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  1. So this guy didn't like Dorian Boose. Did he find us anyone good? Sorry but an ex Jets scout who now blogs about football for likely little to no money isn't exactly someone I'd listen to over guys who are currently employed.
  2. No you aren't. If you were, you wouldn't be telling everyone to "pump the brakes."
  3. Jesus. You're allowed to be excited the day after the draft.
  4. I've been a Jets fan for five decades and I went to bed with a big smile on my face last night and woke up with an even bigger one. Anyone being negative about our haul last night really needs psychological help. Please find some joy in life.
  5. We get it, you love Chad Pennington. Give it a rest.
  6. A lot. I really want it to come back.
  7. Gase was a sh*tshow inside a dumpster fire. He makes Rich Kotite look like Tom Landry.
  8. Dr. Death David "The Hitman" Harris, Awesome Kick Ass Linebacker #52, a.k.a. "Pookie"
  9. Oh for goodness sakes. It's not like they changed the rule for this game. Everyone knows the deal going in - hold them to a field goal and your offense gets a chance. Stop acting like it was unfair because it wasn't.
  10. No. They shouldn't have different rules designed to create phony drama. Last time I checked Buffalo was allowed to play their defense in overtime last night. They had a chance. They didn't get the job done.
  11. This is reminiscent of that Pennington playoff game in Oakland. We've seen the best Jones has to offer. He is just a guy.
  12. Does it? I'm gonna need to hear from as expert. Hey, @TomShane does spunk kill?
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