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  1. Reality check.. she was fully sane, rational and understood the situation. :)


    except the jets the jets won the AFCE division that day.  so, even when there are things to be positive about a lot fans cannot be.

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  2. Damn!

    That is a heck of a first game.

    I was at that one.

    One of the best I've been to.

    The place exploded when NE made the FG to pave the way for the Jets to win the division that night.


    yeah, i was 19. i took my best friend and my dad.  it was the first game for all of us.  we had pretty good seats too.  


    the only thing that ruined it for me was this lady next to me was so bitter and negative.  the first half or so every single play she had something negative to say. now i understand she was a typical jets fan.

  3. my first game was the last game of the 2002 season against the Green Bay Packers.  


    pennington's first season.  they won that game to clinch the division after they showed the pats beat the dolphins on the jumbo screen.

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  4. I don't know whether to trust the validity of this statement, but I've read that if a person were to read about a particular topic for about 5 hours per week for 7 years (with variance depending on how fast of a reader you are and other factors, of course), one could become a world expert on that topic.


    With all of the FIFA corruption stories going on, and with the 2022 Qatar (or wherever it ends up) World Cup scheduled to be almost exactly 7 years away, would it be impossible for an idiot like me to read up on FIFA corruption over the years, become a world expert, and write a bestseller just in time for the World Cup, the world's biggest event, in 2022?


    And if it is possible, would it be worth it?  Would that end up being the only topic I talk to people about?  Would I be killed off by some FIFA official?  Would something happen in between that would make the topic uninteresting?  After all, the time to have written this book would may well have come and gone; starting an endeavor like this now could very well be a poor decision when it comes to timing.


    Thoughts appreciated.


    nothing could happen in the meantime to make the topic less uninteresting.

  5. Interesting, though I'm not sure why Brienne would spare him. She's always so honor-bound


    maybe when stannis said, "do your duty" she realized her current duty is to protect Sansa.  


    her duty to protect renly is done.  she failed.  her duty isn't revenge.


    so she swung her sword at the tree above stannis and ran back to get sansa.

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  6. First we had Willie Colon flapping his gums, then Cromartie calls out Sherman, now we got Richardson declaring he is the best and he and Mo should get Suh Money, Milliner talking about how he doesn't suck and the latest is Cromartie and freaking Winslow are getting into on Twitter??  It is only June; I can only imagine once the season starts!!  


    Coach Bowles needs to step in and take charge of this RIGHT NOW.  It getting completely out of hand.   


    Bottom line is just SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND DO YOUR JOB.  


    bring back rex

  7. 7-9 here we come.  Unless if Geno is magically a different QB next season, this makes no sense.  Look at his career stats then look at Fitzpatrick's.  It's not even close, Fitzpatrick is the better NFL QB, because what he lacks vs. Geno in raw talent, he makes up for in smarts and decision-making.  Gailey is falling in love with Geno's raw talent (same as Rex/Idzik), we know how badly this ends.


    Smith career stats:

    25 TDs, 34 INTs, 57.5% completions, 6.9 yds/attempt


    Fitzpatrick career stats:

    123 TDs, 101 INTS, 60.2% completions, 6.6 yards/attempt



    Fitzpatricks first 27 games (4 in 2005, 13 in 2008, 10 in 2009) much more comparable to Geno's first 2 seasons


    21 TD's, 27 INT's, 57.8% completion, 5.6 yards/attempt

  8. McNally takes a piss + X = Brady is a cheater?


    If this was the Chargers or the Cardinals you wouldn't even care. You're blowing this up into a Black Sox scandal because you want to hurt the Patriots.

    Meanwhile, you talk about integrity.

    You really think McNally took the balls without permission, went into the bathroom, and the lied about it because he had to pee?

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  9. So let me get this straight.


    The Wells Report says that Tom Brady told the equipment managers that he WANTS the balls at 12.5 PSI, which is legal, and this is proof that Tom is a cheater? Just laughable.


    Walt Anderson told Wells that "to his best recollection" he used the gauge which completely exonerates the Patriots, putting the halftime PSI numbers in line with the Ideal Gas Law, meaning NO TAMPERING EVEN TOOK PLACE, and that the PSI recordings were in completely on par with atmospheric conditions from the game.


    Wells then chose to believe that Walt Anderson was WRONG about which gauge he used, despite not being there, and insisted he used the other one which wouldn't be in line with the Ideal Gas Law, making tampering a possibility.


    So much for your evidence.


    there is clear and indisputable evidence that Jim McNally removed the footballs without permission and took them into the bathroom before bringing them to the field.  please try to disprove that fact.

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  10. LOL


    More talking about evidence without actually showing it.


    This is like me just constantly referring to "the evidence that you're a serial killer" over and over and over again without actually presenting evidence you're a serial killer.






    Page 4 now. Still no evidence posted.


    Yeah, Brady is gonna' have a real hard time overturning this /sarcasm


    look up.

  11. How many pages are we going to get to before one of you finally posts a sliver of this apparent mountain of evidence?


    We're at page 3 now. I've been asking for it since page 1.


    I guess we'll get to page 10 and you'll still be telling me "it's there" but not actually posting it.


    Several hours before the AFC Championship Game, Jim McNally, the Patriots

    employee responsible for delivering the Patriots game balls to the game officials

    for pre-game inspection, brought the balls into the Officials Locker Room at

    Gillette Stadium. At or around that time, McNally told the referee, Walt

    Anderson, that Tom Brady, the Patriots quarterback, wanted the game balls

    inflated at 12.5 psi.


    During the pre-game inspection, Anderson determined that all but two of the

    Patriots game balls delivered by McNally were properly inflated. Most of them

    measured 12.5 psi. Two tested below 12.5 psi and Anderson directed another

    game official to further inflate those two game balls, which Anderson then

    adjusted to 12.5 psi using a pressure gauge.


     When Anderson and other members of the officiating crew were preparing to

    leave the Officials Locker Room to head to the field for the start of the game, the

    game balls could not be located.


    Based on videotape evidence and witness interviews, it has been determined that

    McNally removed the game balls from the Officials Locker Room at

    approximately 6:30 p.m. After leaving the Officials Locker Room carrying two

    large bags of game balls (Patriots balls and Colts balls), McNally turned left and

    then turned left again to walk down a corridor referred to by Patriots personnel as

    the “center tunnel” heading to the playing field. At the end of the center tunnel on

    the left-hand side, approximately three feet from the doors that lead to the playing

    field, is a bathroom. McNally entered that bathroom with the game balls, locked

    the door, and remained in the bathroom with the game balls for approximately one

    minute and forty seconds. He then left the bathroom and took the bags of game

    balls to the field.


    In a number of those text messages, McNally and Jastremski

    discussed the air pressure of Patriots game balls, Tom Brady‟s unhappiness with

    the inflation level of Patriots game balls, Jastremski‟s plan to provide McNally

    with a “needle” for use by McNally, and McNally‟s requests for “cash” and

    sneakers together with the “needle” to be provided by Jastremski.


    Each official used a separate air pressure gauge provided by

    referee Anderson that Anderson had brought with him to the game, one of which

    also had been used by Anderson for his pre-game inspection. Each of the eleven

    Patriots balls tested at halftime measured below the minimum 12.5 psi level

    established by the Playing Rules on both gauges. Each of the four Colts balls

    tested measured within the permissible 12.5 to 13.5 psi range on at least one of

    the gauges.


    Following the game, before he left the stadium, McNally was interviewed by

    members of NFL Security. During that interview, McNally did not mention that

    he had taken the game balls into the bathroom. Instead, he stated that he walked

    directly to the field and that nothing unusual occurred during the walk from the

    locker room to the field. 


    Here's your evidence guy.


    Why would McNally need a "needle"?

    Why would McNally take the balls without the ref's permission?

    Why would McNally take the balls into the bathroom?

    Why would McNally lie about taking the balls into the bathroom?


    The only explanation is to lower the pressure in the balls, and if you think he did it on his own then you're even dumber than I thought.

  12. Does he know waht some special teamer likes? probably not. Does he know what Teddy Breuschi preferred? I'd say there's a good chance he did.


    We're not talking about pads here. We're talking about the actual game balls. Could there be a competitive advantaged to be gained? I think we all know what BB* thinks of those. You think he didn't realize his team's amazingly low turnover rate?


    so you think brady is the fall guy for a much larger conspiracy? it wasn't just about brady's preference but it was a BB scheme to help with ball security? maybe. i doubt it.

  13. You don't believe that the most detail-oriented, meticulous genius HC in the history of the league had any knowledge of what was happening with the team's footballs?




    i doubt he knew everything.  do you think he knows the type of shoulder pads his middle linebacker prefers to wear? 


    i think it was just between the player and the equipment guy.  brady tells him, i like the balls extra soft.  do whatever you need to do to make it happen. 

  14. So if Dee gets popped for PED's it's Bowles' fault? I mean it's his team after all, his responsibility.


    this is more than 1 rogue player doing something illegal.  there were multiple patriots employees involved in a systematic scheme of breaking the rules.  I don't believe BB knew it, but after his history i can see the pats being punished as a whole.  should have just been a fine though.

  15. How? It's impossible. If there is enough evidence that would suggest that you HAD to know, ok, fine them. If you close your eyes and don't want to know what's going on, fine. I think that was the case with Sean Payton. You can't have coordinators and coaches putting money up and trying to injure players without knowing anything about it. All that has to be punished. But it's impossible for a headcoach to prevent something like this, what Brady did. It's one player acting out. And you're being hypocritical because if something like this came out after we beat the Pats in the playoffs, if Sanchez did the same with the footballs and helped us win in the playoffs without Rex or anybody else knowing anything about it, you would have liked the NFL to punish the entire team? You would have asked them to steal our 1st round picks? Fine us millions of dollars? Please.


    what are you talking about? i would hate the punishment if the roles were reversed and this happened to the jets.  i said it was a very harsh punishment on the Pats org, but i understand the NFL's reasoning.

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