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  1. decker only needs 199yds to 1000 receiving and ivory only needs 187 to 1000 rushing. when was the last time the jets had 2 1000 yd WR?
  2. so since you missed the free trial will you pay for the membership now?
  3. they already have a ton of pats fans in the new england area
  4. seriously who cares about the half time show?
  5. obviously the jets need to win, but we need KC, Houston, Buffalo, Oakland, Jax, and Miami to lose. Pitt too.
  6. pats forum fan "the pats win even though the nfl and refs are against them" jets forum fan "the pats win because the nfl and refs help them"
  7. yep. as bad as they have looked the last 4 weeks they are still in the wild card hunt. which makes it that more frustrating because they could have built a big lead for the wild card if they played like they did the first 6 weeks.
  8. hes going to play tonight in foxboro and be a captain
  9. breno blocking watt 1 on 1 happened before we lost to TJ yates.
  10. yeah, but why are they still running it then when the box is stacked? is the OC that much of an idiot? why isn't fitz checking out of the run to throw? is he not allowed? i really think fitz just isn't capable.
  11. the jets ran the ball 16 times yesterday and threw it 39 times. they throw it plenty.
  12. Geno may suck but the offense is just so limited with Fitzpatrick. I love his smarts and toughness but with him in there the defense can stack the box and jump routes.
  13. nope. you loved rex. i speak for all jets fans.
  14. the reason they were cut doesn't really matter. they were cut and rex picks them up and makes them captain. it's his thing. all i'm saying is, if he did this when he was a jets coach, most fans would have loved it. now he's doing it for another team and most fans hate it. it's such a trivial gesture for a trivial "ceremony". i'm glad bowles and company are completely downplaying it.
  15. yes, he took cut players from the opponent and made them the captain often.
  16. you're right. rex ain't classy. but he was doing this when he was the jets coach and we loved it.
  17. rex did this every game when he was the jets coach. he would pick up some scrub player from the team cut and put him as a captain. i know it's slightly different because IK was released for an off the field issue. but a few weeks ago rex had Incognito as a captain for the dolphins game. this is not new with rex.
  18. rex punches his offensive coordinator in the face
  19. i didn't say start petty. i just said the coaching staff doesn't have zero faith in geno.
  20. then why haven't they cut him? why is geno the back up and not petty?
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