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  1. But we're right in the mix here and even though this team has looked terrible in recent weeks we still have as good a shot as anyone to make the postseason.

    • Pittsburgh plays:  @Seattle, Indy, @Cincy, Denver, @Balt, @Clev  
    • Kansas City plays:  Bills, @Raiders, Chargers, @Ravens, Browns, Raiders
    • Bills play:  @KC, Texans, @Eagles, @Redskins, Cowboys, Jets
    • Texans:  Saints, @Bills, Pats, @Colts, @Titans, Jags
    • We play:  Fins, @Giants, Titans, @Cowboys, Pats, Bills

    We're not healthy.  Our QB is not playing well.  Our OL is struggling.  Our D is not forcing TO's.  But a win on Sunday at home versus the Fish and in the "week to week" NFL all could be forgotten.

    C'mon boys.  Give us something to cheer about.  Let's play some meaningful games in Dec.

    It ain't gonna be easy but we have as good a chance as anyone.  Two spots up for grabs.  Remember, goal here is to get the 5 seed and go play AFC South winner.

    yep.  as bad as they have looked the last 4 weeks they are still in the wild card hunt.  which makes it that more frustrating because they could have built a big lead for the wild card if they played like they did the first 6 weeks.

  2. They through it that many times because they were down big, and the box is not being stacked when they are down big. Its not how often you throw alone, its when you throw. Gailey and Bowles have done a horrible job of taking what the defense is giving. In addition, the Houston defense is pretty damn amazing, lets not forget about that. Look at what they did to the Bengals the week before, and look what the Bengals did last night against a pretty damn good defense in Arizona. The Texans defense is amazing, ecspecially when Clowny plays and is healthy.

    yeah, but why are they still running it then when the box is stacked?  is the OC that much of an idiot? why isn't fitz checking out of the run to throw? is he not allowed?  

    i really think fitz just isn't capable.

  3. The box is getting stacked because when you watch film, the Jets will run it, and run it, and run it, at a stacked box. Fitz and the WR's have a good enough intermediate passing game that if they passed to setup the run, teams would not be able to stack the box. But the Jets are too stubborn to change it. Put Geno in with his big arm, and keep the same offensive philosophy, and nothing changes at all, it will be the exact same thing.

    the jets ran the ball 16 times yesterday and threw it 39 times.  they throw it plenty.  

  4. Over and over I hear from jets fans.  "We should win this game" "we shouldn't have a problem with this or that team" "the schedule is favorable"


    SAYS WHO????!!!


    the problem has always been. We win a few games. Jets fans look ahead. We lose a game "we should of won" and their is chaos everywhere. We suck. The season is a loss. This guy sucks. Fire the coach. 


    We are 5-4 and picked 6th last year. Be excited. Enjoy the games. I'm so sick of the we should roll the Texans. It's laughable. We aren't winning any of these games for fun. 


    all fans do it.

  5. Maybe you liked it, but you probably shouldn't speak for the rest of us.  I didn't like the rex hire to begin with, and hated every minute of him being the Jets coach.  

    nope.  you loved rex.  i speak for all jets fans.

  6. yeah, I remember that very clearly, thought it was silly. But I am specifically talking about him taking a player cut for knocking out, heck even fighting with, a player on that team, and making them a captain when we played that team.

    the reason they were cut doesn't really matter.  they were cut and rex picks them up and makes them captain.  it's his thing. 

    all i'm saying is, if he did this when he was a jets coach, most fans would have loved it.  now he's doing it for another team and most fans hate it.

    it's such a trivial gesture for a trivial "ceremony".  i'm glad bowles and company are completely downplaying it.

  7. He took a player who knocked out another player on a different team and then made that player captain when we played that team? I don't recall that. My memory is going with age I guess.

    yes, he took cut players from the opponent and made them the captain often.  

  8. yes, but there might be a time when a classy person would avoid an awkward and offensive situation, right?  oh wait, we are talking about Rex.  Never mind.

    you're right.  rex ain't classy.  but he was doing this when he was the jets coach and we loved it.

  9. The hypocrisy of fans is alive and well if a player on the Pats hit Brady and the Jets picked him up and made him a captain the next time we played them Jets fans would be cheering..:rolleyes:

    rex did this every game when he was the jets coach.  he would pick up some scrub player from the team cut and put him as a captain.  i know it's slightly different because IK was released for an off the field issue.  but a few weeks ago rex had Incognito as a captain for the dolphins game.  this is not new with rex.

  10. Still makes me laugh reading this.  Especially since the fact that he got punched by a teammate cost him more than the injury related to the punch did.  The coaching staff lost all faith in him ever being the leader of a football team at that very moment.  That remained crystal clear this week.  Geno had his shot.  Twice.  Time to leave it alone.

    then why haven't they cut him?  why is geno the back up and not petty?

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