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    Lovely, sunny Jacksonville, FL
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    Apparently, I sell anchors.

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    Meeting up with my Grandfather at Jets games when I was a kid.
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    Used to.
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    Every loss is like a dagger through my heart.
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    The broad with the big ****, you know, whatshername.
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    No. And thank you for bringing up that painful non-memory, you prick!

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  1. Klecko73isGod

    Revis officially retires

    Beat me to it.
  2. Klecko73isGod

    Revis officially retires

    There it is!!!! One last Mevi$ Slouch
  3. Klecko73isGod

    Revis officially retires

    For my boy JiF - F Darrelle Revis.
  4. Klecko73isGod

    Lebron is decent

    I hate John Starks too. You know that.
  5. Klecko73isGod

    Lebron is decent

    Ok, Michael was a bit better than average.... happy now?
  6. Klecko73isGod

    Lebron is decent

    😒Don't go.
  7. Klecko73isGod

    Lebron is decent

    Nope, it doesn't.
  8. Klecko73isGod

    Lebron is decent

    Plus, Lebron was getting checked quite a bit in game 7.
  9. Klecko73isGod

    Lebron is decent

    The hand check was legal until the 93 postseason when it looked like the Knicks might finally have the team to get it done and David Stern issued the edict to enforce the hand check at the start of the playoffs. The enforcement of the hand check rule probably won Jordan 4 titles. Can you imagine what Bird would have scored nightly without hand checking?
  10. Klecko73isGod

    Lebron is decent

    I also hate North Carolina. I also hate the Heat and the Cavs because I am a Knicks fan. Michael Jordan was a nice player. Lebron is better.
  11. Klecko73isGod

    Lebron is decent

    Not for nothing but Jordan didn't win sh*t until Magic and Larry aged out.
  12. Klecko73isGod

    Hackenberg Is Our Franchise QB

    I think Vernon Gholston is finally gonna break out this year. I'm calling 17 sacks and 5 forced fumbles.
  13. Klecko73isGod

    Lebron is decent

    LeBron is the GOAT. F*** Michael Jordan.
  14. Klecko73isGod

    The Wizard of Oz, A Wizard's Nightmare...GAME THREAD

    How is Pac ruining this game?
  15. Klecko73isGod

    The Wizard of Oz, A Wizard's Nightmare...GAME THREAD

    Priceless. The worst player in the history of Mafia thinks he's the man. You're only the Michael Jordan of sucking at this game.