Chad was one year removed from a 22 TD 6 INT performance that boasted an extremely impressive 104.2 QB rating in 12 starts with nearly 70% completion.

    5-0 start, Chad looks pretty good. A few bumps here and there, but... BAM! Torn rotator cuff. Another freak injury. Now, I'm doubting that contract, but again, not his fault. He needs to recover from it, and stop playing through it. It was a fantastic effort in the playoffs (at least against San Diego; I don't forgive him for the Pittsburgh debacle of leading your team to only three damned points) but now he needed huge surgery.

    2005... Pennington is back from shoulder surgery. I expect a weakened arm, yes. It's expected. However, we never truly get to see how weak it is now because of, well, another "freak" injury. Another rotator cuff tear. When does the tag of "freak injury" go away and "injury prone" come up? I'd say right about now.

    After his first injury, I defended him against the naysayers. He'll come back to 2002 form. After his huge, unnecessary contract, I defended him. 2003 was an incomplete year coming off of a tough injury and to a 1-4 team. After his first rotator cuff tear, I defended him. Another freak injury. He is still a great quarterback. However, Chad ruined it with his third severe injury. There is a limit to the number of "freak injuries" you have before the label of injury prone is placed on you. This was the end of the line. You cannot keep breaking my heart Chad. You're making me look bad, but even worse, you're making me feel bad and even worse yet, the Jets are losing games (and money) because of YOU and your injuries.

    Now, fast-forward past an extremely overrated and mediocre "Comeback Player of the Year" caliber season. But wait, Cotch-Rocket, he won Comeback Player of the Year Award! How is that mediocre? I'll tell you how: 17 total touchdowns compared to 20 total turnovers. A 6.91 YPA, nearly a full point less than his 2002 season, and inflated by plays such as the two Jerricho Cotchery made against New England in the first meeting. Terrible throws that place his players in danger (see: Miami game on Christmas night; Lavernaues Coles (twice) and Leon Washington, as well as various games and plays throughout the season). How about the stretch of six, count 'em SIX, consecutive regular season games without surpassing a weak 200 passing yards, one of them not even breaking 100 yards and another surpassing 100 by only eight yards? How about the debacle against Chicago? Cleveland? Both are games that were winnable, but poor quarterback play prevented the Jets from winning.

    However, credit where credit is due, Chad did help us win a decent amount last year. And more credit where it is due: we still could have won those games without him. Chad Pennington has never been a game-changing quarterback since any of his injuries. He has been a game manager; a quarterback that can not lose games if surrounded with proper talent that he can utilize efficiently. You will never see Chad Pennington make (positive) game-altering plays. It just doesn't happen.

    So what exactly do I want at quarterback? Well, for starters, I want Kellen Clemens in the future. He needs to have his shine time, and we can't clog it with a quarterback such as Pennington. Pennington will be 31 when the next season starts, and we cannot look for him past this season, in my opinion. We need to make sure Clemens will be ready to take the reigns whenever Chad gets a season-ending injury next.

    We, as Jet fans, cannot continue to conform to and accept the mediocrity that this franchise is used to. Chad Pennington is MEDIOCRE. We have a younger option that can potentially perform better. Even if Clemens doesn't, he can only improve. Chad reached his ceiling, smacked his head on it, and won't go back up.

    We cannot allow Pennington to have a season like last year with his shoddy performances that cost us games. We cannot allow another season of more turnovers than touchdowns. We cannot allow another season of simplistic game management. The future is now.

    If an entire surgery-free offseason of rest is what Chad needs, then this is his chance. He needs to prove it to me, because I'm not drinking that Kool-Aid at all. All the Pennington diehards ever have for him and his abysmal performance is EXCUSES. "New offense," "no full offseason of recovery and rest," "not enough talent on offense." No longer are ANY of these viable excuses, in my opinion. He has the same offense for two years next season. He has a full, surgery-free offseason to rehab his arm. He has Thomas Jones, Leon Washington, Lavernaues Coles, Jerricho Cotchery, Brad Smith, Chris Baker, and anyone we draft. More than talented enough. He has a great center in Mangold and an improving offensive line.

    This year is Chad's last chance. It's time to put up or shut up. No more excuses. No more mediocrity. No more negative game-changing plays. None of it. I've had enough. If we have to sacrifice wins to get Kellen Clemens playing time, so be it. It will be better in the long run.

    As far as depth goes, we need a veteran QB to be 2 or 3 to apply pressure to Clemens; make him work towards an incentive of passing them on the depth chart, or holding them back. Plus, I'll never, ever rule out an injury to Chad Pennington again in my life, and more depth would be appreciated.

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  6. I give them credit for bringing in a lot of the talent we have now, but at the same time, I blame them for not using them to full potential: Jerricho Cotchery, Bryan Thomas, Kerry Rhodes, etc. Yes, they brought this talent in, but this talent truly shines under Mangini and Tannenbaum.

  7. Anything less than 10 wins and a playoff appearance (WC or division) is a disappointment, regardless of June 1st cuts, the draft, etc., if only for the fact that they improved last year from the previous year. Maybe if it was the end of a stretch of successful Jets seasons would regressing be accepted.


    Report: Lions sign Duckett to one-year deal


    NFL Network's Adam Schefter reports the Lions have reached agreement with T.J. Duckett on a one-year, $1.5 million contract.

    This gives Detroit some leverage to move Tatum Bell, although the club's current asking price is reportedly a second-round pick, so that'll need to be lowered if the Lions truly hope to move him. Duckett will be a threat to steal short-yardage carries from whomever starts at running back for the Lions in 2007, but likely require an injury to make any fantasy impact. Mar. 9 - 9:33 pm et

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