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  1. i don't get your analogy. Toyota's are considered extremely reliable.
  2. nope. they are all busts. if you're not a probowler by year 2 you are a bust.
  3. but pete carroll took responsibility for the call
  4. so if the NFL wanted to pay you millions and millions of dollars to play a game, but 1 of their rules was to stay away from this plant, you wouldn't do it because it's absurd?
  5. i don't think it's that big of a deal. to me it's like pitchers who use pine tar, just do it obviously (pineda). doesn't eli have each ball custom worn down to his liking?
  6. got it. if you're going to cheat, make sure you cheat so good that you blow the other team out. then you can say it didn't really make a difference.
  7. yeah you're right. since the pats are the better team and would have won regardless it's ok if they cheated a little.
  8. lol now that he isn't the jets coach you hate him? typical
  9. Just for fun, here's what Mehta wrote the day after the trade happened: lol
  10. I'm from JI. there were plenty of people there (some of them i see here now) who said Sanchez was the worst QB ever, that he would be out of the league in a year, or in the CFL. i thought he got a little too much criticism. but i agree that jets needed to move on from him.
  11. i agree with most of what you're saying. maybe where idzik failed though was keeping Rex after last year. he should have fired rex last season and picked his own coach then. now it might be too late. if idzik is still here next season we all know it's going to be a make or break year. what coach is going to sign up for that? you have 1 year to win or your GM is getting fired. woody messed up by making idzik keep rex, and then idzik messed up when he kept rex. unless the plan is to keep rex going forward it doesn't make sense.
  12. i guess it's a good thing we can't draft him then since he's such a jet hater.
  13. sanchez is what we thought he was! would I take him over what the jets have this year? absolutely. but that's not saying much. he's not as bad as some Jets fans thought he was (the worst QB to ever play in the NFL) on his way out, but he's far from "blossoming".
  14. Hey. Christian here. My dad became a Jets fan when he moved to NY in the early 80's with the sack exchange. One of my earliest memories is "the spike". Why did I stay a fan? I've been at JI since 2005 but now I need a new place to go. I don't post much, but enjoy reading others opinions.
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