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  1. Dude, it's a tweet from a guy who's about as reliable as a Toyota. My guess would be Harvin doesn't re-do his deal either, that's not exactly shocking. Why would he, makes no sense. He can get a new, decent deal somewhere else with a big signing bonus and a better QB situation.


    i don't get your analogy.  Toyota's are considered extremely reliable.

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  2. Darrell Bevell must be fired. That's the only way the Seahawks begin to recover from that horrific play call.

    If, not, DB will forever be known as the offensive coordinator making the worst call in Super Bowl history and the scrutiny will be suffocating to the entire organization.


    but pete carroll took responsibility for the call

  3. I understand that argument, and it holds some water. But the fact that a plant, one more time: a plant, is illegal speaks to the absurdity of this country and our legal system. People get locked in cages for owning a plant.

    BTW, as much as I hate the NBA, they've got it (somewhat) right re: weed.


    so if the NFL wanted to pay you millions and millions of dollars to play a game, but 1 of their rules was to stay away from this plant, you wouldn't do it because it's absurd?

  4. Wait...the entire WRECKS fan club said a thousand times that their hero would have a new HC job in 15 minutes, maybe only 5 if the Jets fired him

    T minus 12 hours 15 minutes and counting and he's not even a foot closer to a phone call than he was yesterday

    Maybe teams want a coach who coaches a good game, not just a blowhard who just talks a good game


    lol now that he isn't the jets coach you hate him? typical

  5. Before the GM engaged in questionable negotiating tactics during free agency last offseason, left the roster barren at Rex Ryan’s most valued position, whiffed on arguably the deepest wide receiver draft class in NFL history and stumbled through a disjointed midseason press conference, he botched the Darrelle Revis situation in epic fashion.

    The Patriots, frankly, think the whole thing is hilarious.

    It’s impossible to look at Idzik these days without hearing the theme music to The Benny Hill Show in your head. He’s become a punchline in league circles. Respect level on a 10-point scale: 0.311.

    Woody Johnson is mulling a massive overhaul thanks, in part, to Idzik’s unrivaled stubbornness and fundamental lack of understanding of how to construct a winning roster.

    It started by trading away Revis nearly two years ago.

    The biggest myth surrounding the saga: Johnson demanded that his new general manager get rid of the Pro Bowl cornerback.

    Johnson’s deep-seated disdain for Revis and his camp is a convenient narrative steeped in fiction.


    Just for fun, here's what Mehta wrote the day after the trade happened:

    Although Rex Ryan said last month that the initial trade speculation was “ridiculous” and a deal was not a “foregone conclusion,” Revis’ departure was, in fact, a fait accompli before Idzik was even hired in January.

    After firing Mike Tannenbaum the day after the Jets finished 6-10, Johnson made it clear to prospective G.M. candidates during the interview process that the team needed an exit strategy for Revis, who was rehabbing a season-ending ACL injury suffered in Week 3.



  6. I don't recall anyone saying he was the worst QB to ever play in the NFL. But if you have a bad QB who coaches and coordinators see something in based on camp and mid-season practices, not to mention an owner who has invested heavily in him, then he just has to be off the team before anyone else gets the bright idea that maybe he's turned the corner.

    Sometimes, with some players, it's better to just move on altogether. If what we have now is even worse, it makes it that much easier to remedy it ASAP instead of wondering what-ifs and maybes, which may influence decisions in free agency and the draft.

    Just end it clean and decisively, like the proper way to rip off one of Johnson's Band-Aids. Don't slow-peel it off by keeping him around.

    They did the right thing by cutting him after no one offered up even a conditional 7th rounder in 2018 for him.


    I'm from JI.  there were plenty of people there (some of them i see here now) who said Sanchez was the worst QB ever, that he would be out of the league in a year, or in the CFL.  i thought he got a little too much criticism.  but i agree that jets needed to move on from him. 

  7. I hope Idzik is back, he deserves to pick his own head coach. I know this has been rehashed many times but I will state my case.

    His first year he traded Revis at the owners behest and got more for him than anyone expected. He then picked the DROY in the draft.

    He took a flier on a 2nd round QB who was initially the highest rated QB in his draft and wanted to give him a second year to develop after showing some solid signs in his rookie year.  Smart and reasonable IMO even though Geno has sucked.

     He went into this season with a solid plan IMO, even though we know how it worked out.  He had 2 young corners he hoped to develop and a stop gap vet to solidify the group. Both young corners got injured and the stop gap vet turned out to be a nut job, without any previous history of such behavior.  No team can lose both starting corners and a backup and be ok.  

    He cleaned up the cap mess and didn't sign any free agents with outrageous contracts, knowing we weren't super bowl contenders this year.  It wasn't good for the coach who needed to win after 3 mediocre years, but that is Woody's fault for saddling with a coach he didn't pick who had time to outlast a rebuilding period.

    He drafted a tight end and safety, both positions of need and the TE has looked respectable and the Safety has been playing out of position thanks to the coaching staff.

    He signed  the best WR in free agency at a reasonable price and got a free agent RB at a reasonable price to catch passes out of the back field, and later took a flier on Harvin with no long term committment so no one could say there were no weapons to adequately evaluate Geno.  

    He has had to deal with a coach who has been a buffoon at times, who has shown time and time again that he is a poor in game manager, with an undisciplined team that constantly wastes time outs and has bad penalties, and has no interest or expertise on the offensive side of the ball.  He also has had a bad track record of picking offensive coordinators with Sparano being a disaster and Marty mediocre to bad.

    I know Rex is a likeable guy and fires up the fans with his bravado and refreshing honesty but like his father before him, he is a better coordinator than a head coach and has had ample time to prove himself.

    I really don't understand the Idzik hate.  He is a smart Ivy League guy with a prior connection to the team and he has a patient approach that I think will eventually pay off.  I just hope Woody stops being a "fan" and starts being an owner and smart business man and doesn't cave in to public pressure from an angry mob.


    i agree with most of what you're saying.  maybe where idzik failed though was keeping Rex after last year.  


    he should have fired rex last season and picked his own coach then.  now it might be too late.  if idzik is still here next season we all know it's going to be a make or break year.  what coach is going to sign up for that? you have 1 year to win or your GM is getting fired.


    woody messed up by making idzik keep rex, and then idzik messed up when he kept rex.  unless the plan is to keep rex going forward it doesn't make sense.

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  8. I'll credit him with 11 TDs. A rushing TD is worth just as much as a passing TD, but all of them weren't useful TDs (game already over).


    But you're forgetting 6 fumbles, luckily losing only 2 of them.


    Total = 11 TDs, 11 turnovers in 6.5 games.


    Even still, no stats take into account all the missed opportunities on all those uncatchable pass attempts to wiiiiiiide open receivers, a number of which would have been sure TDs as his man had no one left to beat if the throw was there.


    sanchez is what we thought he was!


    would I take him over what the jets have this year? absolutely. but that's not saying much.


    he's not as bad as some Jets fans thought he was (the worst QB to ever play in the NFL) on his way out, but he's far from "blossoming".

  9. Hey.  Christian here.  My dad became a Jets fan when he moved to NY in the early 80's with the sack exchange.  One of my earliest memories is "the spike".  Why did I stay a fan? 


    I've been at JI since 2005 but now I need a new place to go.  I don't post much, but enjoy reading others opinions.

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