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  1. Myers is already gone. Coach has been raving about Simmons - don't know what that means as far final roster cuts go. Since Keller is basically just another receiver, I would think they'd want to keep a good blocking TE to complement him. Is that guy Brown? Bubba doesn't excite me. He can go.
  2. I got the same impression about how "hard" those guys work during practices the couple of times I've seen them. A lot of standing around, waiting for their turns. Even "sprints" across the field were jogged more than sprinted. I know when they go against each other, it's all out, but they get a lot of rest in between.
  3. Any football player who will be 39 years old ( in Oct, I think) and who can't make up his mind if he wants to play the game, I don't want on my team.
  4. I was hoping one or more of you knowledgeable FFB fans would recommend an alternate mock draft site for me. Anyone?
  5. I like to do my preseason mock drafting at Antsports. Last week I had a horrible experience there, however. Every time I went on the site I picked up some nasty Trojan Horse. Besides that, Antsports didn't have several of the top players (like Peyton Manning and Antonio Gates) in their lists of top 32 players/position. Does anyone know if: 1) these problems have been fixed; or 2) what other sites offer a good mock drafting experience?
  6. The Jets made a few cool moves like this last year. They picked up this guy, a 4th rounder, for nothing as well as David Clowney, a 5th rounder with promise, and Darnell Bing, a 4th rounder from 2006. Grabbing young guys like this is like having extra draft picks. Who knows what will become of these players, but the more of them you have the better chance you have of 1 or more of them turning into a good player for you.
  7. Yeah, letting both of those guys go sure is a head scratcher. By the middle of last season most of my RB's were lost to injury and I had to give up Greg Jennings to trade for Chatman. I was happy to get him. He was very productive for a while there.
  8. I only went to 1 game last year, the Redskins game that we lost in overtime. Leon looked great that day. Portis ran OK but his stats were pretty good because our D line was getting pushed backwards all day. But what I noticed about T Jones that day was that he was a lot slower getting to the line of scrimmage or a hole than those other runners. I never noticed this watching him on TV, just on that 1 day that I saw him live. Am I imagining things? Or have you guys noticed a lack of quickness to the hole on the part of T Jones?
  9. I was high on this guy, going into the draft, too. He's a big hitter and a hard worker. But combine this news about DUI and illegal drugs with the fact that nobody drafted him and it looks like NFL teams knew this guy had off field problems all along.
  10. The best thing about the Faneca pick up, to me, is that it showed that the FO recognized the team's weak spots and did something to fix them. Add in Jenkins, Woody and others and you see improvements at specific formerly weak spots. Another good thing about these pick ups is that we kept most of our draft picks in the process so we could continue to bring in promising young players as well.
  11. Such vitriol! You make good points about how well the FO has done this off season. I do like the Woody pick up, by the way. I've been a Jets fan since Joe Willy Namath signed for $400,000. Along the way I've seen plenty of reasons to question the draft picks of the Jets and every NFL team. You speak like they can't be questioned. I know they are more likely to be right than I am, but is it so wrong to have a different opinion? Don't get all angry and bitter because someone disagrees with you. This is jetnation, not jet****. edit: those astericks are for the word **** as in Hitler's credo
  12. I hope you're right! But honestly, did anybody here think, before the draft, that the Jets were targeting (or should have been targeting) Keller. The pick took me by surprise, for sure.
  13. Yeah, I know we have to wait and see how they play. And I know the team puts a lot more work into their draft research than I can imagine. But they still could make a mistake. Keller's going to be a fine player, I'm sure. But I just think the combination of Sweed and Goff would have been better for the team than Keller and Ainge. The "doesn't fight for balls in a crowd" thing came from NFL.com (www.nfl.com/draft/profiles/dustin-keller?id=1074). See the paragraph entitled 'Compares to:'
  14. It's the trade up for an undersized TE that bothers me. I hear what some are saying in the positive; that he could be a great slot receiver/H Back. But one of his weaknesses is that he doesn't fight for the ball in a crowd. That doesn't sound like a good over-the-middle type of guy to me. They have to be tough. I wish we would have kept our 2nd round pick and taken L.Sweed or maybe Keller would have still been there, if they were determined to take him. Then we would have also had our early 4th round pick to use on an ILB like J. Goff or B. Bell. Or we could have taken Red Bryant, a guy who
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