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  1. Pac finally didn't embarrass himself so he's doing a victory lap?
  2. Weapinz! Joe Douglas gets it. Draft a QB, protect him and surround him with talented skill position players. I'm not a Zach Wilson guy but I'm glad the Jets are finally giving a young QB what he needs to succeed.
  3. If by "mafia prodigy" you mean "the worst mafia player in all of recorded history," then sure, he's a mafia prodigy. A prodigy of sucking at mafia!!!!
  4. Klecko is now 100%! He loves to play fetch and tug and has starting singing from time to time. It has been amazing to watch this dog transform from a scrawny, sick and frightened puppy to a big, strong, happy dog. He is the best decision I've ever made.
  5. I have no idea what is happening in this game but you should all vote Pac because he sucks at this game. Vote: Pac (he sucks at this game)
  6. This better be for short money. I bet he doesn't make it through training camp.
  7. I wouldn't call that a haircut. It is a very bad wig.
  8. It sucks and it's bullsh*t but it's par for the course with the Hall. But do any of those finalists have a dog this cool named after them? Klecko does:
  9. Some Jets fans clearly suffer from battered wife syndrome.
  10. Darnold - he is younger and doesn't have a legendarily sh*tty attitude.
  11. I think Sar should be banned for this opinion.
  12. Really? Mark Sanchez got national TV spots. Does that happen if he played in Jacksonville?
  13. This is wrong because he will earn significantly less in endorsements playing in Jacksonville as opposed to NY.
  14. I'm saying this notion that Florida is such an attractive destination for pro athletes is delegitimized by the overwhelming lack of success of Florida's football teams over the last 25 years.
  15. How many championships have the three Florida teams won in the free agency era? One. They have won one title combined. Out of 75 seasons of football. Your entire post is nonsense.
  16. I hear this bullsh*t every year around free agency time yet I have never heard one player mention state income tax as a reason they did or didn't sign with a team. Not once. This is a talking point used by people who have no clue what they are talking about.
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