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  1. no doubt. the 2009 and 2010 runs were awesome.
  2. there are so many scenarios. the jets can be the 5th or 6th seed and play at cincy, or denver, or houston, or KC.
  3. i actually didn't like the rex ryan hire from the start. i hated that first press conference when he said he wasn't here to kiss BB's rings. and when he was guaranteeing the super bowl. but after he took the team to the AFCC i fell for it.
  4. I bet it would have been a lot different in buffalo if the bills were in the AFC Championship game this year.
  5. don't get all fickle on us now. stick with your gut.
  6. if the jets beat buffalo, and Denver loses 1 more game or KC loses to the raiders the jets are the 5th seed going to Houston.
  7. beat the pats first, otherwise that game doesn't matter.
  8. i don't care about him making the pro bowl either. i still disagree with you. fitz has a really good team around him and is playing well given the situation. has definitely made big plays when it counts. those 3 guys have crappy teams around them and are putting up better #'s. eli has played well this year. most of their last minute loses are on their defense.
  9. yes they have. fitz has been good too. just not probowl worthy.
  10. if any of the QB's selected to the probowl are in the super bowl and can't make it, fitz isnt' going. drew brees, philip rivers, eli manning, derek carr, matthew stafford are all having better years than fitz.
  11. yeah, rodgers and fitz are having comparable years. how about fitz is in the super bowl!
  12. who should he replace? fitz has been really good, but he's not been better than the current probowl selections. Tom Brady, Patriots Cam Newton, Panthers Carson Palmer, Cardinals Aaron Rodgers, Packers Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers Russell Wilson, Seahawks
  13. i can't believe we took DE Tony Scott in the 6th round in the 2000 draft 20 spots ahead of Tom Brady!
  14. overall, because the jets are playing their best football right now, and are healthy. the jets typically play the pats tough. the game is at home. the pats don't have as much incentive as the jets do. they aren't as healthy as the jets. the bills will have been eliminated from the playoffs, and it will be basically be a playoff game for the jets. the jets are playing better football right now than the bills are.
  15. lets win game number 9 before we start worrying about 10 & 11
  16. jets are also getting healthy
  17. after having QB play in the bottom 5th of the league the last 5-6 years, all we ever said was, "if the jets just had an average QB they would be a really good team" finally the jets have an average QB, a really good defense and better than average Oline/running game. why is everyone complaining about fitz still? i also don't understand the thread necro. everyone has been wrong about something.
  18. lets just beat dallas and see what happens. everything could change. i don't see all three teams (jets/steelers/chiefs) going 3-0.
  19. it's because jets fans are used to losing. it's almost comforting. we don't know how to handle success.
  20. he can be, and has been in the past a little wreckless at times.
  21. did the giants pull prince from the show or did prince pull himself? on boomer and carton they said prince's agent called up the station and told them he would no longer be on the show. i doubt it was the giants decision. eli is still on with mike every monday.
  22. you're still wrong? he wasn't replaced for underachieving (he wasn't). he was placed on IR.
  23. the jets don't need to go 4-0. the steelers probably won't go 3-1. they still have Cincy, Denver, Baltimore, Cleveland. They might go 2-2. Division games are always tough, regardless of record. just beat the titans.
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