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  1. Would not like to see petty or hack play this season. If no Fitz I'd have no problem playing geno and seeing if he's cleaned up his game. If he still sucks i'd bring in some other vet. I believe playing young qbs too soon can ruin them.
  2. it's a good point. have the jets ever developed a qb before? if that's what the jets approach going forward is kudos to them, because as we know landing a blue chip (franchise) QB in the draft is not very likely. i like this pick for that reason., but at the same time the jets have to get better at developing qbs.
  3. I was thinking Devin Smith. But you could be right about kerley.
  4. pats have only 3 turnovers so far...law of averages could be in our favor this sunday.
  5. per rotoworld http://www.rotoworld.com/playernews/nfl/football-player-news/ Bilal Powell (ankle) has been ruled out for Week 7 against the Patriots. Stevan Ridley (knee) could be activated off reserve/PUP to fill in as depth along with Zac Stacy behind starter Chris Ivory. Stacy is the best back in pass pro. Oct 23 - 12:56 PM
  6. i have to admit marshall and ivory scare the hell out of me too.
  7. Patriots celebrate Throwback Thursday with Buttfumble picture Posted by Josh Alper on October 22, 2015, 11:06 AM EDT Avid social media users are likely aware that Thursdays on various social networks are filled with pictures tagged “#TBT” in the caption. The hashtag refers to “Throwback Thursday,” which users spend sharing pictures from days gone by to amuse, entertain or otherwise occupy the time of their followers. The Patriots decided to take part this Thursday with a picture that references a past Thursday meeting with the Jets, who will be in Foxborough on Sunday. After years of Rex Ryan taking shots at the Patriots ahead of the annual meetings between the teams, we’ve been used to a lot of trash talk heading into Patriots-Jets games. That had not been the case this year with Todd Bowles in charge of the Jets and Bill Belichick remaining Bill Belichick, but it’s good to know that the fire still burns for some ahead of an intriguing AFC East clash. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2015/10/22/patriots-celebrate-throwback-thursday-with-buttfumble-picture/
  8. Jets are improved, but will they pass Foxborough test? By Dan Hanzus Around the NFL Writer http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000561048/article/jets-are-improved-but-will-they-pass-foxborough-test The Jets are 4-1 through five games, their best start since 2011 and a complete turnaround from their 1-4 record at the same point last season. The reasons for this turnaround are manifold. The big-budget makeover of the secondary was a major game-changer, as was the necessary culture shift at the top with coach Todd Bowles and general manager Mike Maccagnan. Then there's Ryan Fitzpatrick, whose steady hand helped return the team to sanity after The Punch. But what might separate this Jets team the most from those that preceded it are the playmakers at Fitzpatrick's disposal. In wide receiver Brandon Marshall and running back Chris Ivory, the Jets have stud producers you can put in the top 10 -- and even top five -- of their respective position groups. Marshall made some Jets history in Sunday's win over the Redskins, becoming the first Gang Green wide receiver to post four straight 100-yard games since Don Maynard in 1968. Ivory rushed for 158 yards and a touchdown on just 20 carries and now sits third in the league in rushing despite playing just four games in the season's first six weeks. Add Eric Decker to the conversation, and the Jets have their best set of "triplets" since Keyshawn Johnson, Wayne Chrebet and Curtis Martin powered Bill Parcells' attack in the late 90s. On Sunday, Ivory, Marshall and Decker combined for 366 total yards and three scores. It's time to buy in: The Jets are good. They lack a signature win against a high-quality opponent and a slapdown at the hands of the loaded Patriots next weekend is certainly possible. But this is a well-coached team with a top-level defense and some legit playmakers on offense. The recipe is there. Fitzpatrick remains a limited quarterback, and no one should be stunned if Geno Smith eventually sees the field. But when Fitzpatrick is playing within himself -- as he has for much of the year -- the Jets can hang with anybody in the AFC. In theory. The first true test comes Sunday. Nothing really new here, but the two bolded points really caught my attention. 1. the jets have not had a WR to post 4 consecutive 100-yd games in over 45 years! What a woeful indictment of Jets offenses over the years. 2. the triplet of Marshall, Decker & Ivory is better than Johnson, Chrebet and Martin! ..I don't think Fitzpatrick is as good as Vinnie, but he doesn't have to be. He just has to limit turnovers and let his play makers do the rest.
  9. average QB with scrambling ability and has better than avg receivers. not a bad compliment to a strong running game. lol at 'If we decide to try and stop the run, and it works'. probably a good idea. you should give a heads up to bill.
  10. kelly is that a tombstone you're leaning on in your avatar? Rest In Peace. lol.
  11. I so agree. before i saw the ESPN post, I was thinking i could be satisfied with a moral victory this sunday. but i really can't.
  12. Do the Jets have an answer to Dion Lewis? He's shifty and can catch the ball. Harris won't be able to cover him and not sure davis will be able to keep up with him either. Lewis together with Gronk is a real matchup problem.
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