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  1. BULLSHID. You run the ball to control the clock. You run the ball when you have the #1 running game and your opponent has the 20th rushing defense. You run the ball when you have a rookie QB you're not quite sure of, and your opponent's QB is a gunslinger. You run the ball when you have arguably the best Offensive line in football. You run the ball because it wears Defense out, and then you can have your way with them. You run the ball because you have won games running the ball. You run the ball when you're the New York Jets.
  2. JF80 - Would I be correct in assuming that with each Jets win, the probabilities of grasping the Lombardi would increase?
  3. So, basically they confirmed the numbers and the prediction. Holy crap!
  4. Does "incredible" mean you don't believe it has any merit, or that you think it's good?
  5. You have got to read this. What If Sports ran 10,001 computer simulations of all the playoff games, and since they are now actually in the playoffs, the NY Jets come out as the clear winner over the 11 other teams. Superbowl, baby! I know. I sound a bit breathless, but this is a must read. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/322260-2010-nfl-playoff-predictions
  6. I can't wait for Da Bone Grinders to get their hands on Brady. I'm tired of hearing about him, tired of seeing him, and tired of losing to him at home. Jets 31-16
  7. That was a nice summary, Jason. I expected the Jets to play at their best, but I didn't realize their best was so good. 192 yards on the ground, including 98 for Jones! 40:20 on time of possession! They didn't give up a touchdown until 10 minutes before the end, and that was already junk time. Jets defense - OMG! Let me say it again; OMG! Neon Leon: 2008 League MVP. 8-3 sounds so good, so improbable. To suggest that the Jets could now run the table, is not beyond reality. Here it is in late November, and we're not even talking playoffs, because we're thinking about a Bye, and
  8. 3-way at the top on percentages of wins, but Jets lead due to most points (208) scored. See, having Brett does make a difference.
  9. I read the thread, and it was more or less accurate. The point is that you said that Tupe was listed #2 on the QB depth chart, and that just never happened.
  10. Tupe was never #2 in the QB depth chart. Never. Having said that, he did come in at QB once, and threw a TD on his first play!
  11. It's an incurable disease. There may be a 12-Step program for dealing with it, but I haven't found it. In January, I decided to go cold-turkey, even though my dear little Molly had just given me a Jets sweatshirt for Christmas. I canceled my NFL Sunday Ticket, and tried to stop reading blogs. But somehow - by stealth - little bits of off-season acquisitions started to leak in - Faneca, Jenkins, Pace. Cracks began to appear in my hardened heart. Then, the the killer blow, the coup de grace: the Brett Favre trade. That must mean that Coach has comitted to the long ball, right? Mayb
  12. OMG! YES! Put me down for three, Xtra Large.
  13. There was nothing in my post that would contradict what you have said, nor that I disagree with. I was responding to "This should be Belipukes finest hour - Show us your genious, show us how you do without a QB". Why did you quote me?
  14. Nonsense! The Bolts are AWFUL against the pass, especially in their secondary. If Mangini has the balls to turn Favre loose, we win by 10. But the miserable, little, fat-f**k-dwarf won't do that, thus...
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