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    BFA from Pittburg State. I gotta wonderful wife of 23 years and two great boys!...And, a Chiefs fan
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    Chiefs, Art, Music, Movies, but mostly the Chiefs
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    Security Gaurd
  1. greg63

    Ass kisser

    LOL!! Nice! I'll use this the next time we play he donks!
  2. greg63

    Ass kisser

    I wondered what those little holes in that type of water mattress was for.
  3. greg63

    NYC trip

    Looks like everyone had a great time!
  4. Yup they were in some big time denial, well not any more.
  5. \ Thanks dude! I'm not too good at that thar interweb thangy.
  6. God, family, friends and life; in that order..
  7. ...All in the name of anatomical education; right?
  8. Fun stuff man! Hope ya don't mind me borrowing the link.
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