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  1. maybe we can trade geno for graham
  2. my point was just that the questions are going to come from the media non-stop, if and when we lose a game and fitz plays poorly. fair or unfair it's going to happen. bowles was already getting asked if geno will play because he practiced this week. but i don't think bowles will not let it become a distraction.
  3. yes. it's 9 times over 42 years. it's a coincidence. none of the players stepping on the field were even born the first time the jets and eagles played.
  4. that's what i was saying about geno being a distraction. i think they should keep him as a cheap back up with experience despite this potential distraction. i trust bowles to deal with it.
  5. what happens when we lose a game and Fitz throws 2 picks? you know the questions will come.
  6. You have to keep Geno otherwise the Jets are 1 play away from Bryce Petty starting. I trust Bowles and this locker room to not let Geno become a distraction.
  7. fatcessa has been all over the colts for not putting a good line in front of luck.
  8. i definitely thought the colts were going to score at the end of the 2nd quarter making it 10-7 going into halftime with the ball to start the 3rd.
  9. Hi I'm Andrew Luck and I have DirectTV. And I'm playing against the New York Jets defense Andrew Luck and I have cable.
  10. I was rooting for Geno over Fitz in the offseason. I really wanted to see what Geno could do in his 3rd year with some better weapons. I thought he had a chance to make a big leap (it's easier when you're so bad the first 2 years). I think he has a lot more potential than Fitz. But now that he lost his job the only way he gets it back is if Fitz sucks and/or the Jets are losing. So here's to Geno never seeing the field this year!
  11. if the jets were the only football team in town it probably wouldn't be that way. but when you're "competing" with the giants it's a different story. same goes for the mets/yankees.
  12. i definitely thought he was done for the season
  13. i'm still amazed how that ball bounced right into fitz's lap
  14. if i had a few million dollars when i was 22-23 years old i would have spent it on some dumb sh*t too.
  15. pseudo science? if astrophysics is pseudo science what is science?
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