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  1. i was a little disappointed. i wanted some more action. i think Arya's nonchalant behavior at the end of S6E7 was because she didn't know the waif saw her fail her mission. so she didn't know her life was in danger. she immediately went to collect Arya Stark's sword and return to westeros. i guess the entire point of her story was she now knows she cannot forget her identity and she is a trained assassin now. i feel like she might take on some of the traits of LSH and go on a revenge killing spree. i also wanted to see more killing by the mountain and the hound.
  2. here's a better look at the secret letter Sansa wrote at the end of the episode
  3. unless they take up jaime on his offer. i don't think they want to leave either. i just thought i remember reading that there were tully banners in the trailer of the bastard battle scene.
  4. Sansa sent that message to Littlefinger calling the knights of the Vale. Also Sansa sent Brienne to Riverrun to recruit her great Uncle and the Tully army. I thought i remember reading that in the trailer previews of the bastard bowl you can see the Tully banners fighting against the Boltons. Hopefully they show up to help.
  5. pretty sure no one said he was best ever in this thread.
  6. 1st of all i said d'brick missed 1 snap in 10 years. not 1 game. 2nd i never said he was a good player, or great player, the best LT. i said he was reliable. 2 totally different things. just like eli is one of the most reliable QB's ever. or durable. whatever word you want to use.
  7. i heard he missed 1 snap in his entire 10 year career and was never listed on the injury report, also that 1 snap was because it was a trick play. the guy was as reliable of a player as there ever was in the history of the NFL
  8. i'm pretty sure all the players knew, except for the center who was a back up (i think there was an injury in the game). i believe the objective of the play was to get the pats to be confused and jump off side. obviously it didn't work.
  9. the ball wasn't supposed to be snapped
  10. the very first thing YOU did was insult everyone on this forum in your title by calling us all idiots.
  11. once his replacement is on the team. no need to get rid of him now. i'm assuming not until training camp, after FA and the draft.
  12. because the jets were in desperate need of CB help and he's still one of the best CB's in the game. the top 4 highest paid CB's are paid approximately the same.
  13. when i hear people say, that there is no more revis island, it sounds like they were expecting him to be in his 2009-10 form.
  14. how are people surprised that 30 year old Revis after major knee surgery isn't as good as 25 year old Revis, who was arguably the greatest of all time?
  15. 2002 week 17 green bay game was the first game i ever attended. I was also at the 2009 week 17 Cincy game. that day was so cold. tailgating was brutal.
  16. the dolphins also beat the pats. ryan tannehill >> tom brady
  17. as a whole the jets WR core is not an issue. obviously the #3-5 WR's aren't the greatest, but that's why they are #3-5. give devin smith a break, he was a rookie and played 10 games. remember how much pryor sucked last year? if smith can improve, maybe our #3 WR is set. WR4 and 5 aren't priorities.
  18. no sportscenter, no NFLN, no sports talk radio for me today. it's bad enough i have coworkers coming up to me and saying things like, "what happened to the those jets?" and i have to try and not tell them to go **** themselves.
  19. i feel worse now. i thought the jets really blew a great opportunity to make some noise in the playoffs.
  20. yeah, if only they had someone like brandon marshall and eric decker.
  21. i knew geno should have been the starter.....
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