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    Meeting up with my Grandfather at Jets games when I was a kid.
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    Used to.
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    Every loss is like a dagger through my heart.
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    The broad with the big ****, you know, whatshername.
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    No. And thank you for bringing up that painful non-memory, you prick!

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  1. Klecko73isGod

    Admit You Were Dead Wrong

    Jets fans..., pfffft
  2. Klecko73isGod

    Jon Gruden: anyone still upset we didn't hire him?

    And now, he is losing the locker room.... https://deadspin.com/and-now-jon-gruden-is-losing-the-locker-room-1829967182
  3. Klecko73isGod

    Sam was really bad

    Yeah, I don't blame the fumble on Darnold. It was yet another bad snap by Long and a lack of effort by Cro. How that one is on Darnold is beyond me.
  4. Klecko73isGod


    It puts him on pace to tie the 7th best season in history with a loser who never won a Super Bowl.
  5. Klecko73isGod

    Sam was really bad

    Yesterday exposed the Jets overall lack of talent. When the running game gets derailed and you don't have any good receivers there is only so much a QB can do. Take the drops away (and that includes two of the three interceptions) and it's a totally different game. That one aspect at the very least makes it a close game, if not a win. I don't Sam looked all that bad at all. He had one very bad pass into the wind that got picked. You can't expect a 21 year old QB 7 games into his NFL career to beat a team with the talent of the Vikings by himself.
  6. Klecko73isGod


    My love for Sam Darnold is growing deeper and deeper. He's the dreamiest.
  7. Klecko73isGod

    Jon Gruden: anyone still upset we didn't hire him?

    Why? He was at least entertaining. This new MNF crew should be CBS's J team.
  8. Klecko73isGod

    Rosen Rosen!!

    No running game? They have a guy who is supposed to be one of the top 3 backs in the league. He is on a crap team with a sh*tty coaching staff who has no idea how to run an NFL offense. Rosen has a receiver that is light years better than any Jets receiver, he has a running back that is supposed to be a beast catching out of the backfield. Let me remind you guys of something - the Jet o-line is supposed to suck. The talent level isn't great. Our center can't make it through a game with botching at least 3 snaps. A huge reason they look as good as they do is Darnold's decision making and quick release.
  9. Klecko73isGod

    Rosen Rosen!!

    What part of "that doesn't mean it's a guarantee" do you not understand? Nice to see you haven't mellowed with age. You're just as much of a dick as ever. It's comforting. You can not compare my love for Darnold to JiF's love of sh*tty QBs who play for Florida pro teams. This is not a JiF/Josh Freeman love. Nor is it a Smashmouth/Chad Pennington/Mark Sanchez love. My love for Sam Darnold is pure and real.
  10. Klecko73isGod

    Rosen Rosen!!

    I'm a Jets fan. As such, I am a connoisseur of bad quarterbacking. I can spot a bad quarterback when I see one. Through all of Goff's struggles as a rookie, I never thought he was terrible. As much as I wanted to love Sanchez, I never felt confident in his ability in any way, shape or form. What I have seen from Darnold this year so far is something I have never seen in my 40-plus years of watching Jets football. The kid just gets it. He doesn't get rattled... at all. You can actually see him learning from his mistakes and growing as a player during a game. It's ******* remarkable. What I saw from Rosen last night was a lot of things I am not sure are fixable. He thought he was gonna come in and set the world on fire and every time he made a mistake you could see his spirit breaking from the look in his eyes. I don't think Rosen has the mental toughness to succeed in the NFL. Sam Darnold, at the age of 21, comes off like a 10 year vet on the sidelines. He doesn't lose it when he makes a mistake, he doesn't act like he won the Super Bowl every time he does something good. He's got a demeanor you only see from great quarterbacks. That doesn't mean it's a guarantee. But after 40-plus years of watching pure sh*t with the occasional competent game thrown in, I am starting to believe we may have finally found our guy.
  11. Klecko73isGod

    Rosen Rosen!!

    Huge difference here. The Rams fired the staff after Goff's rookie year and brought in a brilliant new coach who completely changed how they used Goff's talent. The Cards aren't likely to fire Wilks after one year. From what I saw last night, this coaching staff ain't doing Rosen any favors.
  12. Klecko73isGod

    Rosen Rosen!!

    They didn't draft him 10 overall to be "pretty good." After last night I have honestly never been so happy to be wrong in my life. Rosen is ass. Darnold is the future of football.
  13. Klecko73isGod

    Jon Gruden: anyone still upset we didn't hire him?

    Not really, I just find it very amusing that people still labor under the delusion that Gruden was ever anything special, much less is currently anyone worth getting excited over.
  14. Klecko73isGod

    classless cousins

    That may have been the single most benevolent and appreciative banning in the history of the interwebs. You're all heart, Max!

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