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  1. ATTN: Dan Leberfeld Blog on MSG.com

    is this a place where Jets fans go to discuss the team or isn't it? I just found out about all these sites the other day including the msg site. I'm not the type of person who needs to get info, instead I'm the type who likes to share info to anyone I feel it will benefit, espcially Jets fans. And why do your readers have to pay to get free info? You don't actually think just because fans will go to msg for a few hours to listen to Jets writers about the team that they are not going to come back here? I would think you would appreciate the fact that someone who is not paid by anyone at msg or by any of the writers at msg is a nice enough fan that he is going to take his/her personal time to get the word out. I also think this makes your site better that fans will know they can get this type of free info for free. Now that I'm here, I'd be happy to discuss the team with you or anyone else. Like I said, I'm new at this forum stuff and I didn't realize that there were guidelines I had to follow. If you prefer, I will never share any info about the team, writers etc..again. You want to know what I am really dissapointed about with the media in the NYC area? That there is not a quality tv or radio show that discusses the Jets weekly. I don't consider the SNY show a real show. That show is such an embarrasment to the team and their fans. If you look at the Patriots shows on NESN you'll see a good dialogue about the team with people who know what they are talking about. I hope this is the the year that Jets fans are going to get some good shows to call their own.
  2. I just found out that Jets Confidential editor, Dan Leberfeld is doing a blog on msg.com next Wednesday and Friday.