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    Lovely, sunny Jacksonville, FL
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    Apparently, I sell anchors.

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    Meeting up with my Grandfather at Jets games when I was a kid.
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    Used to.
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    Every loss is like a dagger through my heart.
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    The broad with the big ****, you know, whatshername.
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    No. And thank you for bringing up that painful non-memory, you prick!

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  1. SAR lecturing people about not being real fans because they aren't driving their entry level BMWs to every game in 3... 2...
  2. Sometimes it's just painfully obvious that Adam Schefter never played a sport in his life.
  3. To be fair, somebody had to actually talk to Jerry Jones.
  4. Do we know he asked for a trade? Or is that just Ryan Clark shooting his mouth off?
  5. Part of this is Baker's own doing, He was cocky as hell in the offseason and he didn't have to accept every offer to do a TV commercial. He should have been in the film room studying, like Sam.
  6. For close to 30 years, Joe Beningo has been proving why you don't give fans their own radio shows. Total idiot.
  7. The average turtle is more mobile than Dan Marino.
  8. None. I have been on anti-depressants so I don't feel the need to wallow in the misery that is whining about Jets football so much these days.

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