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  1. how am i being hypocritical? i also thought it was a very harsh punishment on the pats, especially after the wells report concluded BB and the Pats weren't privy to the deflating. I referenced payton the saints because there is precedent for suspending the team/head coach when someone under them breaks the rules. they are supposed to know what's going on in their organization.
  2. losing a 1st round draft pick is very serious. and no one wants to miss 4 games (1/4 of a season) when the average nfl life is only a couple of seasons, so i think it definitely is a deterrent.
  3. Sean Payton was suspended for a year. Ignorance is not an excuse. It happened on the Patriots watch.
  4. same here. hence the 80 in my user name, and why keyshawn is my least favorite jet. i hated when he called chrebet the mascot of the jets and called himself a star and wayne a flashlight.
  5. really? he was so good for us for a few years and a leader.
  6. that game was awesome. it was the first game i ever attended. but beating the pats in the 2010 divisional round of the playoffs is #1 for me.
  7. is that a quote from rex? yeah, it really sounds like it doesn't bother him one bit...... lol
  8. rex is going to challenge namath to a fist fight now.
  9. would you also be mad at the jets if other teams approached the jets and inquired about trading for sheldon and revis?
  10. i bet a lot of people would settle for a couple million (the actual $ isn't known) vs testify too, doesn't mean the "victim" was lying for money.
  11. they are up to $7500 in only 22 hours though!! it'll only take about 600 years to raise the rest of the $1.8 billion at this rate.
  12. i don't think that is very long considering there was no murder weapon found.
  13. i thought i read that the NFL has the lowest threshold to fail a drug test for marijuana after all the josh gordon stuff. maybe he's not lying when he says it had been 2 months.
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