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  1. Yeah, there was definitely concern that he got passed over by Ozzie Newsome.  There was also concern that he'd only had success because of how super talented that Raven defense was.  But other than just a small % of Jets fans, everyone was thinking maybe the Ravens got that one wrong for a little while.  You couldn't not enjoy that 2010 season if you own green & white Jets gear and have a pulse.  That was one of my top 3 favorite seasons being a Jets fan in my lifetime.

    no doubt.  the 2009 and 2010 runs were awesome.  

  2. https://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/playoffscenario

    Jets clinch a playoff berth with a Win OR Pittsburgh loss

    Jets get the #5 seed if they win and either KC or Denver loses.  They would play the Texans in this case.

    Jets get the #6 seed if they win (or Pitt loses) and both KC and Denver win.  In this case, they'd go to Cincinnati.

    EDIT:  There is one wacky scenario where NYJ, Pit, and KC and/or Den ALL lose, in which case the Jets would go to Denver or KC.  Other than that, it's either Cincy or Houston.


    there are so many scenarios.  the jets can be the 5th or 6th seed and play at cincy, or denver, or houston, or KC.

  3. Bingo.  Especially considering the Bills haven't been to the playoffs in 15 years.  I think us Jets fans should be excused for a "grace period" beyond those 2009 & '10 campaigns.  Many wanted him gone after 2011 or 2012, which is really when the Jets should have moved on in hindsight.  All but about 5 % of us stepped off the bandwagon some time in 2013 or 2014.  I was in that last group (2014 was when I finally stopped supporting him) because I'm stupid.

    i actually didn't like the rex ryan hire from the start.  i hated that first press conference when he said he wasn't here to kiss BB's rings.  and when he was guaranteeing the super bowl.  but after he took the team to the AFCC i fell for it.  

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  4. couldn't be more wrong. Delete this post please haha. Just saw they already flexed the other game. I feel like Charlie sly right now reporting on Peyton manning. I can't recant my statement faster. 

    don't get all fickle on us now.  stick with your gut.

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  5. I don't care about him making the pro bowl but Fitz has made big plays in big spots and helped us win.  those other guys have not.  Rivers has always been overrated and this year the team is awful and he's putting up garbage time #s.  Brees is putting up garbage time #s too, Eli has the best playmaker in the game and he's made some bonehead decisions late in games to cost his team.


    Fitz is not a better QB than those 3 but he has had a better year than those 3.

    i don't care about him making the pro bowl either. 

    i still disagree with you.  fitz has a really good team around him and is playing well given the situation.  has definitely made big plays when it counts.  

    those 3 guys have crappy teams around them and are putting up better #'s.  eli has played well this year.  most of their last minute loses are on their defense.




    The Jets haven't beaten the Pats in over 3 years and haven't beaten the Bills in over 2 years.


    The Jets have already lost to both the Pats and Bills this year.


    Other than delusional homerism, what possibly makes you think the Jets can beat those 2 teams?



    overall, because the jets are playing their best football right now, and are healthy.  

    the jets typically play the pats tough.  the game is at home.  the pats don't have as much incentive as the jets do.  they aren't as healthy as the jets.

    the bills will have been eliminated from the playoffs, and it will be basically be a playoff game for the jets.  the jets are playing better football right now than the bills are. 

  7. Thoughts

    - Another thing to be happy with is the fact we are playing our best
    football in December.  And as we've all seen hot December football
    can lead to a deep run in the playoffs


    jets are also getting healthy

  8. after having QB play in the bottom 5th of the league the last 5-6 years, all we ever said was, "if the jets just had an average QB they would be a really good team"  

    finally the jets have an average QB, a really good defense and better than average Oline/running game.  why is everyone complaining about fitz still?

    i also don't understand the thread necro.  everyone has been wrong about something.

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  9. If this guy had an arm, it wouldn't be crazy to think that he'd be a franchise QB.  His feel for the game is tremendous.  The only weakness I see is his inability to push the ball down the field.

    he can be, and has been in the past a little wreckless at times.  

  10. WFAN is such a giant homer station can't believe the Giants are so butthurt over losing to the jets they boycott a show that was actually very objective about the game

    did the giants pull prince from the show or did prince pull himself?  

    on boomer and carton they said prince's agent called up the station and told them he would no longer be on the show.  i doubt it was the giants decision.

    eli is still on with mike every monday.

  11. I said pretty early in the season that our special teams needed to improve and specifically named Folk & Quigley as 2 guys & positions that we needed to upgrade.

    Quite a few people here ripped me for naming Folk as a player that was underachieving and asked who is available to replace him.

    Well guess what?

    you're still wrong? he wasn't replaced for underachieving (he wasn't).  he was placed on IR.

  12. Hi guys, Pessimistic azzhole here.

    Now that everyone has had 24 hrs to enjoy the victory, let's face it, this team doesn't make it to the dance. 

    They gotta go 4-0 the rest of the way and that ain't happening. 

    -again, disappointing OL play.

    -again, the pass rush against a weak line was "eh"

    Those two aspects of our team will be our undoing. The schedule says 3-1, at best, and 10-6 will leave us vastly improved over last year, but on the outside looking in this year.


    the jets don't need to go 4-0.  

    the steelers probably won't go 3-1.  they still have Cincy, Denver, Baltimore, Cleveland.  They might go 2-2.  Division games are always tough, regardless of record.  

    just beat the titans.

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