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    Meeting up with my Grandfather at Jets games when I was a kid.
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    Every loss is like a dagger through my heart.
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    The broad with the big ****, you know, whatshername.
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    No. And thank you for bringing up that painful non-memory, you prick!

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  1. Macc sucked so bad he passed on both Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes because he thought Christian Hackenberg was the future. Even with that, I still think Pac sucks more at mafia than Macc sucked at drafting.
  2. Pac. Always lynch Pac on day one. Games are always better when you rid yourselves of the sucky players early.
  3. JiF wasn't wrong. Adams is a phenomenal player. But when was the last time anyone said their team was a safety away from winning a championship. Pac is just a boob who sucks at mafia.
  4. Wait.... what? The Seahawks are having trouble signing Jamal Adams? Who could have seen that coming? Well, at least he helped lead them to a championship so they got value for those two first rounders.
  5. Pac finally didn't embarrass himself so he's doing a victory lap?
  6. Weapinz! Joe Douglas gets it. Draft a QB, protect him and surround him with talented skill position players. I'm not a Zach Wilson guy but I'm glad the Jets are finally giving a young QB what he needs to succeed.
  7. If by "mafia prodigy" you mean "the worst mafia player in all of recorded history," then sure, he's a mafia prodigy. A prodigy of sucking at mafia!!!!
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