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  1. I went a few years ago and it was, but there was no field access due to the MotoCross track being setup. I went last year and there was field access, but the party wasn't held in a lounge. The only place open to get food was the coaches club and the line was way too long. We sat in the stands after walking the field. They also started shutting it down not too long after the Jets pick. I think it was around the time of the 10th pick. IMO it was very poorly run last year, the prior time I went it was much better. I will not be going back after last years experience. I'll be watching from my couch this year.
  2. I understand your gripe here. I have also watched the Chris Jones play. However, there is a very specific reason that I am avoiding commenting on specific plays / calls. Once I put something in writing its there and always will be. I have enjoyed the back and forth in this topic, but I am reluctant to comment any further. I do not want to put anything on the internet that could potentially hurt me down the road. Prior to any conspiracy theories coming out, I am simply a HS official that is working to move up through the ranks. I will be hitting the collegiate ranks this year, and starting at this point I will be closely evaluated. While I think that its unlikely this topic would be recovered in a background check, I would be remiss to not consider this scenario. I am sure that you can appreciate my stance going forward.
  3. You are sadly, sadly mistaken if you think these guys only work 17 days a season. I know for a fact they put as much time into officiating as they do their 'full time' jobs. As a for instance, the day before a game officials have a meeting to prepare for the game, these meetings last upwards of 6 hours. Lith you are correct, they do get compensated well. My dream scenario is to make to the NFL, getting paid the roughly $200K, and not have to work another job. Thank your for your statement. It is a tough thankless job and we do need thick skins (which I am still working on after 10 years on the sidelines), and if you look at the games they do get calls correct most of the time. It is just human nature that the negative shines brighter than the positive.
  4. From a fan's perspective there is absolutely two sides to every call. That is why officials are supposed to be unbiased, and when you make it to the NFL you are supposed to denounce your team and hand in your fan card. I can agree with you here. With replay, HDTV, and camera angles every call is subject to questioning. Do you think there were less 'bad' calls prior OR just that they were as obvious because you couldn't see as well. To the Chris Jones play. I haven't seen it live or watched the clip you posted. I am trying to keep my comments here unbiased the best that I can. That being said, do I think all calls are always correct, absolutely not. Just like a player missing an assignment or a coach making a bad call, officials miss calls as well. The game is coached, played and officiated by human beings. Until any one of us are perfect there will never be a perfect game played, coached or officiated.
  5. 1. My point to the whole thing is how can you judge a call when you don't know for sure what the official's responsibilities at that point in the play are? Remember, that there are 22 players on the field and only 7 officials or less depending on the level of the game you are officiating. If you want to judge go ahead, as a fan that is your prerogative. Just know that it's much easier to do sitting on your couch then when you've actually been out there. 2. I am NOT an NFL official. No where close to it. Like I stated previously I will not comment on another official's call, especially without talking to the official first. There have been plenty of times where watching, as a fan, that I don't agree with a call. That doesn't make the call right or wrong though. 3. As to your 'real' question. Think about it from this perspective, there is always someone that is going to agree with your call and someone that disagrees with it. How do you think a Pats fan feels about the Chris Jones call vs a Chiefs fan? That is life as an official. I have been berated and praised walking off the field, all from the same game. 4. When are the Jet's going to get a call? It may seem that they don't get calls, but do you think that fan bias plays a part in that question at all? Before you question my fandom, because I am not an NFL official I can still be a fan. I go to all the Jet's home games and have most of my life. I want them to win as much as any of you, and the people around me question calls all the time. I take my time and watch replays and explain why the call was correct, if there is a call I disagree with I say so, but they also understand because I disagree doesn't make it wrong. There have also been plenty of times where I explain how I think the Jet's got away with one, so it does seem that the Jet's do get calls.
  6. It's exactly what the official said at the end of the article, "We do it because we love it". I am an official at lower levels and working my way into collegiate ranks. I know guys on all levels, from Pop-Warner to the NFL, and the higher up you go you more you see the love of the game, trust me these guys understand the game more than you can fathom. The average fan has no idea of the effort and preparation that goes into officiating a football game. For instance, I currently wake up at 5AM on Saturday mornings and drive 2.5 hours to go to a study group which lasts about 2 - 2.5 hours to try to improve. After that I turn around and go home. There are countless hours of meetings, travel, film review and preparation that go into officiating a game. We do this because we love the game and want to do a good job. From a fans perspective it's easy to criticize the guys on the field, I have done it my self. But until you are in position, on the field, watching a play at full speed where you have a split second to process all the information coming your way and decide if you have a foul you shouldn't judge. If you think that you can do better, please find your local affiliation and join up, we can use the numbers. I'm not saying this to defend the call / no calls on the field, I won't speak to another officials call, all I'm saying is that it takes a lot of effort to officiate a football game at any level, especially a championship game in the NFL. Think about this, there are currently only 17 officials in the world at any one position that work in the NFL. There are 7 positions on the field, which makes 119 NFL officials. The guys on the NFC Championship game were ranked #2 in the NFL, which means they are the best of the best. The average fan sits here and complains about what they see on their HDTV with many different angles and speeds, when on the field you don't have the luxury. All this to get to this point. If you don't think these guys haven't watched the clips of this play, from every angle they have, many many times over and not felt terrible about it, you are 100% wrong. One other point, if this play happened in the middle of the 1st quarter, which had happened in the NFL this year, do you think we would still be talking about it?

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