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  1. i kind of agree with you, but geno was going to be the starter week 1 before he got punched. i'm sure the have lost some faith in him since then, but i don't think they have no faith.
  2. damn. you sure you've only missed a handful of games?
  3. the pats and seahawks are a little different. the pats have dominated the AFCE for close to a decade and a half now. the seahawks have only been good a few years.
  4. you can say this about almost every QB in the NFL except for a handful. Fitz needs a good team around him to win. As long as he doesn't make mistakes the jets will always have a shot to win.
  5. field position killed us. the pats only need 46 yds to get their first 10 points, -1 for the FG and 47 for the TD where as the jets went 79 yards to get a FG and then had to go 83 yards for the TD.
  6. print media is dead. they need flashy and controversial headlines to get clicks.
  7. which QB's is he better than? Division: Team (starting quarterbacks list): Current starting quarterback: College drafted from: Year drafted (pick): Starter since: Ref: NFC West Arizona Cardinals (list) Carson Palmer USC 2003 (1) September 13, 2015 [7] NFC South Atlanta Falcons (list) Matt Ryan Boston College 2008 (3) December 20, 2009 [8] AFC North Baltimore Ravens (list) Joe Flacco Delaware 2008 (18) September 7, 2008 [9] AFC East Buffalo Bills (list) Tyrod Taylor Virginia Tech 2011 (180) September 13, 2015 [10] NFC South Carolina Panthers (list) Cam Newton Auburn 20
  8. the illegal formation is not a problem because they never intended on snapping the ball.
  9. I used to think of Ivory as a poor mans Beast Mode, but now I think he is every bit as good as Marshawn Lynch.
  10. the 2009 offense was pretty damn good too. not at the WR position, but the OLine was the best in the entire NFL. #1 team in rushing.
  11. whatever. you're changing the subject. i'm not arguing with you about Marshall vs Edwards or the 2009 vs 2015 offense. i don't agree with your first post that 2015 Fitzpatrick isn't better than 2009 Sanchez.
  12. the offense with braylon edwards was almost as good. they did have the best offense line in football in 2009. sanchez definitely had a very good rookie year.
  13. you think Sanchez in 2009 is better than Ryan Fitzpatrick in 2015?
  14. Fitzpatrick right now is so much better than a rookie Sanchez it's not even close.
  15. this team is so similar to the 2009 team that went to the AFCC game but with a better QB.
  16. my family calls tomato sauce gravy.
  17. he was asked a question about tom brady and the patriots and answered it perfectly.
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