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  1. So, I'm so excited and nervous and dont know what to do with all these emotions.  

    I'm going to my lucky seat at the bar tonight...so that might help.  I dont feel great about the game either.  So we have that going for us too.  

    deGrom vs. Grenkie in an elimination game for the NLCS? Who would have guessed this at the beginning of the year?  

    Win or lose, we definitely overachieved and it's been a fun year.  The best part is, there is no reason this cant be a regular thing for the Mets in the years to come.  But man, would it be awesome to keep this ride going!!!

    this is gravy

  2. I was rooting for Geno over Fitz in the offseason.  I really wanted to see what Geno could do in his 3rd year with some better weapons.  I thought he had a chance to make a big leap (it's easier when you're so bad the first 2 years).  I think he has a lot more potential than Fitz.  

    But now that he lost his job the only way he gets it back is if Fitz sucks and/or the Jets are losing.  So here's to Geno never seeing the field this year!  

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  3. Once I heard that he bought a Rolls Royce, I understood his short term thinking.

    These players have an opportunity of a lifetime and pi$$ it away on a car on Rookie salary.

    Mind boggling.




    if i had a few million dollars when i was 22-23 years old i would have spent it on some dumb sh*t too.

  4. I have a high school diploma and some college, no big deal either. 


    He has a doctorate in a field where most of the information is either theorized or made up with much of the visual evidence being composites and not actual photographs. There's no denying that the man is brilliant, he knows alot regarding the pseudo science he was taught. Thats why I said he was an idiot based on his idiocracy, and not dumb. The man is obviously highly intelligent but his philosophies are wrong, though very popular to us common folk.

    pseudo science?  if astrophysics is pseudo science what is science? 

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