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    Lovely, sunny Jacksonville, FL
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    Meeting up with my Grandfather at Jets games when I was a kid.
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    Used to.
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    Every loss is like a dagger through my heart.
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    The broad with the big ****, you know, whatshername.
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    No. And thank you for bringing up that painful non-memory, you prick!

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  1. He doesn't know anything. He just like to pretend to be a big man.
  2. Ummmm... there is about 99% of the helmet being one of two colors. Hmmmm.... i guess which ones. When you get it wrong you'll just claim you got bad info. You are a sad, sad man.
  3. Meh... it's SAR. I think we all know what he's full of.
  4. You do realize that if they are negotiating with us, the closer we get to a deal, the more obvious it becomes that we don't have another trading partner.
  5. The Raiders are never going to trade two firsts and second with a team they know isn't drafting a QB to move up one spot. Gruden's crazy but he's not stupid.
  6. Nope. I want another 1st we can fleece the Giants or Jaguars for next year.
  7. Klecko73isGod

    Vontaze Burfict released by Bengals

    And clearly the Raiders weren't happy with that scenario so they went out and signed a guy who is almost guaranteed to pickup 3-4 arrests in the next 12 months!
  8. You'd have to get at least two firsts. You don't trade down 12 spots without getting a second first rounder.
  9. Might be the funniest thing you've ever posted.
  10. I think the draft is such a crapshoot the more picks you get, the more likely you are to hit on someone special anywhere in the draft. Superstars and "difference makers" have been drafted in literally every round. With a drafting history like Macc's I'd feel way more comfortable with 3-4 extra picks starting with #15 than just #3.
  11. Klecko73isGod

    Vontaze Burfict released by Bengals

    America needs the Raiders on Hard Knocks this year.
  12. Klecko73isGod

    Jets vs Patriots Mafia D1

    I know I'm not playing but: VOTE: Pac Let's face it. The game will be much more enjoyable without his suckage.
  13. This is not the same as entering a guilty plea. He won't have a record.

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