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  1. 10 minutes ago, RutgersJetFan said:

    I'd like to give a big **** you to RR Martin and Co for showing a preview like that A FULL WEEK OUT. I have never been so excited for an episode of TV ever ever ever. I'm doing battle cries all up and down my block right now. As I type this I wanna stab a Bolton in the jugular and then high five my wildling friends. I wanna ride on the back of a giant and do a high flying somersault over the Winterfell walls, reclaiming my rightful home. AND I HAVE TO WAIT 7 ******* DAYS TO DO ANY OF THAT.

    get hype

  2. 2 hours ago, Fishooked said:

    Anyone else feeling disappointed from this episode?

    Arya's behavior in the previous episode just doesn't make a whole lost of sense, seeing that it was her the whole time. I feel like the whole Faceless Man storyline was essentially wasted and went nowhere.

    I really wish the Mountain would have killed all of those Faith Militant. Cersei is pretty much hosed now for sure. If her and Loras are going to stand trial, I think they are both screwed...unless Margaery pulls some strings to have Loras freed somehow. Looks like Cersei's only recourse is wildfire.

    Why did they go through all this trouble to bring the Blackfish back only for them to say, "Oh that guy? He was killed in battle." What the ****.

    I really wanted to see the Hound butcher more people. 

    i was a little disappointed.  i wanted some more action.

    i think Arya's nonchalant behavior at the end of S6E7 was because she didn't know the waif saw her fail her mission.  so she didn't know her life was in danger.  she immediately went to collect Arya Stark's sword and return to westeros.  i guess the entire point of her story was she now knows she cannot forget her identity and she is a trained assassin now.  i feel like she might take on some of the traits of LSH and go on a revenge killing spree.

    i also wanted to see more killing by the mountain and the hound.

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  3. 15 hours ago, chirorob said:

    The Tully's can't really leave where they are.  They can stay and withstand a siege, but they can't fight their way out to help, and I don't think they'd want to leave the castle empty again.

    unless they take up jaime on his offer.  i don't think they want to leave either.  i just thought i remember reading that there were tully banners in the trailer of the bastard battle scene.

  4. 9 hours ago, Fishooked said:

    Thoughts on last nights episode?

    -CleganeBowl is still going to be a thing

    -Anyone else think that wasn't Arya that got stabbed? 

    -Lady Olenna better get the **** out of Dodge.

    -The Stark army is looking pretty thin at this point, The Starks can't very well go near Riverrun to meet up with the Blackfish while it is surrounded by Lannister troops.I wonder if Sansa turns to Littlefinger and the Eyrie for much needed troops. Also if they are camping out where Stannis made camp, only a matter of time before Davos finds out what happened to Shireen :( 

    -Lyanna Mormont nailed that ******* scene

    -There is going to be lots of deaths next week!

    Edit: There is evidence to support that Lady Stoneheart joins the fray



    Sansa sent that message to Littlefinger calling the knights of the Vale.  

    Also Sansa sent Brienne to Riverrun to recruit her great Uncle and the Tully army.  

    I thought i remember reading that in the trailer previews of the bastard bowl you can see the Tully banners fighting against the Boltons.

    Hopefully they show up to help.

    sansa letter.png

  5. Just now, Savage69 said:

    Joe Thomas has never missed a game either and from his rookie season on has been a Pro Bowl player and a 6 time All Pro as well.. Yea Brick a good player and a good guy but far from the best LT the Jets have ever had..

    1st of all i said d'brick missed 1 snap in 10 years.  not 1 game.

    2nd i never said he was a good player, or great player, the best LT.  i said he was reliable.  2 totally different things.  just like eli is one of the most reliable QB's ever.  or durable.  whatever word you want to use.

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  6. 3 hours ago, chirorob said:


    Total class guy.  Never said a bad word, never missed a day of work, you know being in the NFL he played and practiced through a lot of injuries that he never talked about.  I will miss him as a player, and I hope him all the best going forward.

    i heard he missed 1 snap in his entire 10 year career and was never listed on the injury report, also that 1 snap was because it was a trick play.

    the guy was as reliable of a player as there ever was in the history of the NFL

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  7. Apparently the players weren't told.

    i'm pretty sure all the players knew, except for the center who was a back up (i think there was an injury in the game).

    i believe the objective of the play was to get the pats to be confused and jump off side.  obviously it didn't work.

  8. no, I've just been surfeit to the point with illiterate fools on this forum such as yourself that capitulate to insults because of a limited vocabulary and throw spars at posters due to THEIR/YOUR lack of reading comprehension and intellect.


    I've had to rely to  SIMPLIFYING  MY WORDING just so Phoenicians, such as yourself, can UNDERSTAND the message one tries to convey.  

    It's not a high horse, nor the acquisition of a thesaurus, merely an appreciation for the finer aspects of the English language. I have no shame, AND ACTUALLY TAKE PRIDE IN THE FACT, in having a mastery/comprehension of the English language in this grand U.S. Of A.


    if that's that's too hard for you to "get," how about a simple HEE-HAW, DONT RESPOND IF YOU CANT DONE DO IT WITHOUT TRYING TO INSULT - otherwise, STFU!!!!




    the very first thing YOU did was insult everyone on this forum in your title by calling us all idiots.

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  9. 2002 week 17 vs. Green Bay: Jets win 42-17, win division(I included this b/c by the 2nd qtr we knew Miami lost and it was win and in though we needed help going into the day)


    2009 week 17 vs. Cincinnati: Jets win 37-0, make playoffs


    2002 week 17 green bay game was the first game i ever attended.  

    I was also at the 2009 week 17 Cincy game.  that day was so cold.  tailgating was brutal.

  10. Are you mad?!! Lay off the lithium. 

    We have an amazing duo, but everything behind them is lobotomy... and we run 4 WR sets 80% of the team. 

    We have issues there. 

    as a whole the jets WR core is not an issue.  obviously the #3-5 WR's aren't the greatest, but that's why they are #3-5.  

    give devin smith a break, he was a rookie and played 10 games.  remember how much pryor sucked last year?  if smith can improve, maybe our #3 WR is set.  WR4 and 5 aren't priorities.

  11. I was feeling much better than yesterday.  Then, watching NFL Network, I saw the Fitztragic pick in the end zone.  Just an awful throw.  The defender is right on Decker.  Now, I feel sad/semi-pissed again.

    no sportscenter, no NFLN, no sports talk radio for me today.  

    it's bad enough i have coworkers coming up to me and saying things like, "what happened to the those jets?" and i have to try and not tell them to go **** themselves.

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  12. Honestly this is the most depressed I've been as a Jets fan in a while.  Even more so than losing the AFC championship games.  I believe we are a better team than Buffalo but once again we lose twice in a season to them.  

    I don't know if I'll be able to watch the playoffs this year after this loss.

    i feel worse now.  i thought the jets really blew a great opportunity to make some noise in the playoffs. 

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  13. Him and Enunwa are dead to me.

    I've had it with this team fielding sh*tty receivers. It's the previous regime's fault but it's time to do something about that. Get me some horses in the stable. 

    yeah, if only they had someone like brandon marshall and eric decker.

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