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  1. You're a worthless POS. I saw what you said to Warfish that got you banned. You're a lousy excuse for a human being. If this really is you, you're time is limited here so I hope for your sake your banning on JI wasn't permanent.

  2. Mormon semen?

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    2. JiF


      What about Gator semen?

    3. THE ILK

      THE ILK

      Just keep it out of my Butler!

    4. The Crusher

      The Crusher

      Thats what CTM says when he's in Jamaica


  4. I got five days til vacation and TC starts today? Productivity? Ha!

  5. Dwight Lo wery claims to know what is going on with Revis. Wish he would share it with the rest of us.

  6. Looks great but this is going to take some getting used to.

  7. You're a dick. And I mean that in the best way possible.

  8. I'm not so sure you want my guidance.

  9. Exactly one player has averaged 100 yards per game in his career - Jim Brown. Curtis Martin's career per game average is 10th of all time. More than Earl Campbell, more than Edgerrin James, more than Emmitt Smith. More than OJ Simpson. Your standards are moronically high.

  10. Actually, Curtis averaged 83.9 yards per game in his career. 83.9 X 12 = 1006.8, oh and 83.9 X 16 = 1342.4. I win.

  11. Do you not want me dead anymore?

  12. Unlike you, 124/230 is apparently no fan of my writing.

  13. Moss made Brady but not Welker? You can't possibly agree with that.

  14. I've become quite good at this internet thingy.

  15. My life is now complete. I have been repped by the legendary Tom Shane. I can die in peace.

  16. Be my friend again EY.

  17. Why come nobody believes you get da hotties?

  18. That's a fun thread.

  19. Why come nobody writes me visitor messages?

  20. Who were you on JI?

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