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    He will be gone after this year, the coaching staff an management have no faith in him.  If they did he'd be starting this week.

    i kind of agree with you, but geno was going to be the starter week 1 before he got punched.

    i'm sure the have lost some faith in him since then, but i don't think they have no faith.

  2. going all the way back to shea days as a kid-missed only a handful of games in that time-this was about one of the worst games I have seen

    Jets showed ZERO HEART

    Coach looked clueless out there-no concept of time management again-the punting and the running call at the end were beyond awful-he quit on the team -just gave up-some teams go down fighting jets just go down

    Geno-played okay but I officially buy into the he is dumb school of thought-about 4-5 times I was like omg wtf

    Our Defense is a fraud-all of those top draft picks and we got shredded out there-we never get any snacks either-

    This was one of those days when I question if I should even be a fan and invest my money and time into a team that just sucks year in and year out





    damn.  you sure you've only missed a handful of games?  

  3. What you say above is why we're not playing for second.  If Miami wins this week vs Pats, and Jets beat Pats at home, we're tied for first...the notion we're playing for second and need to be scared of the Pats is stupid.  is Arizona playing for second because seattle is in the division?

    We had them on the ropes with Ivory limping around in the backfield...  I still think with Ivory at 100% we win yesterday by 10.  That wasnt the same guy we had vs the Skins...  Hell, if they dont convert 3rd and 17 we probably win yesterday.  We lost yesterday by inches and I see a bunch of let's play for 2nd posts...sad sacks

    the pats and seahawks are a little different.  the pats have dominated the AFCE for close to a decade and a half now.  the seahawks have only been good a few years.

  4. First of all, let me say that Fitz played very well today. His competitiveness is infectious and he is leaving nothing out on the field he is using every little bit of talent he has. His teammates love him and respond to him. he is smart, well controlled and he deserves kudos for the effort he put in today. He did everything he could. Looking at his record against NE maybe one of his best efforts.

    But his best is just not good enough to get this team where it needs to go.

    He is just too limited. In a lot of ways it is very similar to the situation the 49ers had. Alex Smith was the ultimate game manager. He did not turn the ball over. He was smart, fairly accurate and a much better runner than Fitz. But he could not get the 49ers where they needed to go and went to Kapernick (who is now failing for completely different reasons)

    Put frankly, Fitz is not dynamic enough for the opposition to really need to account for him. Not only can he not open up the game downfield. he is not really able to consistently press it in the mid range either. On drives, since all he can do is controlled offense, he has to essentially play perfect, converting lots of 3rd downs and having long multi play scores. Quick strikes are off the table with Fitz as is the play action for the most part. 

    He is incapable of letting his offense dictate to the opposing defense. He is forced to take what they give him. As we say today. if they stack the box and double Marshall, he has very little and is not capable of making the plays needed to get the opposition out of that by stretching the field, or being effective with play action.

    What this means is we have very limited ways to win a game. Essentially we have to have the defense play lights out. get turnovers and use field position to make scores. This is the only way Fitz will win.

    you can say this about almost every QB in the NFL except for a handful.  

    Fitz needs a good team around him to win.  As long as he doesn't make mistakes the jets will always have a shot to win.

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  5. i think the bottom line of this game and anything we can take away from it is, NE is very beatable. Had we played a consistent 48 min of football and took away some of the mistakes, we win this game. Like mentioned earlier this was not a slam dunk win for Brady. I think Bowles makes the adjustments come Game 2 with them. Alot of stupid bone head mistakes cost us this game. Which we all know through history cannot be made against Pats. 

    Some observations I made:

    -Ivory is such an important role to this offense. Playing through an injury and giving it his all, you gota respect a guy like that.

    -Marshalls drop. I see alota people complaining the reason we lost because was the drop. It sucked. But it happens. Marshall does alot more good then harm for us. 

    -I just dont understand why management doesn't see we need a punter throughout the years. Whatever Weatherford came a day from being on radio to play in New England, but Quigley isnt much better. We need a punter whose gona put the ball deep in the 10.

    -Decker had another solid performance

    -Fitz despite the fumble had an overall good game. And I trust he can be the fill gap until we find our franchise qb **cross fingers for petty**

    -Special teams is our weakest link this year.

    -3rd and 17, well yah the number 1 ranked defense cant be given that up.

    -idk what bowles was thinking with the timeout situation and the playing it safe in first half. Reminded me of Rex days. But i think this is honestly just a rookie coach mistake. 

    -WE ARE 4-2- Nobody would have bet those odds coming into the season with fitzpatrick and geno, so lets be real. We are 4-2 with I believe a very easy schedule. Besides the Patriots I really dont think there is any team we face that we can not beat. Im not saying teams should be overlooked, but we have a nice schedule ahead to really make some noise and make playoffs. Call me crazy but I honestly believe we will be back in the playoffs this year. 


    Not a good sunday guys, but plenty of football to be played. We got a great squad and were going in the right direction. 

    field position killed us.  

    the pats only need 46 yds to get their first 10 points, -1 for the FG and 47 for the TD where as the jets went 79 yards to get a FG and then had to go 83 yards for the TD.

  6. LOL at that headline what a bunch of morons. This is why I was happy to see all those Daily News guys get fired. They all lack integrity these days. When i was younger I  used to love reading the newspapers because the articles seemed to be always have a positive spin or sound analysis, now they spin every story into a controversy. 

    print media is dead.  they need flashy and controversial headlines to get clicks.

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  7. you can ignore reality all you want.  he's better than at least half the starting QBs around the league and would have been one of the top FAs if he made it to FA.  Philly overpaid to keep him and he decided to stay where he was wanted rather than go to a new team and play in his 5th system in 5 years.

    which QB's is he better than?

    Division: Team (starting quarterbacks list): Current starting quarterback: College drafted from: Year drafted (pick): Starter since: Ref:
    NFC West Arizona Cardinals (list) Carson Palmer USC 2003 (1) September 13, 2015 [7]
    NFC South Atlanta Falcons (list) Matt Ryan Boston College 2008 (3) December 20, 2009 [8]
    AFC North Baltimore Ravens (list) Joe Flacco Delaware 2008 (18) September 7, 2008 [9]
    AFC East Buffalo Bills (list) Tyrod TaylorInjury icon 2.svg Virginia Tech 2011 (180) September 13, 2015 [10]
    NFC South Carolina Panthers (list) Cam Newton Auburn 2011 (1) December 21, 2014 [11]
    NFC North Chicago Bears (list) Jay Cutler Vanderbilt 2006 (11) October 4, 2015 [12]
    AFC North Cincinnati Bengals (list) Andy Dalton TCU 2011 (35) September 11, 2011 [13]
    AFC North Cleveland Browns (list) Josh McCown Sam Houston State 2002 (81) September 27, 2015 [14]
    NFC East Dallas Cowboys (list) Brandon Weeden Oklahoma State 2012 (22) September 27, 2015 [15]
    AFC West Denver Broncos (list) Peyton Manning Tennessee 1998 (1) September 9, 2012 [16]
    NFC North Detroit Lions (list) Matthew Stafford Georgia 2009 (1) September 11, 2011 [17]
    NFC North Green Bay Packers (list) Aaron Rodgers Cal 2005 (24) December 29, 2013 [18]
    AFC South Houston Texans (list) Ryan Mallett Arkansas 2011 (74) September 20, 2015 [19]
    AFC South Indianapolis Colts (list) Andrew Luck Stanford 2012 (1) September 9, 2012 [20]
    AFC South Jacksonville Jaguars (list) Blake Bortles UCF 2014 (3) September 28, 2014 [21]
    AFC West Kansas City Chiefs (list) Alex Smith Utah 2005 (1) September 13, 2015 [22]
    AFC East Miami Dolphins (list) Ryan Tannehill Texas A&M 2012 (8) September 9, 2012 [23]
    NFC North Minnesota Vikings (list) Teddy Bridgewater Louisville 2014 (32) October 12, 2014 [24]
    AFC East New England Patriots (list) Tom Brady University of Michigan 2000 (199) September 14, 2009 [25]
    NFC South New Orleans Saints (list) Drew Brees Purdue 2004 (106) October 4, 2015 [26]
    NFC East New York Giants (list) Eli Manning Ole Miss 2004 (1) November 21, 2004 [6]
    AFC East New York Jets (list) Ryan Fitzpatrick Harvard 2005 (250) September 13, 2015 [27]
    AFC West Oakland Raiders (list) Derek Carr Fresno State 2014 (36) September 7, 2014 [28]
    NFC East Philadelphia Eagles (list) Sam Bradford Oklahoma 2010 (1) September 14, 2015 [29]
    AFC North Pittsburgh Steelers (list) Michael Vick Virginia Tech 2001 (1) September 28, 2015 [30]
    AFC West San Diego Chargers (list) Philip Rivers NC State 2004 (4) September 11, 2006 [31]
    NFC West San Francisco 49ers (list) Colin Kaepernick Nevada 2011 (36) November 19, 2012 [32]
    NFC West Seattle Seahawks (list) Russell Wilson Wisconsin 2012 (75) September 9, 2012 [33]
    NFC West St. Louis Rams (list) Nick Foles Arizona 2012 (88) September 13, 2015 [34]
    NFC South Tampa Bay Buccaneers (list) Jameis Winston Florida State 2015 (1) September 13, 2015 [35]
    AFC South Tennessee Titans (list) Marcus Mariota Oregon 2015 (2) September 13, 2015 [36]
    NFC East Washington Redskins (list) Kirk Cousins Michigan State 2012 (102) September 13, 2015 [37]
  8. How am I changing anything? these all have to be factored in.

    Fitz is a vet, Mark was a rookie.  he gets the edge there but as a rookie in the playoffs Mark played w/ no fear. Fitz has never even played a big game in December let alone a playoff game so we'll see how this season ends.  I hope even better than 2009 or 2010.

    the 2009 offense was pretty damn good too.  not at the WR position, but the OLine was the best in the entire NFL.  #1 team in rushing.

  9. no it wasn't, Braylon was nowhere near as good as Marshall AND a rookie QB learning a new offense had to get to know Braylon after we acquired him after week 4.  he didn't have all offseason to get on the same page, he didn't know the system inside and out like Fitz did.

    whatever.  you're changing the subject.  i'm not arguing with you about Marshall vs Edwards or the 2009 vs 2015 offense.  

    i don't agree with your first post that 2015 Fitzpatrick isn't better than 2009 Sanchez.  

  10. Sanchez 2009 didn't have this offense w/ a Brandon Marshall.  what he did do was have a good rookie year and elevated his play in postseason.  we'll se if Fitz can do that.

    the offense with braylon edwards was almost as good.  they did have the best offense line in football in 2009.  sanchez definitely had a very good rookie year. 

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  11. You know what? 

    When you get suspended & haven't played 4 games because of it & made your teammates have to play without you while they are getting bloodied every Sunday, Shutup. Please. It's been nice to see this team just go out & play. Great player but just a dumb f*ck.

    he was asked a question about tom brady and the patriots and answered it perfectly. 

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