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    Lovely, sunny Jacksonville, FL
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    Meeting up with my Grandfather at Jets games when I was a kid.
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    Used to.
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    Every loss is like a dagger through my heart.
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    The broad with the big ****, you know, whatshername.
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    No. And thank you for bringing up that painful non-memory, you prick!

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  1. Wrong! Everyone on here has a vested interest in my anchor sales and I don't give a crap what any of you think about how much I make.
  2. Only in sports do we assign some weird sense of nobility to not wanting more money. In any other profession you'd be considered a sucker.
  3. Wow. Your GoT takes are even worse than your football takes. HBO considers itself prestige television. They would potentially make more money with a quality finale because people who did watch would be more likely to recommend others to sign up and watch. Now it feels like a big waste of time. I really hope you don't work in a for profit business.
  4. The Sopranos also did a much better job of tying up loose ends than Game of Thrones. Plus, if you actually paid attention to the final season and the build up in the finale, the ending makes perfect sense.
  5. Marvin Powell - 5 straight Pro Bowls, 3 time first team All Pro. Guy should be a Hall of Famer he hasn't even been mentioned yet in a thread about underrated players. Marvin Powell is the most underrated Jet by far.
  6. Touchdown Tony Paige! That's a blast from the past.
  7. Can you be considered underrated if you're in the Hall of Fame?
  8. And the only scenes she's not in are just people bitching about her constantly sneaking up on them.
  9. Can there be a running gag in the Arya spinoff where she freaks everyone out by constantly sneaking up on them?
  10. Yeah.... cause we need to see Starbucks cups just sitting on the console of the millennium falcon.... How much more money have the Russos made Disney than D&D have made HBO?
  11. "I really wanted those elephants" is the moment GOT jumped the shark.
  12. How does Disney see this season and feel comfortable with handing these clowns the Star Wars franchise. I got two words for you Disney: RUSSO BROTHERS! Use your ******* heads.

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