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  1. CaneJet

    To Chad Or Not To Chad

    I think just about every man who has played QB for this franchise (including Joe Namath) has had a polarizing effect on the fans. How quickly have we forgotten "Interceptaverde"... Yes, Chad can get us to the Super Bowl and win it, too. Next question....
  2. CaneJet

    New Article ~ Inflation

    Pretty freaky. I've been posting as CaneJet since 2001 on another Jets board. UM class of 83.
  3. CaneJet

    New Article ~ Inflation

    Living where I live, I certainly don't have much of a right to beat my chest about NYC-local issues. I did grow up in Rego Park, and would have loved seeing the Jets back in Queens. But it's not something that affects my life directly anyway. But why do the Giants get a facility adjacent to the new stadium and the Jets dont?
  4. CaneJet

    New Article ~ Inflation

    Good article. In fact, I registered here to respond to it. I do have some issues with the way the Bill Belichick resignation was portrayed:

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