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  1. That's the best player in this draft, love it. In five years not picking Williams could look absolutely horrible for Oakland, Washington, Jax etc.
  2. Williams is the best player in this draft, have to take him
  3. couple of things I've noticed in the first half: Mariota throws darts on the run and protects his body when he's on the move. Winston is very accurate throwing over the middle and has better vision while reading the defense. Jameis threw right at a blatant defensive holding that the refs just didn't call. Winston has been under more pressure as well, I expect another FSU run in the second half
  4. Lord of t!ts and wine in Russian
  5. I'll be there to cheer on my dude Geno
  6. Jets \ Lions Game Thread

    I know everyone here is gonna blame Rex anyway but coaching at the HC level and offensive side take a huge part of the blame today. Down 10-3 with the ball under two minutes at second and three leads to a Detroit TD and then Rex just gives the game to the Lions on a silver platter by punting on 4th and 2. Everyone in the stadium knew the Jets weren't touching that ball again. Rex is going to get killed on here but this will be the first week of the season it's actually warranted
  7. Jets \ Lions Game Thread

    Can't pick up one yard off the 9 yard first down play then give the ball back to stafford and bush with only 2 TO's. Dont understnad that one
  8. Jets \ Lions Game Thread

    C'mon Geno you got this
  9. Jets \ Lions Game Thread

    Lions are about to take a year off all our lives when they convert two third and 8's
  10. Jets \ Lions Game Thread

    So Geno and the Jets have now outscored Rodgers and the Packers when playing against the Lions defense
  11. Jets \ Lions Game Thread

    Meh. This is the best defense we've played all year. Had the ball under two minutes facing second and three and we throw two straight incompletions. Marty's hubris is why we're down 17-3 and not 10-3. Sucks but I still believe in Geno and Idzik. Growing pains
  12. Won't see that happen to any other team in the league