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  1. SteveO

    Mike Pouncey

    https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/974314871889293315 Worth kicking the tires on?
  2. As a High School Official I can tell you that it exists there as well. Odd occurrence, but it does exist in the rule book.
  3. It's on espn.go.com ... just scroll down a little bit. it's nice to see that the offense is not satisfied and want to fix it ... BMarsh "To be honest, I think we stunk it up tonight"
  4. I agree that Edwards should be the priority over Holmes. I was and still am a very big fan of bringing Holmes to the Jets but when you look at it Edwards fits better, as said above. One more point I would like to make is that it is hard to find a receiver that does all that was mentioned above plus he plays a good role in the running game as he is a pretty good blocker.
  5. I am the only one seeing this? Everything that I am reading is stating that the jets either need to resign Woody or hope that Ducasse is ready. Why no mention of resigning Hunter? When he was asked to step in when Woody was injured I though that he did a good job (with the exception of the goal line play against Pittsburgh that would prob not happen if he were the regular starter). He had to line up agianst some pretty good players, Julius Peppers being one of them. Is there something that I am missing or am I completely overrating this guy?
  6. I was going to ask what you guys though of this pick but obviously most are happy with it. I am going to admit that I didn't pay much attention this year and I was hoping that Bowers was the pick when the Jets were on the clock (I was even a Gholston supporter....boy was I wrong). Now after a little research I am very happy with this pick. My question now is what do you think happens with Ellis and Jenkins?
  7. SteveO

    Jets cut Barret

    Yahoo is reporting that this is going to save the jets roughly $5million. http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news?slug=ap-jets-barrett&prov=ap&type=lgns
  8. SteveO

    Football IQ exam

    Larry Fitzgerald
  9. SteveO

    trade 4

    wouldn't work....there was a clause in the trade that if the jets turned around and traded favre to a division rival of the pack they would then have to give the pack 4 1st round draft picks.....why is everyone so quick to give up on this team 2 games into the season? they haven't even had a chance to click yet.
  10. SteveO

    Report Card: Jets vs. Dolphins

    I'd say you were a little generous with the week 1 grading. For the most part I agree but I would have to down grade the secondary / pass protection grade. I know that most of the passes were short under routes to TE/RB but you have to be concerned. I also think that you have to upgrade the grade on the D-Line. I don't care who you play holding a team to 49 yards on the ground is an accomplishment. When was the last time the Jets D was at least solid against the run? Sorry to say it but the play calling was just bad at the end of the game. Why is it when the Jets are up they go conservative and not put the game away? Is it just me or does it seem like they try running the ball too much to the right and not behind Faneca?
  11. Awesome. I am very excited this is my first trip to Miami and only my second away game (made it to Dallas last year and I don't count Giants games). We are leaving tomorrow from Newark @ 7:20 Continental flight 204. Is anyone else going to be on that flight?
  12. Hey Guys, I don't post much but have been a member of the site for a little over a year now. I am looking to join the tailgate party as a couple of buddies and I have just finished booking our trip out for this game. Unfortunately the others are not Jets Fans (a Cowboys fan and a Dolphins fan), but I will be there in my Kerry Rhodes jersey that I wear everyweek to the home games. It would be nice to meet you guys as I have learned alot from you and you provide a nice one stop place for me to get all of my Jets news. Let me know if anything will be needed and if anyone would like to meet up for drinks over the weekend, we will be arriving tomorrow night if the weather cooperates. Steve
  13. SteveO

    What about Kenny Phillips or Limas Sweed?

    I don't see how RG is going to be a pressing need. Sure Moore isn't the best but he is a solid Gaurd that has played pretty well for the Jets for a couple of years. WR and CB definately are pressing needs, but RG come on there are definately upgrades that need to be made before your upgrade from Moore.

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