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  1. 1 minute ago, SOJ said:

    Wrong, you expect progress and that is not what we have.  Last year everything - I mean everything - went right for the Jets until the bills game and you saw what the winning covered up, i.e., poor coaching, team not being prepared to play the most important game of the season, not playing the RB that was killing the other team, etc.  

    THis HC, the CS and the players all regressed and that responsibility sits with the HC.  

    i don't disagree.  everything went right last year, and everything has gone wrong this year.  but i still think he should get 1 more year.

  2. 22 minutes ago, Mike135 said:

    In most cases I'd agree.  However you have to have some common sense here and allow for extremes.  Which is what we have here.

    Bowles sucks.  On an extreme level.  This team, the one he leads, is an embarrassment to not only themselves and us fans, but the NFL, football as a whole, sports in general, and anyone who gets paid for working.

    This team doesn't try.  He has lost them and has proven not to have any leadership qualities.  Without leadership, a coach has nothing.

    Some say a QB HAS to be a leader.  Not true.  You'd like him to be, but it's not required.  Other teammates can lead.  A coach though has to be the unquestioned leader.  And obviously Bowles cannot lead.

    Again, he seems like a nice guy, but he sucks as a coach.  No good comes from keeping him around now.

    i think you're exaggerating a bit.  they have won 4 games and the play of a lot players has really fallen off from last year.  

    people in the locker room, which includes woody and the GM know what kind of leader he is.  maybe he's terrible, but they seem to want to give him another shot.

  3. 1 hour ago, Mike135 said:

    If you had an investment guy who basically broke even his first year and then lost a $hit ton of your money the second year, would you give him a third year?

    And while this is mainly meant as an analogy between football and money, there is also a very real monry-to-money comparison here as well.  

    I'd love to hear how much money Woody is losing right now.  He's obviously losing PSL and ticket purchase profits, plus gameday $$$ from the stadium.  But even bigger is the longterm effect of such $hit in comparison to the "local" competition.  Mainly being the Giants and even somewhat the Cheaters.  With the Pats being a division "rival" (haha) in a nearby large city.  We're looking at the potential of a Midgets vs Cheaters superbowl for the 3rd time in under a decade.  All while the Jets charge similar prices to those two teams, and give us results that are nowhere near even competent.

    If patience was called for, it should have been with the coach and GM who got you to back-to-back championship games once things went south.  

    Having patience with these two fools running things could sink this team to its worst time in history.  And we're talking about the Jets here, so that's saying a lot!  

    Hell, let's bring back Ryan Fitzpatrick again while we're at it.  Make it a triple decker $hit sandwich.  

    i don't like that analogy.  when you hire a new coach you expect some bumps early on you're not expecting returns in the first year or two.  obviously you look for things and improvements, and i know it looks really bad right now, but if the jets had gone 4-12 bowles' first year, then 10-6 this year and missed the playoffs no one would want him fired.  i just don't see how you can completely judge a coach and GM after only 2 seasons.  

  4. 1 hour ago, deucebag said:

    Yes 10-6 last year was nice, but only TWO of those ten wins were against winning teams.  The Redskins and the Pats.  They beat the Redskins due to it being before Kirk Cousins stopped throwing interceptions.  They beat the Pats because the pats had no running back and were missing Amendola and Edelman - yet it still took overtime to get the win.   So basically 2015 was a mediocre performance.

    that doesn't change much.  how can you fire a guy after 2 seasons with only 1 of those seasons being bad?  i understand it looks terrible right now, but i think he deserves year 3.

  5. I'd let Bowles coach 1 more year.  

    He's in year 2 of a 4 year deal.  Let's see what he does in year 3 and at the end of year 3 you have to make a decision to either extend him or fire him (can't go in to year 4 as a lame duck coach).

    They were 10-6 last year, so it's only 1 bad year.  How can you fire a guy after 2 years, and only 1 of those years being bad?

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  6. 4 hours ago, nico002 said:

    He doesn't know how to build a hungry team.

    look at Seattle, young hungry guys that play with fire- they are competitors.

    not a collection of complacent veterans lookings for a pay check

    bellichick will literally cut his best players if they don't give effort

    he can't draft 

    guy MUST go

    were they complacent veterans last year?

  7. On 10/10/2016 at 10:03 AM, jetscrazey said:

    What a telling stat.  Fitz can beat the crappy teams but he's a perennial 8-8/9-7 at best guy.  Last year was a cupcake schedule so he managed 10 wins but still couldn't beat the damn Bills and Texans.

    Not good enough folks.  When Petty is healthy he better be in there.  Time to look to the future because the present is nothing better than mediocrity.  I'm tired of 15 yard lollipop passes being considered deep balls.

    so we have a good shot against the cardinals monday night?

  8. 5 minutes ago, gEYno said:


    Yeah, I actually don't think he's the rightful heir to anything, still.  So, it will be interesting.  But, I also don't think the story ends with a king, or queen at the throne.  I think Cersei is the last true ruler... Kind of like Trump.

    once bran the destroyer knocks down the wall someone is going to have to rebuild it.  and the white walkers should have to pay for it #makewesterosgreatagain

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  9. 36 minutes ago, Integrity28 said:

    So, if Jon Snow is the son of a Leanna and Raygar, then he's not just the rightful heir to Winterfell as a true Stark, but also the 7 Kingdoms as a true descendant of a Targaryen. Kind of inconvenient for Danneryasssssssss. 


    Not exactly.  Rhaegar Targaryen was married to Ellia Martell, not Lyanna Stark.  So unless they had some secret wedding Jon Snow is still a bastard.  But Rhaegar's bastard and not Ned's.

    also Jon would not have a legit claim to the north as he's Ned's nephew and not son.

  10. benjen tells bran and meera that the wall is protected by magic which doesn't allow the dead to pass.

    the same magic that was protecting the three eyed ravens and children of the forest tree cave.

    the same magic that bran screwed up by getting marked by the night king.  

    does bran realize this?  he's going to take down the wall.  

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  11. 15 minutes ago, greenwichjetfan said:

    Soooo, Sansa a lil preggers? 


    edit: I don't think it makes sense considering the last time Ramsay got to insert by force was like...a really long time ago. At the very least, she should be showing a little bit. But that's what the theorists are theorizing. 

    also when she met up with little finger back in moles town she said something to the effect of, "i can still feel it inside of me".  a baby?  maybe. 

    personally, i don't think she's pregnant.  but that would be interesting.

  12. 21 hours ago, Integrity28 said:

    Also, for those of you questioning why Rickon didn't zig-zag... here's a better one... 

    Why didn't Ramsay put that arrow through Jon Snow's heart, rather than the Giant's eyeball?

    I mean, Jon let his guard down and was easy-pickens at that point. Ramsay's proclivity for tormenting people, was his ultimate undoing. He could have ended Snow right there, but seeing how Jon was emo about the giant being taken down... Ramsay chose to hurt Jon emotionally, rather than taking the easy kill shot.

    also why did everyone just stand around while ramsay is shooting arrows at their leader?

  13. 15 minutes ago, RutgersJetFan said:

    I'd like to give a big **** you to RR Martin and Co for showing a preview like that A FULL WEEK OUT. I have never been so excited for an episode of TV ever ever ever. I'm doing battle cries all up and down my block right now. As I type this I wanna stab a Bolton in the jugular and then high five my wildling friends. I wanna ride on the back of a giant and do a high flying somersault over the Winterfell walls, reclaiming my rightful home. AND I HAVE TO WAIT 7 ******* DAYS TO DO ANY OF THAT.

    jon snow is going to give his prebattle speech then he runs out and gets knocked in the head by Wun Wun.  he wakes up in a field of a lot of dead bodies.  he sits up and calls to a stark banner man and calls out, "what happened?"  Stark banner man, "we won." 

    there i just saved HBO $10 million

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