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  1. Stop bringing up Sean Payton, the man has nothing to do with what's going on right now in NE. And no, it didn't happen on NE's watch, it was one guy who broke the rules.


    You're being hypocritical.


    how am i being hypocritical?


    i also thought it was a very harsh punishment on the pats, especially after the wells report concluded BB and the Pats weren't privy to the deflating.  


    I referenced payton the saints because there is precedent for suspending the team/head coach when someone under them breaks the rules.  they are supposed to know what's going on in their organization. 

  2. They'll reduce it to 2 games I'm sure. I don't like it.


    1) The Pats had nothing to do with it, there was no need to take away their 1st round pick or even fine them. None of the evidence suggests the Pats knew what Brady was doing. So I don't agree with this.

    2) Brady should have been suspended at least 8 games. He cheated. It wasn't their entire team. He cheated. He was also the one who didn't cooperate, who didn't hand evidence over (texts etc.).


    NFL dropped the ball, again.


    Sean Payton was suspended for a year.  Ignorance is not an excuse.  It happened on the Patriots watch.

  3. The Divisional win in Foxboro in 2011 by far. Just a reminder though, a few posters mixed up Shonne Greene with Lamont Jordan talking about that game and the win in SD in the playoffs a year prior.

    Next best would be probably winning the division in 2002 beating GB in an ass whooping on my 20th bday, beating the Colts in our last home playoff game the following week 41-0, beating the Bengals the last week of the season and last game ever in Giants Stadium in 2009.....the Brad Smith big run out of the wildcat was awesome!

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    that game was awesome.  it was the first game i ever attended.  


    but beating the pats in the 2010 divisional round of the playoffs is #1 for me.

  4. "It doesn't bother me one bit. Shoot, if somebody like Tanny would have said that, it would devastate me, it would bother me a lot. But Joe? What has he done? Whatever, we'll see 'em next season, he better be there. That's where I'm gonna leave it at. We don't back down from nobody. We'll see."


    is that a quote from rex?


    yeah, it really sounds like it doesn't bother him one bit...... lol

  5. Stupid.  You have no idea how any of these guys pan out meanwhile, we have on of the best 3-4 DE's in the league on our squad.  Local boy, home grown, one of the few draft picks we've hit in the past 10 years.  


    I hate the Jets.


    would you also be mad at the jets if other teams approached the jets and inquired about trading for sheldon and revis?

  6. I thought you put me on ignore.


    Once he asked for the jury trial the bench trial judgement is vacated. So legally it's like it never existed.


    If the "victim" was so hell bent on getting justice why did she settle for money.


    And the system is so skewed that even innocent guys have to end up paying money. Kobe had to pay money as well even though the case never went to trial.


    So sorry to upset your mainstream,  PC world, but the reality here looks likes it's different. Off course if you are guy you never get the benefit of the doubt.


    i bet a lot of people would settle for a couple million (the actual $ isn't known) vs testify too, doesn't mean the "victim" was lying for money.

  7. No they don't. Goodell looks like an @$$hole for doing this AFTER the cowboys sign him. Total bullsh*t and I'd protest that if I were the Cowboys. Buyer beware, but such crap after Dallas committed to him.


    goodell didn't do it

  8. Clearly, that settles it. Seriously, I don't think you quite understand how this whole "science" thing works. If scientists went by the things you have never seen in your life, 99% of the things on this planet wouldn't exist. Soap, books, trees, dogs, toothbrushes, toilet paper, the list goes on. It doesn't work that way unfortunately. I'm not sure if you're just arguing for the sake of not admitting you're wrong or if you're just really that stupid that you'd think Science needs you to determine whether things exist.


    why wouldn't dogs exist?

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